My Third Guest Posts Roundup (My 50th blog post)

Dear readers,

I am glad to meet you all with my 50th blog post. It’s my third guest posts roundup post where I have listed the last 5 guest posts of mine. These guest posts have reached the targeted visitors well and gained good number of comments. Till now, I have completed 15 guest posts and I am getting good exposure by expanding my reach and engaging the new readers.

If you missed my earlier roundup posts, I suggest you to check my treasured guest posts here.

Benefits of guest blogging and my guest posts

In this post, I consolidated my first 5 guest posts details along with the benefits of guest blogging.

Benefits of blog posts round-up and my guest posts roundup

Here I merged my recent guest posts with the benefits of blog post roundup.

Before interpreting the details of my latest 5 guest post, I want to share some specifics for you to do guest blogging.

How to do Perfect Guest Blogging?

The following tips would help you to do perfect guest blogging.

•  Do guest blogging with dedication by spending more energy and time as you are gonna gain some new readers.

•  Follow the guest blogging guidelines and approach the blog owners politely.

•  Write grammatical error free posts with depth information by an extensive research to add maximum information to it.

•  Spend quality time to promote the guest post aggressively to drive traffic to that blog.

•  Give the reply to the visitor’s comments in such a way to convert them into your subscribers.

•  Create a special landing page for the readers and link it with the author bio instead of linking your blog’s homepage.

I am following my own policies in creating the guest posts and find a good improvement in my writing style.

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My Latest Guest Post roundup

Here is the collection of my guest posts which I had presented recently in some active blogs.

1. Top 10 questions that the bloggers should ask themselves

This is my 11th guest post in I really adored writing this post where I have consolidated some basic blogging questions that the bloggers should ask themselves. This post strongly suggests the bloggers that questioning themselves would improve their productivity and insists them to get the answers for the basic blogging questions to reach their blogging goals. Abhi Balani is the founder of this blog and he impartially accepted my guest post. I got good no. of comments for this guest post along with some blogging friends.

2. Effective guest blogging tips

I still remember my enchantment while writing this guest post. Ankit Kumar Singla, a passionate young blogger is the possessor of and he personally asked me to write a guest post on his blog. I accepted his request and presented some effective guest blogging tips for his readers. I faltered with the response of the visitors and got some subscribers with this guest post

3. How to make your blog popular?

This post has some basic, simple but effective tips for the bloggers to make their blog popular effortlessly. is the name of this blog and it is sustained by an excellent active blogger Erik Emanuelli. He admitted my guest post on his blog without any hesitation and I got great appreciation from him. This post holds a place in the popular post section of his blog.

4. Make money online with micro job websites

Online money making is my fascinating subject because I tried and still earning some bucks with some genuine online jobs. So I decided to write for Erik Emanuelli sir again and he proposed me to send my guest post on his another blog I am cheerful to say that it positioned the top in the blog’s popular post. I have conquered good publicity with this post and gained some readers for my blog.


Guest blogging helps you to become a better blogger and advance more targeted traffic to your blog. I suggest you to perform regular guest blogging on worthy blogs.

Finding the perfect blogs to submit the commendable guest post would let you improve your online presence and blog readership.

I have attained good benefits with my guest posts. What do you think about guest blogging?

Share your guest posts details through comments 🙂

As this is my 50th post, I should thank Mr. Atish Ranjan, a dedicated active blogger who encouraged me a lot to do an enhanced blogging in a self-hosted domain.

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