My Third Guest Posts Roundup (My 50th blog post)

Dear readers,

I am glad to meet you all with my 50th blog post. It’s my third guest posts roundup post where I have listed the last 5 guest posts of mine. These guest posts have reached the targeted visitors well and gained good number of comments. Till now, I have completed 15 guest posts and I am getting good exposure by expanding my reach and engaging the new readers.

If you missed my earlier roundup posts, I suggest you to check my treasured guest posts here.

Benefits of guest blogging and my guest posts

In this post, I consolidated my first 5 guest posts details along with the benefits of guest blogging.

Benefits of blog posts round-up and my guest posts roundup

Here I merged my recent guest posts with the benefits of blog post roundup.

Before interpreting the details of my latest 5 guest post, I want to share some specifics for you to do guest blogging.

How to do Perfect Guest Blogging?

The following tips would help you to do perfect guest blogging.

•  Do guest blogging with dedication by spending more energy and time as you are gonna gain some new readers.

•  Follow the guest blogging guidelines and approach the blog owners politely.

•  Write grammatical error free posts with depth information by an extensive research to add maximum information to it.

•  Spend quality time to promote the guest post aggressively to drive traffic to that blog.

•  Give the reply to the visitor’s comments in such a way to convert them into your subscribers.

•  Create a special landing page for the readers and link it with the author bio instead of linking your blog’s homepage.

I am following my own policies in creating the guest posts and find a good improvement in my writing style.

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My Latest Guest Post roundup

Here is the collection of my guest posts which I had presented recently in some active blogs.

1. Top 10 questions that the bloggers should ask themselves

This is my 11th guest post in I really adored writing this post where I have consolidated some basic blogging questions that the bloggers should ask themselves. This post strongly suggests the bloggers that questioning themselves would improve their productivity and insists them to get the answers for the basic blogging questions to reach their blogging goals. Abhi Balani is the founder of this blog and he impartially accepted my guest post. I got good no. of comments for this guest post along with some blogging friends.

2. Effective guest blogging tips

I still remember my enchantment while writing this guest post. Ankit Kumar Singla, a passionate young blogger is the possessor of and he personally asked me to write a guest post on his blog. I accepted his request and presented some effective guest blogging tips for his readers. I faltered with the response of the visitors and got some subscribers with this guest post

3. How to make your blog popular?

This post has some basic, simple but effective tips for the bloggers to make their blog popular effortlessly. is the name of this blog and it is sustained by an excellent active blogger Erik Emanuelli. He admitted my guest post on his blog without any hesitation and I got great appreciation from him. This post holds a place in the popular post section of his blog.

4. Make money online with micro job websites

Online money making is my fascinating subject because I tried and still earning some bucks with some genuine online jobs. So I decided to write for Erik Emanuelli sir again and he proposed me to send my guest post on his another blog I am cheerful to say that it positioned the top in the blog’s popular post. I have conquered good publicity with this post and gained some readers for my blog.


Guest blogging helps you to become a better blogger and advance more targeted traffic to your blog. I suggest you to perform regular guest blogging on worthy blogs.

Finding the perfect blogs to submit the commendable guest post would let you improve your online presence and blog readership.

I have attained good benefits with my guest posts. What do you think about guest blogging?

Share your guest posts details through comments 🙂

As this is my 50th post, I should thank Mr. Atish Ranjan, a dedicated active blogger who encouraged me a lot to do an enhanced blogging in a self-hosted domain.

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  1. Good to know that you are working well and hard to build a better presence online which I can see on your blog already. Great going.
    Thank you very much for the very kind mention here. Means a lot to me.

    1. What a great surprise for me!

      Glad to see your opening comment for my 50th blog post Atish 🙂

      It is not possible without your inspiration and guidance.

      Hope you’ll keep doing these for me.

      Many thanks for your comment, please visit here to leave your valuable suggestions.

  2. Heartiest Congratulations for completing 50th blog post.
    It’s really an inspirational achievement for newbies.
    Keep it up with same passion and determination.. 🙂

  3. Hey Nirmala.

    It is good to hear that you are working really hard. Well it is important to promote your blog on other networks. And as far as I am concerned Guest Posting is the full proof way to do it.
    You got to meet new people and more traffic to your site.
    Your work inspire us all. Have a great blogging journey and keep posting more amazing content.
    Regards 🙂

  4. Hello Nirmala Mam,

    First of all congrats for 50th post of your blog. With only 50 posts, you have awesome Alexa Rank 😉

    I like your points about guest blogging specially that one about comments. It’s truly great 😀

    I wish you more success with your blog and obviously with your guest posts too 🙂

  5. Hi Nirmala, congrats for completing your 50th blog post .Really a great blog with lots of good resources. Keep writing.

