How To Make money By Selling Digital Products Online

This post would teach you to make money by selling digital products online so that you could make a profitable online income with it.

The internet has real earning opportunities, and several people are making a six-figure income with legitimate online jobs. I would say that a person needs passion and particular skills to make money online. Yes, small knowledgeable persons could make only a few cents even they work round the clock. 

I am not discouraging you in earning online money, but I suggest you to develop your specific skills to make huge cash.

Make Money by Selling Digital Products

Selling digital products online is the best work at home opportunity, and even large corporations are looking for the designers and developers to create and market the digital products.

So could you make a profitable online income by developing your skills related to this field. Let me start explaining the process of earning money with digital products with essential details.

What Is A Digital Product?

A digital product is an imperceptible product so that you cannot touch or hold it. Software, apps, ebooks, videos, photos and tutorials are some best-selling digital products. If you created these types of products one time, you could sell at several times.

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If you have adequate familiarity with a particular area, you could show your proficiency through an Ebook. Having immense knowledge in teaching or training classes might let you generate concise tutorials, and if you’re software professional, you could build apps and software. But before creating and selling the digital products, have these necessities in mind.

1. Need/demand your digital product.

2. Ways to reach the targeted audience.

3. Tools to create the digital products.

4. Various marketing methods.

Benefits of Selling Digital Products

Selling digital products has a lot of advantages like

1. Cheap and easy to create.

2. Instant delivery without stocking and shipping process.

3. Less competition for good profit.

4. Run as an automated business.

5. Possible to get worldwide customers.

Helpful Tools To Create Digital Products

Some handy tools to develop the digital products are

1. Google docs to build document-based products like e-courses.

2. Camtasia to create tutorials and videos of your screen.

3. WordPress and Bluehost to create the sales page and web hosting for it.

4. Dropbox to upload video/audio content to share and access from anywhere.

5. Mailchimp to make your email course.

6. Pixabay to get free graphics to your product.

7. PicMonkey/Pixlr for editing the images.

8. Buddypress to integrate your WordPress site with social networks.

I hope, now you acquired some basic information about digital products and benefits of selling them.

How To Sell Digital Products Online?

There are two distinct methods with which you could sell digital goods online.

1. Selling Individually

Selling digital products individually by creating an online shop with a payment option is a respectable technique but efforts to be taken to get the profitable sales. For this, you have to figure out the sales process by consolidating requisites in one place.

Begin the selling process

To start the sale process,

* Create a sales page by adding relevant headline and some text to inspire the visitors. Include attractive graphics and references to it.

* After finish creating the sales page, choose any of the following services to deliver your digital product and to collect payment.

1. Payloadz

2. Sellfy

3. E-junkie

4. Pulleyapp

* Add “Buy now” button on your sales page by getting a code from the selected service to redirect the buyers to know your payment options and to deliver the product. Once you’ve done creating the landing page, promote your digital products to reach a wider audience.

Best Ways To Promote Your Digital Products

To reach maximum visitors, it is good to promote your digital product through various ways. If no one knows about your online product, then who’ll buy it?

So, the interested audience requires to be targeted in digital product selling, and your marketing efforts will need to attract them as they unaware of your products. Some worthy places to promote your product are

Social Networks

Build profile on various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, interact with others and make them follow you by giving exact reasons. Form a community and don’t use the social platforms purely for marketing.

Facebook and PPC Advertising

With Facebook advertising, you could reach the interested people in your offering. Having an optimized launch campaign and doing keyword research would let you get quality visitors through PPC advertising.

Industry-relevant websites

As the bloggers and marketers are approaching the marketplace to buy advertisements, you can use Buysellads to advertise your ads to fascinate more visitors. It improves your branding and credibility in selling the digital products.

Reach Relevant Blogs

If your digital product exactly matches with the audience of some particular blogs, you may reach them to get featured through their blog post. In another way, send a free copy of your digital product to the blog owners to try and ask them to review about the same to capture the attention of like-minded people.

Get Affiliates

Your digital product with enough details could be enlisted in the affiliate network websites like Clickbank and let the affiliates do marketing for your product.

Build Brand Name

If you deeply look into the successful digital products, they have a brand name behind them. So it is important to create trust and authority within the industry to make lucrative sales of your digital goods. The more you gain reliability for your worthy product, the more buyers you’ll get.

2. Using Marketplaces

An alternative method of selling digital downloads is to enlist them in Envato’s sites. As these marketplaces have the broad base of daily visiting consumers, you don’t have to take much effort to market your product.

It is the primary benefit of using the marketplace to sell digital products, and you could reach a wider audience here. But the major downside of using these markets is that you need to give up a significant part of your income to them.

Both methods have its own pros and cons and it is virtuous to choose the best suitable method to sell your digital products conveniently.


Creating own digital products and selling them on the internet is an ideal online money making opportunity. But effective internet marketing techniques need to be followed to get endless sales. So, before launching your digital product, it would be good to set up some healthy marketing methods to turn it as a profitable product.

Even if you’re not a talented developer of digital goods, there are so many resources on the internet which would help you to shape your skills. As I decided to get into the Affiliate marketing deeply, I am focusing my learning about digital products and this pushed me to write this blog post.

What is your opinion on making money by selling digital products? Do you have any previous experience in selling products online? Share your views through comments. 

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