Why node.js Web Hosting? Which Hosting Providers Are The Best?

In today’s world, everything has become online. All the basic needs like shopping, health care, sports needs, etc. are being satisfied by the online stores itself. 

Therefore, the web development field is trending! 

If you are into a web development project, then it would be better to execute the light-weight and scalable code. And here comes the node.js platform into the action. 

The node.js platform

Node.js can be defined as an event-driven Javascript similar to the other runtime environment and development frameworks. It is built on Google Chrome’s javascript engine.

It is built primarily for faster network applications. It is very much suitable for real-time applications that are data-intensive across various services.

It can run on all types of platforms like Windows, Linux, OS X, etc. Node.js is mainly used for streaming and online debugging applications rather than any other things.

This open-source platform is used for the server-side and networking application development. In simple words, node.js is nothing but the combination of the runtime environment and the Javascript library. 

Advantages of node.js

1. Very Fast – This platform is one of the fastest RTE in code execution due to its better integration with Google Chrome V8 Engine.

2. Single-Threaded – It uses a single thread model whose event mechanism can process multiple server requests at a faster rate than the regular https servers.

3. No Buffering and Free License – With data output in the form of chunks, buffering can be avoided.
Almost all the leading giants like eBay, GE, Microsoft, Uber, etc. are using node.js for all their major projects and applications.

Development speed and high-performance results are the significant benefits of the node.js platform. 

And now, let’s see which hosting company offers this type of web hosting? 

eWebguru provides node.js Web Hosting

eWebguru, a famous PC and Web Utilities website, has now introduced the node.js service on their website.

This company provides node.js web hosting for a cheaper price than any other website, which enables us to host our site for a relatively reduced price. With just Rs. 1295/annum, your website hosting needs can be satisfied by eWebguru.

Benefits Of Hosting Services By eWebguru

1. Maximum Possible Uptime

With eWebguru’s probability planning, the maximum backup uptime of 99.9% can be achieved. With this, there is no need to worry about any data loss or unexpected site breakdowns.

2. Easy User Interface

The online control panel designed in this server is straightforward and effective to use even by the beginners. The server is provided with all necessary control panels required for web hosting like cPanel, Plesk, Directadmin, etc.

3. Very Fast Loading

When you are using eWebguru servers for web hosting purposes, you can experience rapid loading speed. The server is optimized for ultra-speed performance by utilizing high-quality components and servers like SSD with enterprise-grade, Nginx web server, gzip compression, etc. For seamless performance, the server is monitored continuously 24/7.

4. Free Customer Support

eWebguru is offering free customer support for all server level and other applications level issues whenever required for 24 x 7 x 365, through various means like mail, telephone, and raising support tickets.

5. Low Cost

As mentioned earlier, it is one of the cheapest web hosting services in the industry. You can experience world-class quality service with this Indian based company at a completely affordable and inexpensive price.

DomainRacer Offers Node Js Hosting Service



DomainRacer is one of the top recommended node js hosting India service provider comes with different plans at an affordable cost. Their node js hosting plans start to form $0.99 to $4.29 per month with unlimited SSD disk space, bandwidth, free SSL certificates, Litespeed platform, and many more Service.

Another important benefit is that they are 24/7 professional expert support through Email, Live chat, phone, WhatsApp, and ticket.

Advantages of Node js web hosting by using DomainRacer

  • Get maximum uptime commitment
  • Free let’s encrypt SSL security certificates
  • Cheapest domain and web hosting provider
  • 21x faster LiteSpeed cache technology platform
  • Optimized server for WordPress and eCommerce
  • Unlimited SSD space and unmetered bandwidth
  • Professional 24/7/365 customer support via ticket, email, chat, WhatsApp and phone
  • High Security with Imunfy360, ImunifyAV+, and ModSecurity.
  • One-click WordPress installer (Install 450+ application)
  • Free website builder tools with 1000+ themes and layout
  • Get a reliable and secure cloud Linux environment
  • Easy to use and user-friendly control panel interface
  • 7+ Top tier and monitoring data center server location
  • Easy to scale and deploy your node js application as needed

This company’s basic plans start from $0.99 per month to $4.29 per month come with multiple features like lots of plugins and services this is the best choice for every website developer.

Other Node.Js Web Hosting Providers

Some of the other leading web hosting platforms that offer node.js services are as follows:


It is one of the top leaders in providing web hosting services. It supports a variety of language scripts other than node.js like python, ruby, ruby, go, .net, etc. With almost all the development tools, your required applications can be deployed. And the most important thing to notice is that AWS is offering a free tier, which makes it an excellent choice to start with.


With multiple offerings, Kamatera enables you to choose the required services, starting at $9/month. If you are residing in North America, the Middle East, or China, this can be a great choice to work with.

A2 Hosting

In addition to their famous WordPress offering, A2 is also offering node.js hosting services, which are very cost-effective. The plans start with a cheaper rate of $4 per month, and all the plans come with unlimited data storage. Another significant advantage is that they are offering a money-back guarantee, and hence, it is not a wrong option to try with.

Digital Ocean

This one is very famous among the developers due to its easier installation. With a wide range of infrastructure services, DO helps you in building any required application satisfying enterprise standards.


Most suitable for application hosting due to its developer-friendly user interface. Heroku supports a wide range of working environments and languages, in addition to node.js. Due to many features like lots of plugins and services, easier 3rd party integration, etc., this is the best choice for beginners and also for experienced developers.

Wrapping Up

The run-time environment of the Node.js hosting is more powerful, and hence, it has several benefits for Javascript developers. Even the free choices are available; however, I would recommend the premium service to host your business site.  

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