The Best MacBook Pro Charger Replacements

Looking for the MacBook Pro charger replacements? Here you go!

I’m a proud MacBook Pro user! It’s a magic gadget that keeps me busy with my blogging and writing tasks.

I bought several accessories and I used to carry it wherever I go! Such a handy Apple device it is! 

As my Mac Pro is 3+ years old and because of the effective usage, I needed a better charger for it and hence looked for the replacements. 

Here I have crafted a blog content from my experience and research so that it would help the Macbook Pro users to buy the ideal charger for better performance. 

Why Would You Need A MacBook Pro Charger Replacement?

There are many reasons why a MacBook Pro user would get his hands on a charger replacement.

In life, you face new situations every day, and this modern world needs you to be available online at every moment.

This is especially true when it comes to those who use their MacBook Pro to work, on, to present something, or use it while they are away from home.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, that’s why I recommend every last MacBook Pro user, to obtain one of the chargers listed below!

when you need it, you’ll have a replacement at your fingertips. And if you are a rigid user, you’re going to need one.

Three Main Signs Of A Faulty MacBook Pro Charger

It’s safe to say: if you experience any one of the following signs, you need to get ahold of another charger for your MacBook.

My article will help you find the best solution for your laptop.

#1. Your laptop turns off due to low battery, even if it’s plugged in.

#2. If there are LEDs on your charger, they aren’t lighting up.

#3. There are sparks when you plug it in, or it even releases smoke or smells burning.

In any of these cases, your MacBook Pro charger developed a fault.

It happens, and there is nothing you could do about it. If your MacBook Pro charger is not working, it’s time to explore your options to get a replacement.

Replacing Your Mac Pro Charger – How?

The Official Way – Get A New One

Just like with any other Apple product, you probably have a warranty, which could make getting a replacement charger a bit more wallet-friendly.

But, as the users’ experiences show, it’s often safer to grab yourself a 3rd party replacement charger, as it’s cheaper (a lot cheaper), and works just as elegant as the original.

If you insist on buying from Apple, prepare yourself for a loss of $80 or more, depending on your MacBook.

Buying A Used, But Working Charger

Even if you’ve exceeded your Apple warranty period, you could get an official replacement charger.

You could start looking for it on eBay, where people often sell their old stuff.

Another great place to look for it is Craigslist.

There is only one main rule: always negotiate the terms beforehand so you can get your money back if the replacement charger isn’t working.

Buying A MacBook Pro Replacement On Amazon

Amazon, as you may already know, is the biggest online shop.

Due to its top-notch logistics solutions and good connection, you can order things from all over the world, and you don’t have to wait weeks to get it.

Apart from the vast amount of products, Amazon is great for another thing: the users (buyers) can leave feedback on the product they bought.

This means, when you go there to find a replacement charger for your MacBook Pro, you’ll find the reviews of people who already purchased the item.

It’s a great help in deciding which one to buy. Buying a 3rd party MacBook Pro charger replacement on Amazon is easy, and it saves a lot of money.

In the following section of this guide, I’m going to go through the highest-rated, most-reviewed MacBook Pro charger replacement under $50.

The Best MacBook Pro ChargerReplacements On Amazon

How I chose the products?

There are two main elements I took into consideration before compiling the list of the best replacement chargers: price and user reviews.

With this, I can ensure that the items you are going to read about are cheap (under $50) and had been tried out by many users. This is the way to the best list of the most excellent MacBook Pro chargers.

I also narrowed down the list to USB-C chargers, as they seem to be the most common around.

Before you buy anything, check Apple’s guide to identifying your MacBook’s charger. Thus you can save the headache for someone else.

#1. WegWang Type C Replacement Charger

WegWang is a Chinese laptop replacement charger. There is nothing wrong with Chinese stuff; after all, Apple has them make its chargers too.

This isn’t the place to get into the details of the Chinese industrial spying and stuff, so let’s just clear one thing: the WegWang Type C works well.

According to the user reviews, it’s a highly recommended charger, as it works with most modern MacBook (for older, usually pre-2012 models, you have to find other solutions. There are plenty of them) and other USB-C laptops.

Since Amazon handles the delivery, in the US, you can have your cheap and trusty WegWang charger in a short time.

Among the Pros of this product, the users seem to like the fast charging it provides, and the USB-C cable, which isn’t only lengthy, but is compatible with several other products (iPhones, iPads even).

