How To Choose The Best VPS Hosting? (A Simple Guide)


VPS Hosting has got a lot popular over the past couple of years with more and more people realizing the advantages they can have from a VPS Hosting.

If you are one of those people who is looking for some good VPS Hosting companies to choose from, you are certainly on the right page and this post is a perfect guide for you. So, let’s dive in…

What Is VPS Hosting?

VPS Hosting stands for Virtual Private Server Hosting which is actually a part of a data center based physical server. If we see it from a technical point of view, it is more like a dedicated type of server in a shared hosting environment.

VPS Hosting as a hosting type lies between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting. It is always wise to choose VPS Hosting over Shared Hosting even if you are just starting with your first website ever, irrespective of the category of the website you are planning to host.

With a VPS hosting like Liquid Web, every user can have the right amount of server resources for one’s website. Though it looks expensive, you can always use the available LiquidWeb Coupon for better savings.

Also, unlike in a Shared Hosting, the performance and the resource usage of one website will not hamper that of the other in a VPS Hosting.

On top of that, it can be pretty cost-effective as you can scale up or scale down your resources as per your requirement. This is the reason that VPS Hosting is extensively used these days.

Using a VPS Hosting, you can actually run multiple virtual OS on a single machine without having to pay anything extra for the setup. Isn’t that amazing? Also, handling a VPS Hosting is a lot easier than handling a Dedicated Server.

As you choose Managed VPS Hosting, things will get even easier as everything will be managed by the host itself. However, there is one thing for sure that a VPS Hosting offers you greater control of the hosting environment than any other type of hosting.

All technicalities aside, it is also equally important for a user to determine one’s actual requirement and pick the most suitable hosting plan. Also, a lot of people get a little confused about the difference between a Managed VPS Hosting and an Unmanaged VPS Hosting.

However, we can never overlook the importance of understanding the difference between the two VPS Hosting types. It is always wise to first understand the difference between these two VPS Hosting types and only then, make a choice.

Difference Between Managed And Unmanaged VPS Hosting

If you consider price and flexibility, VPS Hosting offers you a perfect mix of both. It is good for users who are looking for advanced features like root access for configuring things on their own.

Also, it is good for those users that have zero technical knowledge and who may only want to set up their website or store as quick as possible and run it smoothly. This is where the actual difference between Managed and Unmanaged VPS Hosting begins.

While a Managed VPS Hosting is ideal for those users that do not have a decent technical knowledge or may not have any technical knowledge at all, the Unmanaged VPS Hosting is good for those who want complete control over one’s hosting. Such users are generally very knowledgeable about the various Hosting technicalities.

However, the reason for choosing an unmanaged hosting may still vary from user to user.

While one may choose an unmanaged hosting out of one’s confidence of being knowledgeable about all the hosting technicalities and out of wanting to configure things in one’s own way, another user might choose an Unmanaged VPS Hosting because it is a little cheaper than Managed VPS Hosting.

However, no matter what reasons one has behind choosing an Unmanaged VPS Hosting, one should only choose it if one is extremely confident in handling all the technicalities on one’s own. However, it usually will require plenty of time on your part to customize and configure things.

On the contrary, in a Managed VPS Hosting, every technical aspect of Hosting is taken well care of by the host itself. The host has its dedicated team of experts to help you with various things such as software installation, server configuration, updates, security settings, and more. This eventually makes things a lot simpler and faster for the users.

Although there is no denying the fact that an Unmanaged VPS Hosting makes a lot of room for customization and innovation, even the users with a brilliant knowledge of Hosting technicalities are now switching over to Managed VPS Hosting considering the fact that it helps users keep things extremely fast and simple.

However, one extremely important aspect for any type of Hosting is the aspect of security and if at all you decide to choose an Unmanaged Hosting over a Managed Hosting, you should first make yourself aware of all the possible server and network vulnerabilities.

Also, it is important to determine if you can handle them on your own. Needless to say, it takes exceptionally advanced security technologies and practices to prevent such vulnerabilities. Also, you need to take well care of backup and recovery so that you never lose your website data.

In a Managed VPS Hosting, you hardly have to worry about all these since you will have a dedicated team of experts taking adequate care of every single aspect including security.

They have the industry’s best technologies at the place in conjunction with the best security practices. Backing up your data on a daily basis or weekly basis is pretty simple in a Managed VPS Hosting and it is only a matter of a single click.

