Best Online Earning Opportunities for Students

The internet has proved as a boon for the humans specifically for the students. Yes, it not only offers the ample openings to advance their academic skills but also provides some best online jobs without investment from home for students to fulfill their monetary requirements.

Are you a college student who wish to get a regular part-time job online? Finding even some free hours from your tight syllabus may be hard. However, if you’ve got some extra skills apart from your daily routine and free hours from your strict studying schedule, you can utilize your ability and spare time to help others and earn money online from home.

Yes, the internet is the best place to work at your convenient timing as it is harder to look for a part-time job near your home/college or the place where you stay. You definitely can’t balance the work and the study when you go out of the home for work. If you have a desktop/Laptop and an internet connection, you can do some home-based part time jobs on the web.

I have already discussed some appropriate online jobs for the high-school and college going buddies and let me reveal few more best online work for students through this post.

Genuine Online Work for students

Check the best five authentic ways to earn money for students that would need dedication and endurance! 



Blogging is one of the best online jobs without investment from home for students. I have been blogging since 2010, and thus, I would say it is an art of earning money. Most of my blogging friends are college students, and they make a real income from their blog.

It is a modern way of expressing yourself, your abilities and teaching others what you are an expert on. However, if you want to earn money by blogging, you should have patience and keep learning the new things at all the times.

Yes! Blogging usually doesn’t give instant results, and you need to learn the SEO (search engine optimization), link building and reach the audience through keyword research to perform well on the web. There exist several blog monetization methods, and you can make money in dollars if you are passionate about it.

Many pro-bloggers are earning their livelihood from blogging itself, and even I’m making a comfortable life through my blogging & writing skill. If you need any help in learning the basic stuff of blogging, you may reach me via email n[email protected]

If you are not aware of blogging, then I strongly recommend you to read this complete guide to blogging by Harsh Agrawal.  

If you already have some knowledge how to blog, just progress your writing and marketing skills and learn to get the paid blogging jobs

You may also visit the following links to find out the blogging related jobs

FlexJobs Blogging Jobs 

Problogger Job Board 

Digital Marketing & Social Media Jobs

Digital Marketing is one of the changeling and good paying online jobs for college students. A digital marketer is responsible for the marketing strategy of the companies’ product/service by using the digital techniques like social media, email marketing, web analytics & reporting, search marketing, PPC specialist and so on.

Agencies and Businesses want to optimize the interaction with their audience through the digital channels to achieve the significant results. They believe that this current marketing strategy is not optional anymore, and thus the demand for digital marketing jobs like customer relationship, mobile and content marketing has grown a lot.

However, this skill is not so common and need some practice to understand the people. You may learn

Most of the training institute offers placement, and you can also find the digital marketing part-time jobs through the traditional job sites like Naukri, TimesJob, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor. Just Google “Digital Marketing Jobs For Freshers” and you would get a hell lot of digital jobs online.

If you want to get specifically into the social media career, then you may have a look at the post where I discussed some social media online jobs.

Earning from these internet jobs can pay you four figures but it needs patience and practice, and also if you become a memorable brand then you can surely rock in the market.

Virtual Assistant 

Virtual assistance jobs are the best online jobs without investment from home for students as you could provide the required services for the companies at a flexible schedule. It is an excellent work-home-opportunity where you make a decent income with your skills.

Doing internet research, data entry, sending emails, scheduling appointments, writing, editing & proof-reading, blog management, creating images and power-point presentations are some of the virtual assistant jobs online.

Many Businesses and even individuals need help to manage their work and hence hiring the people globally who work remotely from their home office. You task would be to support the entrepreneurs or small business owners to get their job done and help them to succeed.

First, you should analyze what kind of assistance that you could offer for the organizations and then search for the suitable virtual assistance jobs. You may also set up your own virtual assistance business, get clients through your website and fix the charge for your services.

As you are a beginner, you can find out the suitable virtual assistant jobs for college students in the freelancing websites like Guru. Once you have gained experience in this work at home job and got your graduation, you can make money online through the following legit websites that offer virtual assistant jobs.  

Fancy Hands





A transcriptionist is a person who converts the audio files or live sessions into a written/typed document. Transcription jobs from home can be a good online earning for students who want to get income in their free time.

