How Newbies Could Avoid Mistakes In Online Jobs?

I’ve written this post for newbies who have decided to make money with online jobs.

While speaking about “online jobs”, I thought it is imperative to include the mistakes in online jobs by the newbies and some successful tips to avoid it. 

After making these things clear to the online job seekers, then I’ll proceed discussing the online jobs, online money making ways, real websites with which you can earn money and types of online jobs in my future posts.

Online Jobs

We are living in the internet world with advanced technology. There are innumerable honest online jobs are available for all to make money at home. So, now days, “How can I earn money online” and “how to make money online without investment” are the most searchable questions on the search engines by the internet users. Did you know the reasons for it?

Here are the answers
1. No boss and obviously there will not be any pressure to do the job.

2. It has options like “Work at spare time”, “Earn without investment” and “Work at any time”.

3. Free from meetings and teaching sessions.

4. Possible to work from anywhere with a computer and internet connection.

But what I am signifying?
Even though there are more benefits present in online money making, it requires passion, patience, persistence and proficiency. Without these, it is hard for anyone to make money online. Don’t panic with my words, it is true!

If you really want to earn money on the internet, get practiced to stay with the above qualities. If so, soon you’ll become a successful internet marketer. Hope you are getting my valid point to earn online money. Let’s carry on this discussion elaborately about the mistakes and successful tips related to online jobs.

Common Mistakes in Performing Online Jobs

1. Working hard in the wrong direction. (Not understanding the right way to get success).

2. Doing too many techniques at the same time to reach the success. (This would make them busy and would not help to get good result).

3. Trying to reach the success in shortcuts. (Dealing with scam sites or get rich quick schemes).

4. Looking for instant success. (Working for few days and losing the patience).

5. Not implementing a disciplined schedule. (Having big plans and working too little).

6. Thinking to quit soon. (Because of having failure fear).


If you are doing or done any of these mistakes while performing the online jobs, just correct it and do it again with the following tips to get succeed in that.

Tips To Get Succeed In Online Jobs

1. Focusing is preliminary thing, put on the hard work and put off your laziness.

2. Just write your goals, learn the ways to reach those and remove the distractions while writing and learning the objectives.

3. Improve yourself by reading, writing and learn the courses.

4. Try to get a successful supporter.

5. Participate in forums & social platforms and connect with innovators & minded people. Get answers to your questions to reach the goal.

6. Never underestimate yourself, get the right attitude to overcome the obstacles in the path of making money online.

These are my personal familiarities, just am giving as tips for my readers to get success in online money making methods.

Online Jobs Without Investment

Online jobs without investment are a growing possibility as the internet has supported us to have the real ways of income with better productivity and without investing money. There are number of options accessible and many genuine websites are available for the people who are searching for the online jobs without investment to make extra money at the convenience of home.

I am suggesting that “If any online job without investment is chosen then the high quality of time with dedication should be invested” to make real money online. If you are teacher, writer, web designer, translator or good at typing, then you can make online money without any investment.


Online jobs do not requires much skill to earn money, but it needs the clear idea, basic talent and loyalty. Before choosing an online job, have your skill & interest in mind and make researches which job is suitable for you to work.

After the job is chosen, continue to execute it with confidence, make progressive learning and finally attain the success.

If you are doing any online job, share your mistakes and fruitful tips to make genuine online income for my readers!

18 thoughts on “How Newbies Could Avoid Mistakes In Online Jobs?”

  1. Online jobs do not require much skills but you need idea, loyalty also Eagerness to learn new things and PATIENCE!

    If we don’t have patience then we will end up quitting or earn nothing.

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Thanks for commenting Thejas!

      Yeah, I have included all in the beginning of the post! 4 qualities – Passion, Patience, Persistence and Proficiency are needed for the newbies to get success in online jobs.

  2. Before starting a blogging I am also thinking to earn money or become a billionaire over night. Now I realize that I am going with wrong ways..

    Now I learn lots of things when I enter into the world of blogging. If you want to earn money online then you must have qualities like patience, creative writing with some SEO knowledge etc..

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Glad to see your thoughts Nikhil! Also happy to hear that you have learned a lot now. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Patience is the key of success.I truly believe in it when it comes to online work,it is essential and vital. 🙂

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Glad that you are believing my point to make money online. Thanks for commenting, keep visiting!

  4. HI Nirmala jee,

    I think you have greatly summed up everything that is required to achieve success online. Patience is the key which goes along with the smart work.

    Thanks for this great share.


    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Am really pleased to see your reply Sapna! Thanks for sharing your point of view. Yeah, Patience is the key of online money making success, if the newbies accept and understood this, then there is no doubt in earning huge online money in the near future.

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Yes, it is not possible to make money fast through short cut methods, it is better to stay away from it.

  5. Hello nirmala madam…
    This post might be old, but the content is always fresh and very useful, I do agree with this post there are no short cuts to make big money, patience is the key.. Most of the people beginners they do have patience. What they really don’t understand you are learning in this process how online jobs works… all the points are very useful not only for online jobs even in the business also.

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