MilesWeb – Best Hosting Server For Digital Enthusiasts

Choosing the right web hosting for your business site is a hectic task! There are so many choices available, and it would be a challenging job to pick the best one.

However, by looking at the features, customer support, and pricing plans, you can choose the excellent server that will never let you down at any cost.

Let’s come to the matter!

I have recently launched my Indian based Amazon affiliate blog with the hosting server from the MilesWeb. I have read so many positive reviews about MilesWeb, and therefore I wanted to give a try.

MilesWeb – It is one of the cheap and best WordPress hosting in India which is more reliable than HostGator, Big Rock, and GoDaddy! Thus I was looking for the best Godaddy Alternative to always keep my site for the audience.   

When I was planning to start my new site, I was very sure to stay away from HostGator and GoDaddy because I had a bad experience with them. They both suck when it comes to speed and customer support.

Moreover, you can’t expect a high-level level search engine benefit from them. Thus, my preference goes to MilesWeb this time.

After using the server for a couple of months, I would like to summarize its features and share my experience with my readers through this MilesWeb review.

Let me tell you the reasons for considering getting the MilesWeb hosting for your business sites or blogs so that it would help you decide to go with this server service or not!

MilesWeb – A Brief Intro


MilesWeb was established in the year 2012, and now, it became a well-renowned service provider for dedicated bloggers and digital marketers.

The tech team has in-depth hosting knowledge and their main aim to provide a cost-effective web hosting solution for all the business owners.

Not only the hosting service, but they also offer domain name registration, web security, cloud server, and SSL certificates with unconditional 30 days money-back guarantee.

The technical team is working round the clock for extreme customer satisfaction through its reliable web hosting solutions.

Besides, MilesWeb has world-class data centers with state-of-art-infrastructure to present their best uptime for their clients.

What do you need to take your business online?

The company is offering everything from scratch like domain, server, website builder, security, and many more tools to launch your site. 

Finally, their customer stories & awards are much impressive, and these recommendations improve their trustworthiness among the users. They strictly don’t accept spam, violence, and malware and hence standing out from the hoard.

Why MilesWeb Web Hosting?

You might think why should you buy the hosting service from MilesWeb. Below are the exciting features that support my viewpoint! 


1. High Performance

To offer the service with more reliability, MilesWeb servers have the latest Intel Xenon processors with SSD storage and Raid 10 hardware. You will get sufficient storage for your site requirements.

Likewise, they offer a 99.95% uptime guarantee through their Tier-3 and Tier-4 data centers as they have recognized that the site availability is most important for the site owners.

2. Free Domain

If you are going to start a new website, then you can register your domain for Free with MilesWeb hosting. You have extensive options to choose according to Country, Global, or Generic that represents your business on the web.

On the other hand, if you a registered domain, you can switch your hosting service to MilesWeb. Managing the domains is just a piece of cake with their friendly domain manager, which has bulk update tools and a 1-click setup feature to connect your domain and hosting.

3. Fastest Hosting

To offer improved speed performance, MilesWeb servers are powered with SSD drives which are better than the spinning devices.

Besides, it has a built-in page cache to make your site load blazing fast. Yes, with the help of APC, xCache, and OpCache, they could deliver faster loading pages for your site readers.

4. Secured Environment

When your site hosted in MilesWeb, you don’t need to bother about the security concerns since they always update the PHP and MySQL version of the servers to ensure the environment is stable and secure.

In addition, this affordable hosting service back up your files, folders, and database to their cloud system, and you may get the backup and restore service by paying an extra fee.

5. Good Technical Support

When you are in trouble, they are readily available to assist you at any time. Yeah, the technical team is available 27 x 7, and hence you will be able to get help any time to fix the issues.

Just reach them through their instant live chat or quick email response to get your difficulties solved.

Through the below video, you can understand their exceptional qualities!

MilesWeb + WordPress

At the time of writing the MilesWeb review, this best India web hosting is offering the following for their WordPress users!

  • 50% OFF on all pricing plans
  • Free site migration
  • 1-year Free domain
  • WordPress installation
  • 200% fast performance SSD
  • Automatic WordPress updates
  • Free SSL security
  • The secure email account to create unlimited emails
  • Datacenter nearer to the target audience
  • 99.95% uptime
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

Not only these common features! MilesWeb provides some exciting qualities for WordPress webpreneurs too!

1. Cloudflare Railgun

Railgun technology is offered by Cloudflare to make the non-cached web pages faster. With the help of this technology, the connection between the hosting server and Cloudflare CDN will be made quickly for better performance.

2. Server Level Optimizations

To reduce the load at your server, the team is performing the tweaks like cache header setup, Gzip compression, and web server caching to boost the loading speed of your WordPress site.