If you have an excellent or good typing speed and listening skills, you can make a good amount of money by typing out what you hear/watch. Home-based transcription jobs may be of General, Audio, Video, Medical or Legal category. 

You may require hearing the verbal witness recording or watching the videos and prepare a report, document or enter the information in the system. You may also need identifying mistakes to ensure accurate justice.

Make sure to have a computer with high-speed internet connection and great quality headphone. Try to search out some entry level transcription jobs where you need to pass the simple transcription tests and don’t feel hard with the less payout. 

Once you have earned good experience in transcription jobs from home, you earning potential would increase and can get high-paying jobs. Check some websites that offers real transcription jobs!

Get Transcribed

Transcribe Me

Tiger Fish

Transcribe Team

Website Designing

Every business needs a strong web presence to make huge conversions/sales. They show a keen interest in hiring the talented web designer to create the stunning website and sell their product/service. Thus, the web designing jobs are emerging with the huge payouts. 

Web design is all about creativity! You need to be a computer savvy and familiar with the scripting languages like HMTL5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript. Having a sound knowledge of on Adobe Photoshop would be an added advantage. Also, you must be aware of the latest web standards, device compatibility, and standard validation methods to stay ambitious in this field. 

Nowadays there are many Content Management System (CMS) available to build eye-catching sites for personal or commercial use. If you less coding or programming skills then you can opt for those CMS like WordPress (I have used WordPress to built my blog), Drupal, Dolphin where you can do just ‘Drag-and-Drop’ to make websites within few hours.

There are many companies and individuals looking for web developers, startups don’t prefer to hire big giants, they prefer web design freelancers as they fit their budget, so you can grab those clients and make much money out of Web designing. 

You may get this helpful web design guide for the beginners to become a professional web designer. 

Build your portfolio and hunt for the web design jobs on the following websites!


Smashing Magazine

Authentic Jobs

If you are in India, you may look for the web design jobs for students in the famous job search engines like, Shine, or and earn as a web designer.


With the advancement of web techniques, Online Money Making is no longer a rocket science and yes the internet has become a hub of earning cash at home. It is a pleasant thing for the students as you could earn some dough on the web by doing part time online jobs and reduce dependency on their parents to pay your bills and buy gadgets for academic purpose.

However, there are many websites which are fake, and they won’t pay you out a single penny for the work you did. While searching the online jobs without investment from home for students, beware of fraudulent websites that would try to cheat you with false promises.

I hope that I have revealed the answer to the question “How to earn money as a student” by listing some best online earning websites for students to make income at their spare time. However, I cannot in any way assure the success of getting remuneration as it totally depends on your ability, time spent and the place you join to earn money as a student. 

So, do you have any other better earning idea? What is your viewpoint on these online part time jobs for students mentioned in this post? Do you agree that the online work for students helps them to solve their financial constraints to some extent? Leave your valuable thoughts in the comments section. 

29 thoughts on “Best Online Earning Opportunities for Students”

  1. Hi mam,

    As you said blogging needs lots of patience, blogging along with web development is a best way for more earning opportunity, it helps to promote our web development work through blogging. We use the same technique, we are able to get more attention for our wordpress plugins and themes with blogging.

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Hi Shrinivas,

      Good to see you again here, thanks for getting time to read my post.

      Yup! Blogging is an amazing tool with which we can showcase our skills and make money with it.

      Great that you are undertaking the web development tasks along with blogging. I hope that you are making a steady income with it.

      Keep doing your wonderful job, keep visiting.

  2. Hi Nirmala didi,

    Currently i am studying in B.SC. Recently i have started blog for making money. I have not much knowledge about web designing but i learned all things from .


    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Hi Vikas,

      Good to know that you are a budding blogger who pursues under graduation.

      Keep learning the things and make huge income on the web.

      Thanks for your visit and sharing your experience, keep coming.

  3. Hi,

    Virtual Assistance is something which is new for me and I think most of other people also.

    I think this is a great way to get thinks done and save a lot of time, which can be utilized for some other productive work.

    Also, a lot of students can get this kind of jobs during their vacations and learn a lot of new things while working. At the same time, they will earn money also.


    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Yes! of course Sourabh!

      Many companies, internet marketers, and bloggers need virtual assistants to get the job done on a quick basis.

      The students can utilize this way of earning and progress their skills.

