How Does SEO & Social Media Correlate?

What is the relation between SEO & Social media marketing? 

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an art and science of increasing the search engine rankings that involve the assessment of all of the off-page and on-page elements that are considered valuable.

Likewise, Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the process of getting readers to a website/blog from the social network. If we apply a set of principles to social media marketing, then it is more likely to get the reliable results and profits.  

Growing online marketing ecosystem has related SEO & Social Media where these two work in synchronization to acquire more and more customers while increasing the web traffic with the help of valuable content.

It is partly due to changes in Google Algorithms, which make use of social signals as an indicator for search rankings.


The elements of SEO include content as well as design considerations in the form of site structure, graphics, entry and exit pages, and written text. SEO also evaluates the key elements of a website with an intention of getting high search engine rankings.

Social Media Marketing and Web Traffic

As I said earlier, SMM relates to the process of gaining traffic through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

The goal of social media marketing is to generate content to be shared by users with their social network, and this helps the company to reach more customers and enhance the brand exposure. SEO & Social Media are both content driven and are related to each other.

Google makes use of Twitter to explore the fresh content. It collects pages during its crawl process to create an index. It helps to know where to find the things that are being searched for. This process may be tiresome and time-consuming as the amount of content produced every hour may be high.

With the use of social media tool such as Twitter, the content that has provided enough footing on Twitter helps to cut the time that is taken to find the content. It considers factors such as the number of re-tweets, the number of people tweeting the content, and time of sharing such content while the content is indexed.

Such content indexation is essential for SEO as faster the content is indexed during the search, the faster as the traffic driven to the site.

Impact of Likes and Sharing on Ranking

Facebook and Twitter are the two principal social media platform apart from Google Plus, which are most extensively used in recent time. Likes and Hashtags sharing may be utilized for making web pages rank in the first page of Google.

The larger pages and pages where the reader engagement is higher help in making the pages get a higher ranking. Google Plus sharing helps the most in making Web pages rank higher while Facebook and Twitter bring more considerable traffic to improvise the ranking of the web page.

The contents that are presented play a vital role in getting traffic. Positive and negative marketing materials drive visitors to get involved in interactions. Social media helps to get traffic and increase popularity through active sharing.

In the case of micro-blogging, the content needs to be active to get good traffic while social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn helps to engage the visitors. Once the page is liked, and the members are added to the list, the contact details become accessible.

Correlation of SEO & Social Media

The searchmetrics analysis shows a high correlation of the social media platform to SEO. The relationship has been discussed but how this entire process works?

The logical explanation and understanding of the relation reduce the complexity of the matter. When people share the content on social media, leave comments and likes posts in Facebook, it forms a channel. This channel is linked to several other channels such as friends, groups, etc.

The post and page sharing thus generate more viewers as well as traffic. It helps to improve the ranking. Facebook traffic analysis helps to observe the behavior of the visitors. The quality of contents and backlinking of words helps in the process of SEO.


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The keywords and tags that are utilized in social media help to drive traffic in the main web page as well. The linking seems to be complex, but it helps in the cost-effective management of positioning along with top ranking. The advancement of software now facilitates the linking of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn accounts to the web page.

Directing the traffic and focusing on the movement of visitors ranking can be improved. The social media helps to control and make the flow of the web traffic. Creative pages of the Facebook and videos of YouTube utilize hyperlinking to drive traffic.

The direction of the traffic ensures that visual exposure to the web presentation is done. It does not guarantee that the traffic load will be productive always.

Google Plus and Ranking

Google is the broad platform, and people search for different words or series of words. The result that they get is nothing but a variety of content. The content needs to be attractive, relevant and exciting to divert passing traffic and active conversion of leads.

Social media helps to gain authority, popularity and make the positive influence of the visitors. Google Plus is observed to be most effective in creating page ranking higher as Google Plus is a part of Google services. The individuals being logged into their accounts while operational in the web make the ranking better.

The positioning is linked to the duration of operation and activities of the Web pages. The existence and activities of Google Plus is most useful for Google ranking improvement.

The conversion rate is higher in this case, and it helps to drive a higher amount of organic site visits. The biennial ranking analysis highlights that Google Plus is most useful in ranking improvisation after the main page links. The correlation is identified without algorithmic analysis.


The use of both SEO & Social Media helps in customer engagement. Success in both the strategies necessitates the identification of interests of the audiences through the content that is published and shared on social networks, blogs and emails.

SMM helps to drive the traffic to the company’s website by providing the freeway to the surfer while SEO helps in attracting such traffic to the website and get the site optimized. By driving traffic from sources other than the search engines, it gives better search ranking.

Social media has gained prime focus of every business in present market context due to multiple faceted utilities. In the web domain, social media helps the web page to acquire high positioning that is essential for successful conversion.

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