3. CDN

In MilesWeb, the WordPress hosting is integrated with CDN to improve the user experience. As the data size gets decreased, your pages will be loading lightning fast. Your bandwidth cost will also get reduced.

4. SFTP Access

Instead of using FTP, MilesWeb nudges you to use the SFTP feature for the safest file transfer process. Here, you can conveniently manage the remote file system by restarting the interrupted files and get rid of the remote file as well.

5. Cloning

When you want to test the theme or plugin functionality, you want to make a copy of your site to stay safe. You can do in just a click with the Cloning feature of MilesWeb.

It is a useful feature for WordPress developers as they would like to create a complete copy of their website with all the files, folders, and databases when they are developing a website.

Along with the above exclusive WordPress features of MilesWeb, you will also get dedicated support from the expert tech team. They are readily available to fix your issues and suggest the best practices for your site to perform well.

Get Digital Ocean Server Through MilesWeb

In my unbiased MilesWeb review, I would like to have a word about the Digital Ocean server from MilesWeb. 

Do you know about the DO droplet? It is one of the best cloud server hosting services, however, you need to be a technical guy to set up the droplet in digital ocean hosting and manage other stuff. 

To be honest, Digital Ocean is not for the non-tech savvy persons and hence you have to get it through the other hosting services. 

Like Cloudways, MilesWeb is also offering the DO server plans with 25% OFF. Moreover, the team of experts can migrate your site for Free to the Digital Ocean without any downtime. 

As you don’t need to handle any technicalities like configuration and management of the cloud server, you can focus more on your business growth. They will also take care of the server monitoring to keep the intruders at bay. 

What I Mostly Like In MilesWeb Hosting?

  • When I got signed up, they have acted immediately with the login details for the account setup.
  • I preferred the data center from India, and I have got it.
  • They have done the free migration with care, and I didn’t experience any downtime stress.
  • I got access to a free malware scan for my site protection.
  • SSD storage servers for faster performance which is indeed needed for the authority bloggers.
  • Responsive chat support when I require to solve my technical glitches.
  • Reasonable pricing plans.
  • Digital ocean managed plan. Managed servers are available worldwide. 

What Are Their Limitations?

We need to pay a fee for the backup. This is the only downside I can see in the MilesWeb hosting. If they could offer the backup for free, then it would be really helpful for the budding digital entrepreneurs.

Pricing Plans

MilesWeb provides different types of hosting like 

  • Cheap shared hosting
  • Unlimited hosting
  • AWS cloud hosting
  • Windows hosting
  • Cloud server hosting services
  • Cloud VPS hosting
  • Dedicated servers
  • Server management
  • Digital Ocean cloud hosting
  • Managed WordPress hosting

And it provides much more server services along with the domain registration and email services. It is a good choice for hosting resellers as well. 

As I’m using their WordPress hosting, let me tell you its three different pricing plans which are more reasonable.

  • Ace
  • Heart
  • Diamond

The Ace plan is for startups, and hence, you may go with the Heart or Diamond plan where you will get the domain for Free. In addition, you will enjoy unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and email accounts with these pricing plans. 

Just get started with MilesWeb; you have 30 days’ time to test their server performance. If you do not get satisfied, you may go with the refund request to get your money back. 

MilesWeb Vs. Competitors

Just look at the below image with comparison data. You will come to know that the MilesWeb offers excellent features than its opponents.


When it comes to Free domain, SSD servers, Site builder, instant chat response, free malware scan and removal, and Cloudflare CDN integration, MilesWeb is superior to its competitors.


The hosting server is the backbone of the website – it is a proverb for digital enthusiasts, and yes, it is true.

You have to be very attentive while buying the hosting plan for your business website. Site availability, fast performance, high-security, and responsive customer support are the essential factors to be considered while getting the server service.

Through my unbiased MilesWeb review, I would like to recommend their service to anyone who would like to have a strong online presence by establishing brand awareness for their business.

MilesWeb is an ideal choice for avid bloggers as well. They could perform well on search engines with their fastest loading website which is available all the time.

Just give MilesWeb a try, I’m sure you will like their incredible hosting service at an affordable cost. You may go with their monthly plan as well. 

Now you tell! Would you like to get their hosting service for your business site? Which pricing plan would you like to go with? Share your views in the comment section!

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    Nice to come across this review. As I’m planning to move my hosting to a new one. Milesweb sounds good. Really a helpful article. I have a doubt. As I didn’t go through these guys’ websites before and never done with the sign up yet. Is this miles web only provides WordPress hosting. Did you get an idea concerning the same?

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