How To Build Backlinks For Faster Ranking?

Search engine algorithms take into consideration a lot of factors when they’re ranking websites on their search results pages. If there is one factor that’s more important than most others, it’s backlinks.

Backlinks are other websites that link to yours. You’ll find them often in the references section of articles in newspapers and other credible websites.

A lot of black-hat SEO practices that were commonly employed in the past revolved mainly around using spam and throw-away websites to spam links on them.

It didn’t take long for search engine algorithms to develop to a point where they could easily identify the websites that used these unethical techniques.

The punishment algorithms dish to websites that use such services is quite severe, and it makes it almost impossible for them to return to the first page again.

Most successful websites and SEO agencies use a myriad of strategies to ensure that they build the highest quality backlinks in the shortest time.

After you start a WordPress blog, you may follow the below tips and strategies to improve search engine ranking through backlinks.

What Makes Quality Backlinks Important To Algorithms?


There is a good reason why search engines hold the quality of backlinks in such high regard. Each website that links to yours is viewed as a guarantor to the quality of the content on your website.

It makes sense if a few websites cite you as their source of information to consider you as a credible source of information.

The website that provides a backlink to your website considers the content you offer important enough to entice some of its users to visit it. In simple terms, the more links that lead to your website, the more trustworthy it is in the algorithms.

It’s up to the algorithm to test the links to see if they are spam or black-hat-sourced. Google usually doesn’t share the exact metrics they take into account when they measure the credibility of a website to avoid malicious attempts to circumvent it.

You can still use tools that can give you an idea of how credible your site is based on its age, popularity, trustworthy indicators, and other metrics.

Using Both Anchor Text Types

Your backlink profile on Google contains a list of all the backlinks to your website that were found by the algorithm. Blog posts have a mix of keywords and regular words in their URL, while website homepages usually have the brand name or the keyword.

Google calculates what’s known as anchor text ratios which enable it to identify websites that use unnatural or suspicious backlinks.

Those who fill their backlink profiles with key phrases only are far from the mark. It needs to be done in a strategic way that ensures that the mix of backlinks looks natural and not randomly generated.

Guest Posts

A commonly used method to build high-quality backlinks is guest posting. It involves contributing content to another website in return for posting a direct link to your website.

The placement of the links doesn’t matter much; it can be in the bio sections or as a reference. The reason this strategy is popular is that it offers both parties a good cause to work together.

The guest website will get to post high-quality content obtained for free, increasing their traffic, while the author gets to enjoy some of the traffic thanks to the backlink.

It’s important to understand that low-quality guest posting isn’t exactly encouraged by Google. But it’s still a viable strategy if the content posted is high-quality, helpful, and relevant.

The most appropriate sites you can use for guest postings are publications within your niche, editorials, and reputable magazines. You can also look for websites that accept posts from businesses similar to yours and directly ask them if they’re willing to accept contributions from you as well.

Produce Great Content

Great and competitive content is at the heart of every successful and popular website on the internet. Simply put, no amount of tactics will help you get a high number of backlinks if the content you post is mediocre or subpar.

To be able to write good content in a competitive industry, you need to analyze the type of content that your competitors post.

Look for compelling titles that garner a lot of attention by searching for keywords relevant to your business. Start thinking of even better ways to present the same content. Try to find better and more informative ways to present the content your competitors are getting popular with.

Original Statistics And Studies

This is one of the most credible ways of creating a high number of backlinks. This isn’t the easiest one amongst most strategies, but it’s still not impossible if you invest enough time. It doesn’t have to be full-blown academic research to garner enough attention to get backlinks.

You can utilize surveys to get numbers and content that no one has access to except you. It’s up to you what the survey will be about, but make sure you look at interesting and original studies so that it catches the attention of other websites.

Fixing Broken Links

This is one of the easiest and quickest way to get a good number of backlinks. You can start looking for websites that cite similar content to yours but have broken links that don’t work.

You’ll then contact them to report that the links aren’t working and mention that you can provide them with links that can replace it.

You’ll be mentioning your website as the replacement, but you’ll have to make sure that it’s highly relevant to the content or else the webmaster will refuse. To find those broken links that need replacement, use search queries in Google to narrow your search.

[Keyword of choice] + Links
[Keyword of choice] + Resources
Keywords in URL: Links

Wrapping Up

Building high-quality backlinks aren’t as easy as increasing the website’s speed or enhancing its design, but it’s still easy if you put in enough work. Quality backlinks come from popular and authority websites, which are trusted as credible sources of information online.

Using only one way to build quality backlinks will work, but it’s going to be much quicker if you use a mix of the abovementioned strategies. Do you agree with my viewpoint? Share your thoughts in the comment section! 

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  1. Information provided by you mam are awesome. i read your strategies and i will implement on my website.
    thanks for the information

    1. Guest blogging is always my favorite strategy to build links Nirmala.

      Not only does it help with links but it also helps me to connect with amazing bloggers. But most people write crappy guest posts just for the sake of getting links which I always oppose.

      If you really want to attract quality links, you should spend time to craft great guest posts.

      Also, answering on Quora helps a lot. Although Quora gives nofollow links but most of the Quora answers rank first page in Google results. So if you’ve written a better answer, the chances of driving more traffic to your blog (from Quora) will be higher.

      Thanks for the tips!

  2. helpful post, something I want to add:
    profile creation
    blog commenting is helpful in getting backlinks. Could you please write an a post on blog commenting sites that how we find good DA to comment and approve.


  3. We all want to get faster rankings, so that we can gain the maximum search engine traffic.

    A difficult thing is that building backlinks takes lot of time and everyone doesn’t accept guest posts. I too don’t accept guest posts.

    I believe that informative blog posts can help us gain many social media shares as well as quality blog links. Everyone wants to share useful guides and informative content with their readers.

    Your tips will definitely help the new bloggers in seeing a huge increase in their blog’s organic traffic.

  4. Hey Nirmala,

    Very nice information about building backlinks. I feel a mix of above strategies will definitely help to build backlinks. Producing great content is the top one which I feel should be the top priority in getting high-quality backlinks.

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    Fantastic and well-written post. Every-time i gain helpful ideas through your blogs, whereas your blogs are great helping hand for several readers including me.

    glad to say that you have done a fab-work and suggested effective tips for building backlinks. Backlinks plays an important role and is also a crucial factor that impact the seo.

    Doing guest-post, producing quality content and fixing broken links are really effective methods to build backlinks. As we know that content is a king and plays a vital role, hence it is also necessary to focus on quality of content instead of quantity.

    Eventually thanks for sharing your knowledge and such a helpful content.

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  7. Great tips, Nirmala! Getting backlinks in the initial stage is always the hardest, we need to connect with other bloggers through email and social media. Make connections with them. We can utilize facebook for connecting with other relevant bloggers and later ask a guest post opportunity from them.

  8. Hello Nirmala Mam,

    After reading this article, I am of the opinion that this blog post makes it easy to learn backlinks building. This blog post is in-depth also it is easy to understand.

    Mam, I’m a bit confused about the keyword research. Can you recommend any tool for keyword research?

    I think every content creator should read this article.

    It’s a full value-pack article!

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