Technical Details:

It comes in different versions: 87/90W, 65/61W, 45W versions. From the 65/61W type, you can also choose white. Otherwise, you get a black charger.

Highly protected charging: The WegWang charger comes with numerous built-in protections, such as overcurrent-, overvoltage-, overheating protection, and short-circuit protection.

Compatible with Dell, Lenovo laptops, Samsung Galaxy tablets, and smartphones. Check the item description at Amazon for more details about compatible devices!

Warranty And Support

Wegwang offers a 1-year warranty for the product, along with a 1-month money-back guarantee. The company has an e-mail support line; live helpline isn’t available.

#2. Hongca USB-C MacBook Pro charger

This is another Chinese replacement charger, still under the $50 mark.

Hongca USB-C Charger has good ratings on Amazon, although the reviews seem to be a bit off: it’s hard to decide whether the users wrote about using this charger for security lights, or the reviews are fake.

Nevertheless, those who bought this product and tested it seem to be entirely satisfied.

The Hongca USB-C replacement charger is slim and small. The simple design makes it look good, and it’s a fitting charger for anything that allows third-party chargers.

This replacement charger is ideal for you if you have to carry your charger with you: it’s smaller than a smartphone, and also comes with a handy bag and a plastic plug-protector.

Technical details:

  • 65W, 100V-240V input.
  • The output voltage depends on the device; it ranges from 5V to 20V.
  • Quick charge support
  • 78.8 inches long cable (2 meters)
  • The massive list of compatible devices from smartphones to notebooks and tablets

Warranty And Support

There is a 90-day money-back guarantee and a 24-months long warranty period. Contacting the seller is possible via Amazon or email.

Since it’s a rather small charger, postage is inexpensive, thus getting a replacement for a faulty unit (it’s quite rare) is easy.

#3. MagSafe Replacement Chargers For MacBook Pro

MagSafe is a technology Apple came up with: the MacBook charger is magnetic, so when someone trips on the cord, it will disconnect from the machine without damaging the plug.

It’s a pretty good idea, although the Magsafe is now discontinued. If you are looking for a Magsafe MacBook Pro charger replacement, I can recommend this one: Little Big 2 T-tip charger.

This little gem from Little Big is the best choice if you have a MacBook Pro from the 2012-2016 era. Apart from the Magsafe connection, there are two additional ports: one USB 3 and one USB-C.

It means that the charger supports a load of devices, including smartphones and tablets. The built-in overheating protection works very well, and this is among the coldest chargers you could find.

As for the warranty, there is a one-year period, and the customer support is available 24/7 on email.

#4. Anker MacBook Pro Charger Replacements

There are two Anker premium chargers which I would like to introduce to you.

Both of these have high protection, excellent compatibility, and they are quite affordable. Anker is a US-based company, which produces high quality, up-to-expectations devices. This guarantees good quality and good after-sale support.

Anker Premium 60W USB C Wall Charger with 5 Ports

Anker PowerPort is a “best buy” deal for those who need a small, capable charger that could manage more than one device at a time.

It is probably one of the best MacBook Pro charger replacements on Amazon. This small charging station is the must-have accessory for anyone who has multiple gadgets and would like to charge them simultaneously.

On this 5-ports device, there are four USB charging slots, and one USB-C power delivery with a maximum output of 30W. This is enough to quick-charge a device, from 1% to a hundred in about 2.5 hours.

For a MacBook, it’s pretty cool, and for an iPhone, it’s even better. Well, at least these are the promises.

As the user reviews show, there are some problems with the USB-C charging port. Some of the MacBook Pro’s won’t charge at full speed, or won’t charge at all.

This is probably because there is only 30W output, and some newer machines need higher.

The 60W in the name of the device is a combined rate: 30W on the power delivery port, and a maximum of combined 30W on the other four ports.

It is, however, still an excellent device for MacBooks, tablets, smartphones, and other USB or USB-C devices.

The reviews tell another beautiful thing about Anker: the company is responsive and handles the problems carefully and satisfactory.

I have seen many reviews mentioning the charging issue you’ve read about earlier.

In most cases, the buyers’ updated their review, as Anker support reached out to them and changed the 5-Ports version to a single 60W charger for MacBook Pros.