  6. Hi Ma’am,

    Well, I’d like to say cheers for the work you have done and at the very same time I’d like to say Congrats for achieving it. Really Your Inspirational blogger to me.

    The famous personalities you mentioned at the bottom and the blogs which you’ve chosen to write guest are really Excellent.

    Great Going ma’am. I’ll get back to you ASAP. Bit Busy with Academics.

    Lastly, MyMagicFundas logic is looking nice. Good work ma’am 🙂 Keep Going!!

    Thanks for blog post round 🙂 🙂

    1. Happy with your comment and wishes Srikanth 🙂

      Yes, I had been motivated by many bloggers and the mentioned bloggers are behind my success and they never hesitate to give solutions for my blogging problems.

      Take care of work and keep blogging!

  7. First of all congrats for your half century madam 🙂
    You are very good blogger indeed. I became local reader of your blog just because of your talent and quality article.

  8. Congratulations Nirmala,

    This is wonderful indeed and I can see the hard work and effort you DO put into ALL your posts, whether at your own blog or the guest posts.

    It’s a good reminder for me to start off with guest posting too. Keep going with the same passion and no one can stop you from succeeding. My best wishes are always with you 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Feeling good and glad with your presence Harleena 🙂

      Yeah, i worked hard in the initial period but learned to work smart from the mentioned bloggers.

      To gain online presence, credibility and new minded readers, guest blogging is essential for the bloggers. So start doing it ASAP.

      Thanks for your comment with care 🙂

  9. Frist of all, thank you for the guest post for my blog. That was a nice post and the feedback proves it was a worthy piece.

    Then, thank you once again for the mention and the link love. Some productive bloggers like you rock the blogosphere.

    Keep rocking!

    1. Its my wish to write for you Suresh 🙂

      Glad you liked my guest post 🙂

      I got many suggestions and solutions from you and your posts. So I mentioned you in this post.

      Thanks for appreciating me, show your regular presence here to leave your valuable suggestions.

  10. Hi Nirmala,

    Congrats and best wishes to achieve your goal as a blogger. You are the real example for hardworking. It’s great to see that, as a girl you took a good position in the field of blogging.

    In india, and particularly in Tamilnadu, we can’t see a girl(It’s rare) who do blog and getting best position. Thanks for sharing ur experience.

    1. Thanks for encouraging me Nirmal, glad with your comment.

      I love blogging and technology is my fascinating subject. Reading and writing are my hobbies and both helps me to do blogging.

      Yeah, am proud to be a Tamilian, “Vazhga Tamizh”

  11. Hi, Big congratulations for this achievement. 🙂
    You are doing a great job to maintain your online presence. This is nothing but your hard work. Good job, keep it up. 🙂
    All the best!! 🙂

  12. Well It’s really very encouraging to read what you said about guest blogging and how it helped you. But I personally don’t like it. I even wrote an extra length post against it 😀
    But still you have done it in a really right and positive manner. A nice motivating post for all bloggers! 😀

    1. Oh really? Its hard to read your comment, anyway views varies from person to person. For me, guest blogging helps me to get good online presence, friends and readers.

      Thanks for your comment Aditya, keep leaving your thoughts here 🙂

  13. Hi Nirmala ,

    Thanks for the share 🙂

    I love the points you mentioned about guest post and commenting.

    When I started commenting on blogs I started getting comments on my blog too 🙂

    This is great.. You have really done hardwork here !

  14. Congratulations for your 50th post, the kind of effort you put in to promote your post is really remarkable, it will make any lazy person to stand-up and do something. Keep up the spirit -:)

  15. Congrats Nirmala !
    You are doing a great job with your blog ..The information that you share though guest posting is amazing and helps a lot of bloggers seeking help and advices on blogging .


  16. congrats for 50th post of your blog.your blog has Awesome Alexa Ranking and Traffic ..Great Job .This is nothing but your hard work.