6 Best Managed VPS Hosting To Buy In 2020 & Beyond 

A plethora of managed VPS servers exist and so how would you choose the ideal one? To help you some extent, I have picked some excellent hosting companies, and here are they! 

1. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting was founded back in 2001 and the company is one of the most reliable VPS Hosting providers around with an exclusive emphasis on speed. A2 Hosting is undoubtedly one of the fastest hosting companies as reported by Hostingstep.


  • Railgun Optimizer
  • Advanced speed technologies
  • Brilliant uptime and speed
  • Server rewind backups
  • Reliable Customer Support
  • Site Transfer is for free


  • In case, you want to use the Turbo Hosting option for 200% fast Sites, you will need to pay extra charges for it.

2. DomainRacer

DomainRacer is an Indian web hosting provider that started in the year 2012. It is one of the most reliable and secure VPS hosting service providers to offer 21x faster Litespeed hosting with the help of their optimized server setup and largely focused on KVM VPS hosting cheap price service.

Apart from that, DomainRacer offers one of the best customer supports 24/7 with a professional team to assist you with any issue.


  • 21x faster LiteSpeed platform
  • Unlimited SSD storage access
  • 99.99% uptime commitment
  • Optimized server with cloud Linux
  • Professional customer support
  • High Security with Imunfy360 and AV+
  • Powerful hardware solution
  • Solid 40 Gbps Network Capacity


  • Very inexpensive VPS plans, only need more popularity

3. Liquid Web

Liquid Web started in 1997 and since its inception, it has been an excellent performer especially in terms of uptime. Also, the Hosting Company is largely focused on VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting.


  • Daily Auto backups
  • Loading time less than 200ms
  • Extremely Reliable Uptime
  • Simple Cloudflare CDN settings
  • High Security with inbuilt firewall
  • DDoS Protection


  • It can be a little expensive

4. Cloudways

Cloudways is one of the best Managed VPS Hosting providers around these days with the best cloud-based VPS plans comprising advanced features. Most importantly, users can get multiple clouds and apps to choose from in Cloudways and needless to say, the set up is exceptionally simple. Also, Cloudways has one of the best Customer Support.


  • All plans come with a free trial
  • Excellent security
  • Exceptionally fast
  • Different Integrated tools
  • Reliable Customer Support


  • It supports only PHP based applications

5. FastComet

FastComet started in the year 2012 and it didn’t take long for it to emerge as one of the most reliable hosting companies. One of the chief reasons for its brilliant popularity is certainly it’s transparent pricing.

Besides, it offers a free domain forever with every plan, and also, it has the same renewal price and also one of the greatest Cloudways alternatives to get started. It is a brilliant Cloud VPS Hosting provider as well with data centers located in the US, UK, and Asia.

As far as Support is concerned, FastComet Support is pretty reliable with knowledgeable and friendly staff. Also, you can expect very quick support from FastComet.


  • Free Domain Forever with every plan
  • Same Renewal Price
  • Highly Scalable
  • Free SSL
  • Fast and friendly Customer Support


  • Despite the fact that the Starter plan of $59.99/mo is a bit expensive, I found it to have limited resources in comparison with the Starter plans of its competitors.

6. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting started in 2004 and is a very well known VPS Hosting provider. One great advantage you can have with InMotion Hosting is the fact that it offers 90 days money-back guarantee while you can have up to 60 days money-back guarantee at the most with the other hosting companies.

Apart from that, it is SSD based hosting and has the ability to handle 10x traffic with the help of their optimized server setup.


  • No limits on CPU cores and RAM
  • Free container-based backups
  • Free SSL
  • 90 days money-back guarantee
  • Optimized server for E-Commerce


  • Only 6 months and 12 months plans have good discount options


No matter you are a beginner or an expert, you can always choose a VPS Hosting over a Shared Hosting if at all you want a stable hosting in all aspects. However, think twice before you choose an Unmanaged VPS Hosting since it takes a huge level of technical expertise to configure it.

Also, it will need you to spend plenty of time. On the contrary, choosing a Managed VPS Hosting is the best option for users that are not tech-savvy as everything will be managed by the host itself and this will keep you out of all the technicalities.

As far as choosing the right Hosting Company is concerned, you can try out the ones that I have listed down for you in this post and of course, you can choose the one that you find the most convenient to use.

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