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Many of us are looking for the work from home options as the internet has opened the doors to make money online. Specifically, the homemakers of the developing countries look for the stay at home jobs for moms to earn steady income online as they need to manage their family.

Recently, I’ve discussed the “Online Internet Researcher Jobs” for the ones who spend most of their time in surfing the net. Yes, they do have a nice opportunity to make money as an internet researcher from home.

Many companies, publications, webmasters, and writers rely on internet researchers to take the individual decisions in their business and execute the marketing strategies to progress the sales. Thus, it is more likely to find out the online home based internet researcher jobs and work at home as a web researcher.

Do you like to surf the web all day from home? Would you prefer to get work from home job that pays on an hourly basis? If yes, then this post would help you in getting the relevant data suitable for your web researching talent.

I found a legitimate company named, Leapforce that offers the jobs related to search engine evaluation. Let me reveal some helpful information about this online hiring company, so that you will be able to get a chance to work at home for this ethical concern.


Before knowing about Leapforce, it would be good to understand the basics of search engine evaluation jobs.

What Is Search Engine Evaluation?

Search engine evaluation is the process of providing the viewpoints of search engine results for the predefined query by calculating the relevance and value of web pages. It involves comparative analysis to ensure that the web search results are accurate and appropriate to the intent of the searchers.

Search engines put a lot of effort in creating the algorithms to give better search results to the users, but they need humans to rate the search engine return results to make improvements.

Even though, the search engine evaluation is a profitable way of making money online; it is not a piece of cake to get a job in this competitive field as you may need to undergo the multiple-part exam. However, you will be provided with the study materials to avoid troubles in getting hired.

Responsibilities Of Search Engine Evaluator

Providing the extensive document on the results of search engines is the essential job of the search engine evaluator.

Their roles may include

1. Evaluate the relevancy of search engine results for the given keyword.

2. Access the quality of images or ads in search engines.

3. Judge the web-based mapping data to improve the search engine maps. 

4. Other small tasks in estimating the search results.

About Leapforce

Leapforce is a California-based company that hires people as work at home agents who can able to complete a certain number of tasks every month associated with search engine evaluation. It is a well-known company founded in the year 2008.


As it doesn’t have any set hours or schedules for working, thousands of home-based independent agents worldwide get pleasure from the comfort of work from home. Besides, they enjoy the competitive pay without any complicated payment system.

The company is looking for the educated internet savvy individuals since it provides the evaluation information for leading search engine companies across the globe. But, it conducts the lengthy qualification exam to select the candidates.

Job positions & Pay Rate at Leapforce

Leapforce specializes in hiring the work at home employees for the positions like Search Engine Evaluators, Internet Judges, Map Quality Analyst, and Analysts to perform the assignments. Recently, it added a new position called, Personalized Search Engine Evaluator where you will be given tasks to finish based on your personal Gmail account.

Leapforce pay is quite good on the hourly basis, but it could be increased with the high-degree of accurate results. Also, it depends on the role you take. 

Equipment & Skills To Work At Leapforce

To work as a home independent agent at Leapforce, you need the

Equipment such as

  • A PC with Google Chrome browser, good Anti-virus & Anti-spyware software
  • High-speed internet access
  • Latest Android or Windows or iPhone (may need at times)

Necessary skill sets like

  • Upright comprehension and written communication skills
  • Outstanding analytical and internet research skills
  • University degree (Advanced degree is a plus)
  • Work alone with minimal supervision.

If you possess the above skills, you may apply to work for Leapforce. You have to check the current Leapforce job openings and submit your application along with your business profile or resume.

Leapforce Qualification Exam

After completing the online registration process, you have to pass the three-part qualification exam that will analyze how well you can understand & follow the instructions and apply the guidelines in evaluating the search results.

So, you will be tested on both theoretical and practical knowledge of search engine evaluation. In case, if you fail in any part of the exams, you’re eligible for a one-time comeback.

Cons of Leapforce

Leapforce is free to join, and you can adore the flexible work hours. You will get the opportunity to learn new stuff and perform challenging tasks. 

But, you should know the downsides of working as a Leapforce search engine evaluator like

  1. Employment is contract based
  2. Long training courses
  3. No regular work
  4. Have to send the invoice
  5. Possible of termination at any time (For valid reasons)

Final Words

There exist several reliable work at home companies that let the people work at their flexible timings. Some companies offer internet researcher jobs that give decent pay, flexibility and genuine way of making money on the web.

Leapforce is a legit concern that requires home independent agents with exceptional web research skills to work as a search engine evaluator so as to provide the in-depth evaluations for its client.

So, if you have good analytical abilities and web explore skills along with superior communication talents and looking for a non-phone job, you may try getting a position in Leapforce to work as a home agent.

Are you much interested in exploring the web? Would you like to get the flexible jobs that would let you work at home? What is your viewpoint on this exciting work from home opportunity at Leapforce? Leave your opinion in the comment section.

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  1. Hi Nirmala,
    Useful information for stay at home moms. I think, this job is suitable to all, not only for stay at home mom. The main drawback is, this job is not for Indians, it’s only for american’s. Most companies are rejecting Indians for online jobs, i don’t know the reason. Recently mturk restricted new users from india. Anyway thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Nirmala,

    Cool stuff. Kelli did something similar – she may have worked for Leapforce, I forget – and loved it. Offer a valued service. Make money online. Work during pre-set times. She liked it a bunch and worked this income stream for a number of years. Thanks for sharing.


  3. This might be of interest to my friend who used to ask me for a legit online income source, I used to tell him that I only know blogging. Sharing this to him, thanks for the post!

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