      Thanks for leaving your viewpoints. Have a good day, every day!

  4. SEO copywriters

    Hello Sir,
    thank you for sharing these important info with us about online earning money tips through blogging.
    i am also student and i am follow your ideas.

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      You are most welcome!

      Cheers that you follow my ideas to make money online, keep showing your presence to grab the useful matters and earn some real dough on the web.

  5. Blogging is the right choice for the students which they can earn from home but they need to spend a time.As a student they will have good times which they can utilize on blogging might they become Blogging Guru while they complete there course.. Nice sharing Nirmala

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Thanks for adding value to the post, Shameem.

      I agree with your viewpoints that the students could make money by blogging by spending quality time.

      Keep supporting me through your comment, have a great week ahead.

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Thanks for reading my post about online earning, Ravi.

      Yes, it is good to make money from the web at our spare time.

      Keep visiting, have a great day!

  6. Just went through the article & I appreciate the efforts you put in to write such good content.

    Most of the times, on the internet, authors write some crap stuff related to online earning. However, you mentioned everything genuine that does really work and legal to do.

    Students should make a habit of hustling so that they can do something in the LIFE. It’s better to optimize the free time for better future, right?

    Guys, Blogging is a super excellent opportunity for all of you as mentioned in the article. Moreover, you’ll get to share your thoughts with the world. However, it needs real time & dedication if you want to grow & make money out of it.

    Utilize freelancing platforms like Fiverr where you can make some money by helping someone with your skills.

    Anyway, a great post because the stuff mentioned in the article is really genuine and working. Keep the great work up!

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Hi Deepak,

      I’m really glad about your kind appreciation, thanks!

      I never craft the blog posts with useless matters as I familiar that it would ruin the health of my blog and never let me stand out. To win readers’ heart, it would be better to offer something unique and helpful.

      Thanks for adding value to my post by talking about blogging. Yes, it is one of the best part-time jobs for students to earn at their spare time.

      Yup, Fiverr is an awesome place to sell our services.

      It is really great that you liked the post, stay tuned to leave your viewpoint for my upcoming piece of content.

  7. Omg these things are super cool to try on .I really appreciate your writing as it will definitely helpful for newbies

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Thank you Deepak for checking the details of money making methods for students.

      Cheers that you are gonna try the online earning strategies listed in this post, keep visiting.

  8. Dear Nirmal,

    Really you went deep into the way of earning. I have a medium knowledge of blogging and I thought this would be a normal article like others which shows some common online earning methods, but I was wrong. I read your article and I got to know so many things, but I do have a question. I am a blogger from past 2-3 years and next year I will be starting my high school, so I had started all this from quite a younger age. But, from last year I have been blogging for tech nice on other blogs where its pay per post.

    I wanted to know that there are freelancing sites which pay you for your articles, but on sites you go and talk with the admin regarding your work and he keeps you as author and then your get pay per post and I want to know is there any danger in working like this? Though the site is pretty popular and it has decent amount of viewers and the earning of the admin is also pretty good, but working like this on other site, can it put you in danger, as you dont know him/her personally, only virtually we came to know each other, so can some problem anytime rise in the future?

    I am sure there are many bloggers who have worked and are working like this so I pelase I need a answer to this that what will be better and is it safe working for sites rather than bidding on freelancing sites? Please cover the answer properly and no words your post was amazing!


    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Hello Saurabh,

      I would like to share the legit online money earning ways through my blog posts, thus, it would help the ones who want to meet the monetary benefit through the internet.

      Great to know that you have enjoyed reading the post.

      Keep coming to grab more details about web earning ways.

  9. you are absolutely right it will surely help many students i too started my journey earning online and it helped me you are doing a good job keep up the good work


    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Hi Anubhav,

      Thanks for finding time to read my post and kind praising words as well.

      Are you a student? How have you started making income on the web?

      Share you earning experience, so that it would help the newbies to earn money through internet jobs.

  10. Vishnu Sahasranamam

    Great Post. Just the information I was looking for. I just started my blog and I will be following your advice. Thank you !

  11. wow superb. This is very useful information. Thanks for posting this information with us. I really interested with your article. awesome blog

  12. Thank you, Madam, for sharing this. Online earning is my dream for many years. Recently I have started a blog and working hard to make it a success. I hope I will achieve it soon.

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