Best Ways To Make Money On YouTube

This post explains the basics and best ways to make money on YouTube videos.

Internet technology is emerging, and it opens a variety of businesses & opportunities for the people to generate revenue at home. Most of the internet users are looking for the ways to earn money online to make extra income at the spare time.

Legitimate online income opportunities are existing for them and earning potential depend on their skills and the amount of time they could spend to work. 

In this post, I listed the best ways to make money on YouTube videos. Let’s start the discussion with the basics for better understanding.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a video-based website that allows the users to view and share the videos. It launched in the year 2005 by the former PayPal employees and later it was acquired by Google. Here uploaded videos converted into the Adobe Flash files so that the people can see the videos without any software or plugin.

Did you know the current popularity of YouTube? Yes, it is the No.2 search engine and currently there are more than 800 million of monthly unique visitors. Most of the people seeks to learn about products and services in YouTube than reading the written content.

As its popularity getting advanced daily, it is the best idea to look for some ways to make money with it. So let’s check some best ways to make money on Youtube videos.

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How To Make Money on YouTube?

If you want to make money on youtube, it would be good if you upload videos in it. Original videos like videos created with the help of mobile phones or camcorder attract the people a lot. Or if you want to present some computer tutorials by capturing its screen, expression encoder or Camtasia can be used.

Are you interested in creating the videos with any of the method which I’ve specified above? Then you may do reading the ways to earn money with it.

1. Join in YouTube partner program

Joining as a partner with the YouTube is good but you need to get approval to make money with it. If you want to earn through this method, you have to publish the videos regularly on your fascinating subjects, market your videos with social media and set up a good subscriber base for it. Then apply for the partner program to earn a percentage of Ad revenue from YouTube.

Individual video partnerships and Account level partnerships are the two different types of partner programs available for the users to make money on YouTube videos.

2. Sell your own merchandise by promoting it

If you are excellent in creating the products like software, eBooks, apps for mobile/PC or specific services like writing, SEO and so on, create your quality videos which explain about the product/service and promote it through YouTube. Try to reach more customers to get product purchases/service requests.

3. Do affiliate marketing

This is the right option for you if you are not attentive in creating the products. Usually, there are two types of people using the YouTube. Some for entertainment and rest of the people are searching the solutions for their problems. Just target the second group people and use keyword tool to find the requirements of people.

Sign-up in some huge affiliate websites like Amazon or Clickbank and choose the riveted problem-solving product. Create the interesting video about the chosen product and add your affiliate link in the description. The more YouTube subscribers you have, the greater sale of affiliate products.

4. Create videos for blogs/website

Many webmasters are driving massive traffic with their YouTube videos and earning with it. If you have a blog/website and using revenue sharing program like Google AdSense or doing affiliate marketing, then you can increase the earnings by creating the exciting videos about your blog and ask them to check your blog/website at the end of the video.

Also, it is possible to add your Google Adsense ads on your created videos, and you could make some bucks if its get clicked. To enable this feature, login into your Adsense account, go to,  click triangle symbol near upload option. Then choose

Dashboard —> channel settings —> enable monetization.

While creating videos, make sure to avoid other people’s sound/music. It is virtuous for the bloggers to make money on YouTube videos with their blog and the CTR is high here.

5. Sell links in YouTube description

Selling the place for links in your description field is the simple way to earn money from YouTube. As the YouTube enables links in the description area, you can contact advertisers and offer a CPM figure to place their links instead of yours. You should aware in selecting the dealers to keep up your channel reputation.

Also, you can search for the videos without any links in the description and ask them to place your links to gain more audience by paying less money.

Magical Ways To Make Money on YouTube

1. It is always curious to take part in contests, and if it is in the viral medium, then? So search for some branded contests in YouTube and take part in those to win some cash and cool prizes.

2. Search for some local businesses that do not have an online presence. Convince them that you’ll create videos for them by explaining their products or services, upload these videos to help them to get an online presence and make money with it.

3. If you are excellent in creating the vibrant tutorials and having thousands of subscribers, then you could ask some payments to view your channel. 


The internet is a big source of making money in the comfort of home. If you have some unique skills, then it is possible for you to earn money without investment. Many authentic online jobs invite the people to make online income at the convenient time.

Making money on YouTube is one of it, and many folks are earning a decent income with their videos. A number of subscribers and views are the essential elements to make money on YouTube, so make an attention to have large number of genuine customers.

I hope that you’ve gained some knowledge on “How to earn money on YouTube?”. What is your opinion about these YouTube money-making methods?

Are you making money with your YouTube channel? Share your views through comment! 

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  1. Hi Nirmala mam,
    This is true that You Tube is becoming a very good source for earning online income day by day.
    If you have got a little bit knowledge about making videos then you can easily make money here.
    In this way, blogs and websites perform a vital role in You Tube niche.
    It is new to hear about Affiliate Marketing in You-Tube videos.
    Hmm…surely a pretty decent way for earning online money.
    Thanks for sharing again!

    1. Thanks for sharing your opinion realted to make money with YouTube Vivek 🙂

      Yeah, it is possible to do Affiliate marketing in YouTube as the description filed is link enabled, the users can add their affiliate link there.

      glad with your visit, keep coming here to share your thoughts 🙂

  2. Hello Nirmala
    I am waiting for your next article and now my wait is over now.
    It is good to see you again with unique and fresh article.
    Making money with Youtube is great idea.
    Simply made videos and upload it and enjoy $$$$$. 😀
    Nice work mam
    Keep Rocking and Happy Blogging 😀

  3. Hi Nirmala !
    All i knew is that we can add adsense advertisement to YouTube videos …you made me learn some new ideas to monetize YouTube account/videos .Thanks for sharing the information .


  4. H, Nirmala Mam,
    Great article once again.
    I feel earning money through Youtube is interesting but not so easy. It needs some patience. Also, we need to work hard for it. Thank You for sharing. 🙂

  5. Hi Nirmala !!! Hope you are doing great.

    This post has increased my curiosity about Youtube monetisation more.

    But I come with an idea and conclusion. We can generate revenue from our own videos related to our blogs too.
    I will try this one first, If it would work, I will be greatful to this post 🙂


  6. I do have a YouTube channel but I post my own musical compositions there and to be frank no one watches them 😛
    How can we monetize a musical channel like that apart from bettering my singing skills! 😀
    Regardless, I will give a shot at making it popular!

  7. Make money on youtube? I had never thought about such an idea. Although I have a youtube account that I update regularly, I had never thought about making money through it. Thanks for sharing this information.

  8. Hi Nirmala,
    Very nice article. Because of Youtube ,adsense is more important, without adsense nobody get the good feedback. from Youtube uploads. Thanks for sharing such a informative article.

  9. I was aware of these tips before and have created few videos for my Blog and also applied for YouTube Partner Program. I should say it is good but even our videos require some bit of promotion and SEO.
    I realized it couple of months back and am still working on it.
    This post is really informative.
    Keep up the good work Nirmala

  10. Hello Nirmala

    First of all thanks to share such a informative and money earning article and let’s talk about it all suggestion and ideas are given by you is very help full to make money from youtube . Thanks for sharing your view.

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