9 Startup Ideas For Students To Run Business On The Internet

Through this post, I would like to discuss some of the best startup internet business ideas for students to earn from home at the spare time. 

So, if you are a student who looks for the financial freedom and to support your family, then this post is for you! 

As a student, when you close your eyes and envision yourself running a business of your own, often times it turns out to be a scene from the corporate world.

A simple word picture of this could be something that involves four walls, preferably white in color and some boxes that have a lot of valuable goods that are yet to be unpacked.

However, you should not always narrow your scope of vision to such clichés and instead, strive to have a better vantage point of starting a business.

One of the best ways in which you can bring a business into actualization despite the busy schedule of your school work is using the resources you have at your disposal.

The main resource that has been the victim of massive misuse is the internet and you can use this platform differently, and to be of much benefit to you.

Starting an online business is by many standards one of the most lucrative gold mines that most students have not discovered, as the capital required to start and run it is on the lower side of things, compared to the remarkable output it will fetch you.

By focusing on your strong suits, you will effortlessly build a great client roster that will enable you to hit the ground running as you start your online business.

Top Startup Business Ideas For Students To Earn Online

Below are some of the best ideas that you can exploit as a student to help you create your own business empire online!

Startup internet business ideas for students

1. SEO Consultant

Could you be having knowledge on search engines or skilled in platforms such as Google Analytics? Then working as an SEO consultant is one of the excellent startup internet business ideas for students. 

The management of most small companies does not normally realize the power that lies in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the exceptional growth it could bring to their businesses.

You could take advantage of this and impart the knowledge of SEO’s capability to transform their websites. After they have seen the sense behind what you are revealing to them, you could then now use your skills to acquire a job as an SEO consultant.

Your work will be simply to guide them in the online world on how to use and read analytics data and also the proper use of structure content and keywords to drive more traffic to their websites.

2. Virtual Consignment Store

There are many enthusiasts for thrift stores as well as bargain hunters who make profits by reselling vintage clothing. You could use this to set up a business by branding yourself as an owner of a virtual storefront.

You could put up a website that is independent, to act like the earlier alluded virtual storefront and then incorporate the use of services that are managed such as Google Checkout in order for your transactions to be handled appropriately.

All you have to do after this is to use high-resolution images for the products you are offering. This will ensure that you have stood out in the sea of users on the internet that are working to make sales from used items.

3. Web Design

There are very few things that are more repelling than a website that has been poorly designed and most times, it works against the business’ credibility. You could launch an online business that enables you to create, design and develop easy to use websites for businesses.

You should ensure that you’ve done vigorous marketing of your skills online in order for business managers and owners to be convinced that your services are what they require to take their presence online to advanced levels.

Develop a great portfolio and follow this with an awesome website that can show your portfolio off while at the same time attract a great and steady flow of clients.

4. Social Media Consultant

Business owners can often time become too overwhelmed with their busy schedules to effectively their social media accounts or implement already developed social media strategies. You can start an online business of being a social media enthusiast and help out such businesses out.

Being a consultant will enable you to assist them in determining ideal tactics to implement for their social media accounts, as well as posting content on their behalf to their audience.

The more their followers grow as a result of your efforts, the more your business will also grow in return.

5. Resume And Cover Letter Writing

A cover letter or resume that stands out could be what makes the difference when it comes to job applications. As much as this is true, you’ll be surprised to find a good number of people who do not have the technical know-how of dealing with such a task.

You could create an online business out of this by finding work through assisting others in getting hired by aiding them to come up with stellar resumes and cover letters.

Ensure that you have taken advantage of the rise in importance of branding bandwagons in various social media platforms.

In addition to this, you could make also make your business have the added advantage of offering to tailor great LinkedIn profiles.

6. Professional Freelancer

You can easily forge a successful online business as a freelancer, especially with the increase in companies that are looking for help from contract workers to help in filling their skill niches. Depending on the skills that you possess, you can work on a variety of companies in different fields that you are skilled in.

This will help you to exercise flexibility as well as breaking the monotony in your freelance business. As a student, there are many areas that you can thrive in the freelancing world.

Content creation, academic writing services such as writing essays topics for middle school, and tech services are just but a few of the contracts that you can easily take up and accomplish.

7. Remote Technical Support

There is a vast array of small businesses that do not have enough budget space to accommodate the hiring of full-time employees in the IT sector.

This means that during the times that their systems have crashed, their operations come to a standstill for long periods of time.

You can form an online business from such situations if you have some working experience with networks and computers. All you have to do is sell yourself as a qualified and affordable technical assistant thus eliminating their extended periods of being drugged in the mud of system breakdowns.

8. Business Coaching

For those students that have a good knowledge base and experience in businesses, you could come up with an online business that aids entrepreneurs to find success.

The business skills that are up your sleeve could be put to great use when assisting new businesses to start off superbly and for the experienced entrepreneurs, help them in maintaining great standards.

Such an online business is bound to have volumes of success and it can be brought to life by starting a website that advertises your services, as well as writing business articles on various platforms such as LinkedIn.

9. Specialized Retailer

We live in an era where everything always has an audience, be it making furniture for a dollhouse or the creation of dog food that is organic.

This can inspire you into forming an online business of specialized e-commerce stores that can serve customers who could be searching for particular products from you.

What you might require in order to kick-start such a business is an e-commerce software with shopping cart properties and has been incorporated into web-hosting services of your choice.

With this having been put in place, you can collaborate with various vendors to assist in shipping the ordered products to the customers for you, thus ensuring that you do not require to have much inventory.


This modern age and time is one that has been heavily laced with digitalization, making most if not all phases of people’s lives become dependent on the Internet. Among the aspects that have been encroached on by the internet include the business world.

Most types of activities whether small or large require various digital processes to assist them in reaching their targets of profit making as well as being prosperous in their own unique ways.

The tips above are some of the sectors that will aid you in exploiting the areas in the online business world that are suitable for a student to flesh out maximum returns from.

Are these web business startup ideas are helpful? Do you have any other better suggestions for the students to make money online? Share your thoughts in the comment section. 

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