Liquid Web VPS Hosting – Best Managed VPS Solution For Dedicated Businesses

If you are looking for the best VPS hosting with affordable pricing and unlimited site web hosting, then you have arrived at the right place to read my Liquid Web VPS hosting review because it has the potential to take your business site to a new height by surpassing your competitors.

When it comes to managing an online business, product, or brand, it is important to have a reliable web hosting provider. The internet is flooded with hosting options among all, VPS hosting is an ideal choice to manage a medium to large scale website online.

VPS hosting from Liquid Web is an ideal choice for managing a business, eCommerce, high traffic website. This VPS hosting is super powerful and highly flexible. It also offers Cheap Linux VPS hosting.

The Need For Liquid Web VPS Hosting


Choosing a reliable hosting plan is not a choice but is mandatory to provide a seamless experience to online users. The VPS hosting from Liquid Web divides the server into multiple sections and each sector woks as a VPS. Each VPS owner gets complete access to the resources; hence you can manage and monitor efficiency. The added benefits of opting Liquid Web VPS Hosting are

1. Impeccable Performance: The number of VPS containers per server is less; this means you have more resources allotted for your website. For the price, you pay it is considered as the cheapest Linux VPS hosting.

2. Complete Control: Every Liquid Web VPS Hosting works as an individual server; this means you can restart, stop, pause, and install the software.

3. Fully Secured: Liquid Web VPS web Hosting follows the virtualization process; your VPS hosting is fully protected from other customers. The best part is, each Liquid Web VPS Hosting comes with a dedicated IP address; hence you get added protection from being blacklisted.

4. Versatility: Liquid Web VPS Hosting is the cheapest Linux VPS hosting and is highly flexible and scalable as well. By making the needful change, you can deliver the best experience to all your users. Opt for the right size of hosting and spend the money accordingly. Your data remains safe, and there are no chances of breaches.

5. Reliable: Liquid Web VPS Hosting is highly reliable; this is the reason many top companies use Liquid Web VPS Hosting to manage the website. You can allocate the needful bandwidth and get the best performance.

Types Of Liquid Web VPS Hosting

There are two types of VPS Hosting from Liquid Web, one is managed, and another one is unmanaged.

1. Fully Managed VPS Hosting

The fully managed VPS works as a virtually based private server; the technical part is handled by hosting providers. The functionality of VPS is seamless and well protected from viruses and spams. The hosting manages the entire maintenance troubleshooting, installation of software.

The managed VPS Hosting from Liquid Web is a perfect choice to manage medium to large business websites. It works as a savior if you are not technically sound and looking for a time-saving solution.


  • No technical knowledge needed
  • Time-saving solution
  • OS is well updated
  • Safe and secured choice
  • Regular updates


  • Expensive
  • Less control over important aspects

2. Unmanaged VPS Hosting

The self-managed VPS hosting is completely managed by the company or individual owners. The hosting providers are only responsible for providing the VPS, maintained hardware, and regular system-level health checks. The owners do the overall maintenance, monitoring, and customization. It is the cheapest Linux VPS hosting.


  • Cost-effective solution
  • Better control


  • Time-consuming for business
  • Needs 24/7 support all 365 days

Exceptional Features Of Liquid Web VPS Hosting

1. Incredible Performance

Liquid Web VPS Hosting allots a dedicated bandwidth and storage place if you got a website with high traffic VPS Hosting from Liquid Web will provide a seamless experience to the visitors.

2. High-Level Of Customization

The Liquid Web VPS Web Hosting is fully customizable and provides real-time monitoring. You can include the features which you want to use.

3. Value For Money

The price of Liquid Web VPS Hosting is not as cheap as the shared hosting, but it is value for money, you pay for what you need. The services are plenty. You can expect the best resource allocation and uptime.

4. Full Control

With Liquid Web VPS Hosting you get SSH and root access to your environment, you can control the resource, start and set them free if not in use.

5. Highly Efficient

You can experience 100 % power and network uptime with Liquid Web VPS Hosting. Your visitors can navigate through your website without any hassle and at jet fast speed. This ensures your website is growing at a rapid rate.