  17. Madam Nirmala,

    This is a great job, 15 guest post is not an easy task though but it worth spending much time on. Guest blogging is one of the best way to show our blogging identity which I believed is one of the reasons behind your quick moving to guest blogging community. I also guest blog on bivori and nonpassiveincome as well and these has really helped my blog indeed.

  18. Hello Nirmala,
    First of, let me say a big congratulations on your 50th post. you have surely come a long way to doing this :).

    For me, guest blogging is more than just beneath the eyes. guest blogging deals with style and focus. we write guest post because we wants to get traffic and backlinks from a natural source and if we can’t do a proper guest post, then all what it stands for is meaningless, right?

    Your guest posting tips are spot on and it is some great point you bring 🙂
    Happy blogging and do have a great week ahead 🙂

    1. Many thanks for your wishes and appreciation Baba 🙂

      Yeah, guest blogging has more power and lot of benefits. To get those, we have to spend quality time to prepare high quality posts which would help to improve the online visibility and to get new subscribers.

      Glad with your inspiring comment, keep doing the same forever 🙂

  19. Congratulations for your 50th post. I too had finished my 50th post but deleted some old posts. So now my overall number of posts is 42.
    Congrats again for your guest blogging campaigns 😀

  20. Congratulations Nirmala, i can see how you are growing from glory to glory. Keep it up, maybe someday you could guest post on my blog too. Am on my 556 post o my blog, i challenge you to post like Ryan and gain more exposure and you will see your log grow bigger.

    1. Feeling good with your comment and wishes Nwosu 🙂

      Its my pleasure to write for you, will contribute a quality guest post to netmediablog.

      Great to know your blog post count 😛

      Thanks for your inspiring reply, this stimulates me to work with passion.

  21. congratulations on your 50th blog post. my blog has around 72 blog post and i am aiming to celebrate once i reached 100th..

    1. Thanks for your great wishes Shameem, your wishes are always special to me 🙂

      I am very comfortable in learning blogging stuffs from you as you used to teach the SEO concepts with care in my mother tongue 🙂

      Thanks for guiding me in the right path of blogging, need your support always 😛

  22. great post you have here. Guest posting is a good source of get traffic and also exposure to your blog. The tips you have mentioned here are very important.

    Congrats on your 50th blog post, hoping to get there soon on my new blog too. Congrats

  23. Alright Nirmala congrats! You are hitting the guest post circuit hard; this is one of the quick and easy ways to draw in traffic and grow your business.

  24. Hi Nirmala Mam,

    This is simply wow….and I wanna wish you all the very very best for the upcoming days….I’m sure that this blog will keep producing awesome posts…..You are an inspiration to all the newbies, and you’re kind enough to help others too…I think that makes you different from others….Keep sharing…

  25. Hi Nirmala,
    You’ve really splashed your blog round the blogosphere by being a guest blogging addict. Newbies needs people like you and your guest blogging has triggered me into putting more efforts. I’ve been writing guest post upon guest. Post and I’ve implemented most of your tips. I didn’t know about using a landing page in my author bio I only use my homepage, it’s new to me. I’ll definitely put that to effect.
    Great post, keep it coming

    1. Am pleased with your comment Gilbert, thanks!!!

      Yeah, i know the benefits of guest blogging and it helps me to get good exposure among the influential bloggers.

      I too have to implement the landing page idea for my blog.

      Thanks for leaving your comment, keep doing it.

  26. Many Many Congratulations ma’am for reaching upto the half century… 😛 🙂 and that too with an awesome analytical figure.. You have been writing great articles and I know you’ll continue with this.


  27. PrIyAnGsHu @ Motivational Quotes

    Hi Nirmala, great to see that your amazing work. I’ve already read a few of these guest posts, and those are definitely worth reading. Keep up the good work, and keep yourself marching forward. Hope to see you succeed. All the best.

  28. You write awesome, Nirmala.

    I also saw Perambur Kumar appreciating you as a gem of Indian blogging. Really, I appreciate you for that!

    I am a new blogger at TechProbeX. I usually get motivated by your success…..

  29. first Congrats to you! No dout that without hardwork and give some time to your blog it really happen… Nice posts… Keep it up..!!

  30. Hello Nirmala

    I would like to give you the big congratulations for this. I truly believe that success never comes with a single hand, success definitely comes with hard work and designing the style you are exactly looking

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