Websites To Make Money Online by Writing Tutorials

This blog post would help the readers to earn money online by writing tutorials with some useful websites.

Recently I published a blog post with the details of make money with YouTube tutorials. I received few quires saying that they have other skills other than/not interested in shooting videos and they’ve asked me to explain or list some websites to earn money online by writing tutorials.

 Are you excellent in writing useful tutorials? Then, you have a nice opportunity to make money online by writing tutorials for various websites.

Web designers, app developers, and even the Photoshop experts are making online income ranging from $5 – $300 for a single tutorial.

Not only for money, writing useful tutorials would let you grow your brand, display your talent to suitable clients and finally allow you to take part in an active community.

If you have a blog/website, it would be an additional advantage for you to link back the submitted tutorials to drive traffic to it.

If you want to share some unique skills with the people, then present it as a tutorial and earn money with it. Many genuine websites are hiring people to write tutorials and providing good payouts for them.


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Websites to Earn Income On Web By Tutorial Writing 

Here I listed some useful websites that would aid you to earn money by writing tutorials.


This website contains tutorials for Photography, Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator and web development tutorials. If you are skilled in writing the designing and blogging tutorials, you will get paid for each accepted tutorial.


This website offers high-quality free tutorials related to graphics design and visual effects. They are looking for the talented individuals to contribute the articles related to Adobe Photoshop Autodesk Maya, Adobe after effect and any other standard CG software. If you are expert in the above-mentioned areas, you can make a good online income here.


Flashmint is a leading provider of Flash templates. If you have skills in producing the Flash, Flex and animation tutorials, you can convert your skills into money and include your short bio with a link to your blog/ website.


It contains tips and tutorials for the bloggers and web developers to build websites. If Word press, PHP, SEO, JavaScript, Photoshop and design theory are your absorbing fields, give your unique and useful tutorials to earn money with it.


It is a great website to find the design tips and tutorials. If you are tremendous in creating the web design, Photoshop and other design tutorials, it is likely to earn cash with it.


If you are really interested in teaching Photoshop for others, psd.tutsplus is the right website for you to get money online. It is a popular Photoshop website with a large community of readers. Photoshop artists and instructors are required to write tutorials for them.


It is a growing community website with the tutorials for website coding, illustration, Photoshop, and SEO. If the above specified are your fascinating topics, you can share your original tutorials with them and earn a decent income with it.


It is an online magazine founded by a Canadian web designer which offers the tutorials about typography, Photoshop, WordPress, HTML etc. If you are talented in writing tutorials about these topics, you can make use of it to earn money.


It is a fast growing design blog which gives the best tutorials, freebies, and other informative resources. It is possible to earn good rewards with your helpful graphical contribution here.


Vector diary is a popular blog which provides illustrator tips and tutorials. It was created by a graphic designer and contains thousands of tutorials. You can write about Adobe illustrator and you’ll get paid for each accepted tutorial.


The internet has introduced some top online jobs to earn income by working comfortably. Work at home by cashing the talents is an easy way for the people to make money online.

If you are excellent in designing skills and want to teach your fascinating talents to others , you can make money online by writing tutorials for websites which requires lessons on specified subjects. 

Be sure to send the high-quality error-free tutorials to get good payment and to avoid rejection.

Do you know any other websites which pay for writing tutorials? Share its details and your views about this post in the comment section. 

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