How to remove ads on Facebook?

If you get annoyed with the advertisements in Facebook, then that this post would help you to understand on “how to remove ads on Facebook? “, 

Everyone knows that Facebook is a giant social networking website and currently with 699 Million daily active users. Last week, Facebook’s Q2 earning was released, and it is about $1.8 billion which exceeds the analyst’s expectation of $1.6 billion.

Moreover, the Facebook users through mobile phones and tablets have increased by every quarter. Amazing stats of Facebook, isn’t it?

I am not going to talk about Facebook’s revenue as I’ve already discussed this topic, and you may check this post below. 

How Facebook is earning money?

Yes, Facebook makes money from advertisements. As I’m a dedicated blogger, I stay active in Facebook to promote my blog posts on Facebook groups, and I would like to read the information provided in the Facebook ads popping on my sidebar. But some people feel annoying with it and searching the answer for the question “how do I remove ads on Facebook?”

Here are the ways to get rid of ads on Facebook pages.

Get Rid of Ads on Facebook Pages

If you don’t want to see particular ads on Facebook, use the ‘X’ next to every ad, and you can even change your Facebook account settings to block the third-party ads.

But if you really annoyed with the advertising schemes of Facebook which aggravates these days, you might think to get rid of the Facebook ads at all the time.

No official guide or application available to remove ads on Facebook. But there are ad-blocking programs exists to get rid of annoying Facebook ads. Some useful browser add-on are obtainable to remove Facebook ads and let’s discuss them!



Firefox add-ons to remove Facebook ads

If you are using Mozilla Firefox as your primary browser, then adding the following Add-ons would help you to remove ads on Facebook.

1. Adblock Plus

It is an open source project block annoying ads on the web. It helps the internet users to view the web they want to and to customize their filters with a variety of features which can be used to block tracking and malware.

2. AdBye – for Facebook

This add-on was created by Alfa designs. Some users left positive reviews that they’ve removed Facebook ads with it.

Google Chrome add-ons to take away ads on Facebook

If you are a Google Chrome user, then you could try these subsequent add-ons which would aid you to get rid of ads on Facebook.

1. Facebook Adblock

The Facebook AdBlock removes the ads and helps you to get the clean Facebook pages.

2. Commercial ads blocker for Facebook

It is a simple Chrome extension which removes commercial ads after page load on Facebook.

3. Adblock Plus

This is the popular chrome extension used by the millions of people, which blocks the banners, YouTube video ads, pop-ups and Facebook ads.


Facebook is a smart networking application offered for the people to keep up with their friends & associates, but sometimes third party advertisements annoy them a lot.

It disturbs their online activities and would let them think about getting rid of ads on Facebook. The above-listed add-ons would help you to have clean Facebook pages and so you could make use of the above-listed extensions to continue your undertakings in Facebook without any difficulty.

What do you say about these useful Firefox and Google Chrome add-ons to remove ads on Facebook?

Did you practice any annoyances from Facebook ads? Do you know any other browser extension to clear Facebook ads? Share your opinions through comments. 

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