6 Worst Blogging Fears To Avoid

This blog post contains some common blogging fears of a blogger, and I’ve provided some actionable tips to avoid them.  

Bloggers face many obstacles in their path of reaching success. “FEAR” about some familiar things would stop them to thrive in blogging. Also, it is considered as a major complication to achieve the victory in blogging. Let’s discuss some first blogging fears of the bloggers and read my wonderful tips to overcome them.

My Magical Tips To Overcome The Blogging Fears

Below are the six worst blogging fears to be avoided by the bloggers. 

1. What will people and other bloggers think about my blog posts?

It is the common fear for most of the bloggers.

I am saying that “blog is your diary”, you can write whatever you want, but you should write what you know and should be familiar with your content in the blog post. Spend some quality time daily to learn the information related to your blog and keep writing quality blog posts.

Try to connect your readers and followers on an emotional level. They would be loyal to you, remember you and return to your blog again.

2. Whether the visitors read my blog posts or not?

It is the right fear of a blogger!

I am signifying that “If a blogger has this question in mind, then he/she should find the answer for it” am I confusing you?

If you are engaging the audience with their needs, then they never skip your posts without reading. Make a research on the need for the audience and create the posts based on it to make the visitors know your content until the end.

A blog is not like a official newspaper. You can add some useful links and graphics related to your content to make the readers find your post useful. Create small sections to scan and use various heading sizes with good color.

3. How and where to get the different blog post ideas?

It is the mutual fear among the bloggers.

If you are running out of things to write about, then I am saying that you are not reading much. So practice reading the other posts and the information related to your niche. The best inspirational blogs are those which contain fresh, compelling and unique content by converting the conversations in the forums, advice from experts and examine your weblogs.

Assemble the great people/links related to the niche, consolidate your best posts, interview with senior people and request the readers to leave question linked to your blog, and then convert it into the blog post with a detailed answer. Also, search your competitors, have their subject matter in mind, write the blog post with your words and give a better title for it.

blogging fear

4. Whether I will make money with my blog or not?

Hope you don’t have this fear if you are blogging for fun, hobby and not for money.

Have confident that you are doing the right things clearly in your blogging way. Proceeding the blogging inch by inch with a passion for six months of continuous work could help to see the fruits. If you are on the wrong track, then find the best route to proceed, as patience is the key to reach the blogging success.

Read as much you can, look out new ideas, bring out high-quality posts, promote you blog/blog posts through natural ways to reach the target audience, don’t give up and finally you’ll succeed in money making.

5. How to please the search engines?

I feel that it is a proper fear of a blogger.

Search engines like to deliver worth and relevant search results to the users. Also, it would bring free organic and targeted traffic to a blog. So it is good to create the search engine friendly posts by catchy title with a most searchable keyword, interlinking the relevant posts and adding images or videos.

Build up good quality content by improving the grammar & writing skill and do not stuff the keywords in your content. Also, target the niche keywords with low completion, focus on the end user and don’t spend too much time to please the search engines. These objects would improve the SERP.

6. Am I writing something that has been already written by many?

This fear does not belong to the blogger who is having the tendency to create the posts with unique and interesting information in their blog posts.
I am suggesting that “No one else can bring the voice like you in the blogosphere”. So admiring the great bloggers is good but their writing style should not be copied. Focus on your blog, stick to its subject and just write the information that is authentic in your unique style with good clarity.

Nothing wrong in writing about the popular topics. Write with your words, your style with your voice. This would create the reader’s attention on you, they would like your way and might feel that you can write better. Also do not focus on readers. Instead, just focus on their needs, help them and try to solve their problems by giving solutions in your blog posts.


All bloggers have dreams and goals. Fears are the shadows along your path that make you to do better blogging and finally aid to achieve the objectives. I hope that these discussed fears may involve in blogging, but the search of answers to these fears would help the bloggers to reach the everlasting success. If you try the shortcuts, you’ll let your blog destroy

I’ve discussed these fears for the wellness of bloggers, so I’m requesting you to share some tips for the fears and don’t share your blogging fears. It may demotivate my readers and get more fear about blogging. What do you say?

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