Evergreen Blog Posts Vs Trending Blog Posts

If you are a novice blogger, then you might have always wondered what is “Evergreen blog posts” and “Trending blog posts”. Let us understand in detail what the role of these two types of content is.

When writing a blog post, you can choose to write about trending topics or evergreen topics. Trending topics are the timely content that is well-liked currently. And evergreen topics are those which are popular now and will continue to be relevant even after many months or years.

Your content marketing strategy might employ both types of content. If you are a content writer or blogger, it is important for you to understand the fundamental difference between these two types of content.

So, let’s discuss Evergreen blog posts Vs Trending blog posts through this piece of content!

Difference Between Evergreen Content & Trending Content

Evergreen content will bring steady traffic to your blog or website. It will be relevant for a long time after it is originally published.

On the other hand, Timely content or trending topics will drive massive traffic to your blog only for a short period.


Once the content gets out of date, your blog traffic might get reduced like crazy.

Both types of content have benefits. But there are many cons if you consistently focus on only one type of content.

Evergreen  Blog Posts

Evergreen plants have their leaves throughout the year. They are always green.

Likewise, in blogging, evergreen posts are those whose demand will always be there, always. Readers will never find these posts outdated or uninteresting.

Consider this post topic, “How to start a Blog?” – This is an example of an evergreen post because the newbie will always want to know on how to build and start their blogs.

Evergreen content will always be relevant for your loyal readers, and it has an extended shelf life (it does not have any expiry date). Many bloggers fail to think of long-term traffic and publish short articles on trending topics.

Evergreen content has the potential to bring consistent organic traffic to your blog via search engines.

It is critical for one to keep updating evergreen posts (also known as pillar posts).

For Example:

If you are writing about “5 best SEO practices” you might have to update your post later in the future as search engine algorithms keep changing with time.

Here are some tips to make sure your readers discover your evergreen posts –

1. Optimize your posts for search engines.

2. Remove the dates from the pillar articles. It will ensure that your readers don’t skip reading the article if they found it was written years ago.

3. List/Link the evergreen posts in the sidebar of your blog.

4. Periodically send old posts to your e-mail subscribers.

5. Promote the content on social media channels and Q & A websites.

6. Link to your evergreen posts internally.

7. Make changes to the posts to keep them updated and relevant.

8. Repurpose evergreen content and publish them through other channels like Slideshare, YouTube, etc.

Identify evergreen posts from your blog and execute the above eight strategies to keep them attractive.

Pillar blog posts must at least be of 800+ words. It may consume a lot of time to make such an informative and well-researched post, but the returns will be fruitful.

Such epic and all-time popular content help your blog earn natural backlinks over time.

Trending Blog Posts

Writing too many pillar posts can keep your blog away from massive traffic. If you want to see spikes in your traffic, consider writing posts on trending topics.

Your content marketing strategy must have a plan for trending topics and breaking news too.

If you are writing on trending topics and sharing your posts on social media, you are opening doors to massive traffic.

Because sharing updates on social media about trending topics or hashtags gives your blog additional traffic without any paid advertising.

Timely content can bring lots of traffic to your blog from search engines too.

Remember when Google decided to rank mobile-friendly sites higher on the search engines from April 21, 2015? All the posts that talked about Mobilegeddon gained so much attention in the blogosphere.

To get benefits from such posts, you will need to write and publish the content quickly. There is no point writing content once the trends get outdated.

The best way to get the attention of your readers quickly is by writing timely content. If you have your blog monetized, then writing on trending topics can help you earn big money.

If you want yourself to be seen as an authority in your niche, it is important for you to know what the recent trends of your industry are.

You might be wondering… How to find out what is trending?

You can use Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Google Trends, Google News, Reddit, Yahoo, and Buzzfeed, etc. for finding what most people are talking about.

You may also write the honest reviews of the trending products or services that you use and mention their deals and special discounts to get tons of traffic. 

Yes, have a look at the nice Funnel scripts Review by Marius and he has specified the Free Webinar, Free Training and Special Bonus offer are available for the product to grab a huge eye-balls and make them to take action.  

One of the most important things to remember while wringing on a trending topic is, include relevant keywords. Or else your posts won’t gain much traffic from the search engines.

If you choose to publish consistently timely articles to your blog or website, it can bring you steady traffic.

Finding Perfect Balance Between Evergreen Blog Posts & Trending Blog Posts

Your content marketing strategy should have a mixture of both trendy and timeless content. It would guarantee than you are welcoming short-term as well as long-term traffic.

One must also find out what their readers actually expect from them. You can easily find out what works best for your blog by analyzing the social shares and comments at your blog posts.

If your trending posts receive more engagement than evergreen posts, then you must focus more on timely content and vice versa.

You also must realize your industry needs. If you are running a news or gossip magazine, then you cannot ignore writing on the trending news. Similarly, if you have a blog in the blogging niche, you must post evergreen articles more often.

A perfect balance of both the content types can be considered as a smart strategy.

Now, let me know which content type works best for you? Do you write more about trending blog posts or evergreen blog posts? Let me know in the comments below.

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