6. Data Protection

The biggest benefit of using Liquid Web VPS Hosting is the hassle-free server backup. You can take backups as per your preference, but the standard practice is an everyday backup.

7. Uptime

If you are looking for a Managed Linux VPS hosting, check out the Liquid Web. It is a reliable, highly available, and secured choice. The website operates at a faster rate and provides quick response very during downtime.

8. Security

When it comes to the online world, security should never be compromised. Liquid Web VPS Hosting ensures a secured platform. Each VVPS environment is isolated, and this pro maximum security of data and your website as compared to the shared hosting.

9. Best For SEO

Hosting has a direct relationship with SEO. Yes, the site loading speed is one of the Google ranking factors. With the help of the immense speedy server, you can make your site load faster so that you will able to grab higher Google rankings and offer the best user experience as well.

Pricing Plans Offered By Liquid Web VPS Hosting

Linux VPS Hosting Plans & Pricing

The Liquid Web VPS Hosting is the cheapest Linus VPS Hosting and offers four plans to the users

  • 2 GB RAM

The basic and cheapest Linux VPS Hosting plan supports two vCPU and 10 TB transfer. It comes with 40 GB SSD disk space, and you get 100 GB backup free of cost. It is the cheapest managed Linus VPS hosting, which is available for $39 each month.

  • 4 GB RAM

This Best Linux VPS hosting supports four vCPU and comes with a whopping 100 GB SSD disk space and 10 TB Transfer. It is available for just $69 each month and is also the best Linux VPS hosting.

  • 8 GB RAM

This plan offers 8 vCPU with 150 GB SSD disk space along with 10 TB transfer. The package also includes InterWorx, Plesk Web Pro, and cPanel Pro for $99 each month.

  • 16 GB RAM

This plan supports 8 vCPU along with 200 GB SSD Disk space and 10 TB transfer in addition to cPanel Pro, Plesk Web Pro, and InterWorx. This Fully managed Windows VPS server is available for $129

Windows VPS Hosting Plans & Pricing

Are you looking for the cheapest Windows VPS hosting? Check out these fantastic plans from Liquid Web

  • 4 GB RAM

This is one of the cheapest Windows VPS hosting and is value for money. You get 4 vCPU along with 100 GB of SSD disk space and 10 TB Transfer. By paying just $129 each month, you get 1200 GB backup space.

  • 8 GB RAM

This plan comes with 8 vCPU and 150 GB SSD disk space along with 10 TB transfer. In addition to the free 100 GB backup, this plan offers Plesk Onyx. This plan is available for $169 each month.

  • 16 GB RAM

This plan is available for $169, and you get 16 vCPU with 200 GB SSD disk space and is similar to 8 GB RAM plan

Why Liquid Web VPS Hosting Is The Excellent Choice?

If you are looking for the best Fully managed Windows VPS server, Liquid Web is the ideal choice. For a fully managed VPS hosting from Liquid Web, you can be assured to receive

  • Unlimited number of sites
  • Uninterrupted 100 % network and powerful uptime
  • Unique and dedicated IP address
  • Gigabit Transfer
  • Root access
  • Advanced security to safeguard server
  • DDoS attack protection
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • Value for money
  • Available for both Linux and Windows

Wrapping Up My Liquid Web VPS Hosting Review

Liquid Web VPS Hosting is an ideal choice for medium to large websites and to manage big business and eCommerce website which receives high traffic.

If you are expecting an incredible performance at an affordable price, Liquid Web VPS Hosting is an ideal choice. The above-mentioned features and benefits are enough to justify the incredible performance of VPS Hosting.

Just try this amazing VPS solution which is available with reasonable pricing plans. Glad I got the opportunity to write this Liquid Web VPS Hosting review. Now, you tell your viewpoint about this incredible VPS server? Would you like to get it? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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  2. Hi Nirmala, heard a lot about Liquid Web VPS Hosting but never tried their hosting on any of my sites.

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