The support sends a shipping label too if you give them the info, and in a few days of sending back a faulty product, you will receive a new one, or another edition, depending on what you discussed with the team.

Among the cons, the users usually mention the fact that it’s not charging through USB-C if other USB devices are charging (or it charges way too slow), and that this device is rather heavy.

Well, it’s always up to you to decide what to buy: for use at home, the Anker 5-Ports charger is a great choice, as it comes with a handy self-adhesive strip you can use to stick mount it at the back of the table so it won’t take place on the surface.

If you are traveling, then the weight of this device isn’t the easiest thing to carry around. In case you bring it with you, keep in mind that it operates in the 100-240V range, so you could use it in most places, although you might have to buy a converter for the plug.

Other Anker Products

If you follow our link to the 5-Ports Anker USB charger, you should check out the rest of this manufacturer’s products.

There are two, which I could recommend warmly: the PowerPort Speed+ Duo, and the Anker USB-C Compact Charger.

The first one is a multi-charger with Power IQ and a PD port, coming as a USB-C and a USB-A port.

It supports quick-charging, and it also allows you to charge two devices simultaneously. The USB C Compact charger is a handy little charger with a 30W output, ideal for mobile devices, such as iPads and iPhones.

You should grab yourself one if you travel a lot. Both items are under $50.

#5. GrandStar USB Wall Charger

The Grandstar USB charger is a great as a backup-charger, or as a MacBook Pro replacement charger. You can find this on Amazon, and as you do, you’ll find most users recommend it.

The Grandstar charger is equipped with three ports, two USB-A, and one USB-C with a PD + QC3.0 technology, allowing up to 4 times faster charging for Apple products.

With one Grandstar charger, it’s possible to charge three devices at the same. That’s the promise Grandstar makes, and as far as the reviews tell, it lives up to it.

Reading through the reviews, the overall impression we had is that this device is a thrilling good buy.

As an extra feature, the plug is foldable, and the whole device is only 158 grams so that you can take it with you anywhere.

To ensure the security of your devices, the Grandstar applied for a security certification: this is an ETL certified device.

It’s a hundred percent compatible with MacBook, but it supports devices that take no more than 45W input, so basically almost everything.

The Grandstar MacBook Pro replacement charger is highly recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions About MacBook Pro Replacement Chargers

Q: Where can I find the best MacBook Pro replacement chargers?

The answer is quite simple: read the article above. However, if you would like to know, you should either check your nearest Apple store or visit Amazon. I recommend Amazon because if your warranty expired, a cheap replacement charger is better than an expensive new one.

Q: What exactly is a MacBook Pro replacement charger?

A replacement charger is a charger that you can use to replace your faulty or uncomfortable MacBook Pro charger. The devices I recommend are the ones with multiple ports and with output at least 60W, with a minimum of 30W in one port.

Q: Will Apple replace my Mac charger?

Well, it would, although if you don’t have Apple Care, or your warranty expired, the cost would be pretty steep. In case you insist on having original Apple accessories, feel free to explore the official ways.

Q: What does a replacement charge pack contain?

It varies from offer to offer, but generally, you only get the charger itself, and a manual. In case you bought a one-device MacBook Pro charger, you receive a cord attached to the charger itself. This isn’t the best solution, though. You should go for chargers which you can buy separate cables. Apple has a page where you can find out what kind of plug your machine needs, and what output it charges at the best.


Finding the best MacBook pro charger replacement isn’t as hard as it looks. In case you follow my guidelines, you will find the best charger for your needs in no time.

To summarize this guide, it’s best to recap the most important aspects of choosing the best device:

  • Check your MacBook Pro’s warranty first. If it hasn’t expired yet, then ask for a replacement. If it expired, you might look for an alternative.
  • Most of the replacement chargers come with USB-C, and they usually support up to 60W or 85W. Consider your needs and take into account your own devices so you could buy a charger that supports all your gadgets.
  • Try to avoid very cheap offers. You could end up losing not just $25 for a bad charger, but it could damage your MacBook or other devices, causing you several thousand in damage. And if a third-party charger caused the problem, your warranty becomes void automatically.
  • Never purchase items from sellers who: have a low number of ratings. Their reviews seem to be fake, can’t write a proper description of the products.
  • Buy spare chords – This should be enough help for you to decide which of the charger as mentioned above replacements you need.
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