Ideas To Make Money With Online Classified Websites

I stumbled across some ingenious ways to make money online, and this is another one. Yes, this post gives some ideas for you on how to make money with online classifieds.

Just think about few years back! The primary modes of advertising were through magazines and newspaper. But the technology has progressed a lot specifically in the field of internet and web advertising have turned an efficient marketing strategy.  

Even though there are thousands of ways exist to advertise nowadays, publicity in the form of online classified websites is getting prevalent among the business as it has proven to be more successful than traditional advertising in Newspapers and magazines.

Free classifieds sites take less time to post the ads and remove/renew ad process is quite straightforward. Most of the online classified sites allows people to post their ads for free or at an affordable price.

Out of all, reaching global audience requires the minimal effort to produce a quick result is a notable benefit of classified websites, and thus business people have started to utilize it effectively.

As the classified websites are being used effectually by most of the people for both selling and buying process, some people want to have their own classified site where others are looking for some genuine ways to earn income with it.

I hope that this post would help you to make some dough with classified websites and now let’s get into the topic.

4 Ways To Make Money With Classified Websites

Check some genuine ideas to make money with classified websites now!


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1. Create Classified Website

You can start your classified sites for free to make money with it. Make use of site like, which is a free open source script for you to build a classified website for free.

No technical knowledge is needed to install this software but be sure to get a good web hosting & domain to start your free classified site. Determine the categories on which you want to focus on your classified website and add them.

Start promoting it through social networks and once you’ve began to drive visitors to your created website, add various monetization methods like featured ads, advertising banners, affiliate links, premium membership and so on.

Effective marketing strategy is required to make real money with classified websites. Adding useful content would help you to popularize your website and then start adding listings to it.

Expecting customers to pile up to your classified site would be unwise, and it would be good to research & invest in new technologies to get more visitors.

2. Sell Products Through Classified Websites

If you are a merchant who has products to sell online, you no longer need a store or rely on online auctions websites. Instead, you could make use of online classifieds to reach a wider audience and to get unlimited sales.

Also, you need not be an expertise to use the classified websites as they are designed for your convenience with a user-friendly interface.

You can post the details of your product to sell at free of cost/cheap, and it is open for global people. You could also upload pictures/banner of your items to sell, and it would attract the visitors.

Since your ad is visible all over the day to universal people, it is possible for you could get loyal customers for your products to sell even if you sleep. Besides, you could manage/review your online ads quickly.

Selling products through classifieds sites is an extremely convenient way and here are some tips to post your online classified ads to your products.

  • Post your ads during weekends because most of the people search their desired products to buy when they have holidays on weekends.
  • Picking up the exact category for your products to sell is most important to get targeted buyers.
  • Describe your products well by adding an attractive description, striking picture and add your contact details.
  • Fix a realistic price for your product and precisely specify the mode of payment.

3. Join in Ad Posting Jobs

Ad posting job is the easiest way to make money online. Many individuals and companies want to promote their business and hence they are ready to pay you to post their ads on free classified websites.

To create backlinks, some bloggers/webmasters are interested to give a fee for you to post their website details over there.

Moreover, individual ad posting companies would give you the pre-written ads to post, and you have to just copy & paste those ads into online classifieds. Just you have to find some genuine place to work and earn by posting ads on free classifieds sites.

4. Promote Referral Programs

The internet has thousands of referral programs to join where you have to get a lot of referrals to the essential businesses. You need to do an active promotion process to get new people and earn money with it.

Even, though, making use of social networks, blogs, and email marketing are some the traditional promotion methods, you could take advantage of free classified websites to generate more referrals to your network.

As classified websites have the ability to drive more people to any business, you may promote your referral programs with enough details.

Some classifieds have banned adding the referral links and thus choose authentic classifieds which allows adding your referral link in the description.


The internet has considerably changed our lives and possibility of making huge income is one of the finest things with it. Besides, online classifieds are getting popular as it offers affordable advertising to any business.

Online ads play a crucial role to reach the potential customers quickly and, therefore, the free online classifieds like OLX have millions of unique visitors globally every month. You don’t need to invest much to make money on the classified websites, and I hope my listed ideas would help you to use online classifieds in profitable ways.

What do you say about these ideas to make money with online classified sites? Do you desire to have your classified websites? Or do you wish to sell your product/service through free classified sites? Let me know your opinions through comment.

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