Why You’re Not Getting Loyal Readers To Your Blog Posts?

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I am excited to share with you this post as this is my 100th post of MMF. I had found this blog on 17th Jan 2013 with tremendous support from my mentor, favorite blogger Atish Ranjan. He still inspires me to surpass my limits and overcome my apprehensions, thus enriching by blogging. 

Posting 100 posts in a year and a half is not a big achievement, but being a part-time blogger, I consider this as a great motivation and thus an enormous success.

I would say that the reason behind this success is my readers and their responses through comments. So in today’s post, I have decided to share my strategies on how to get loyal readers to our blogs.


100th post of MMF

Recently one of the newbie bloggers asked me to provide some SEO tips, and I replied back to him with some useful tips. Not only me, but many bloggers have also been posted on the same question, and they have replied back with the tricks for SEO.

A couple of days after this incident, a blogger pinged me and asked ‘”You’ve been often interviewed by newbie bloggers these days”, and I said ‘Yes’ with a smile.

He replied “All bloggers have told some techniques, but none of them has disclosed the core thing.” Then I requested him to reveal that essential blogging stuff, and he replied “relation with readers and other bloggers.”

I agreed with this thought of him as those words were true.

Why A Blog Needs Loyal Readers?

If you want to be a successful blogger and earn money from your blog, getting loyal readers is more important as they are the ones who pay attention for your every blog post. They come back regularly to read, comment & share your blog posts, and they would be ready to buy your product/service.

“The Key success factor to blogging depends on a fan base of loyal readers”

They become an integral part of your blog’s growth & success and hence it is essential to increase your reader’s loyalty.

Why Are You Not Getting Dedicated Blog Readers? 

Some bloggers have good traffic but do not get more subscribers while some others have subscribers, but they don’t comment or share the blog posts. So it would be good to convert the casual visitors into loyal readers to make your blog posts that go viral.

Why your blog posts are unable to get loyal readers? Probably the following might be the reasons for it. Do check them and correct your faults to get more traffic to your blog. 


Loyal Blog Readers

                                                    Image Credit: Freedigitalphotos.net

Helpful & Entertaining Content Are Missing

Creating quality content for a blog is a common blogging advice, and it begins with finding fantastic post topics. By reading on great blogs, you’ll learn stylistic trends, storytelling ways, adding a personal touch, etc. to try out in your writing to discover your engaging voice.

Understand the need for your visitors through analytics and create valuable materials for them. If you do so, then you’ll quickly establish your online reputation that would make your readers loyal to your blog.

It is not appropriate that you should restrict yourself to only technical stuff when you own a tech blog. Think creatively and add some entertainment factors like online games & websites, latest tech accessories for kids, amusing gadgets and so on to mark your blog with entertaining content.

Audience Are Not Targeted

Apart from creating quality content, you should understand for whom are you writing. Yes, if you don’t have a perfect idea on whom you are blogging for, then you won’t be able to get loyal readers to your blog. I hope my guest post on “How to find your target audience in blogging” would help you in this matter.

Students and bloggers are my targeted audience and hence I do keyword research to contribute beneficial blog posts for them. It is essential writing in the accurate tone to address your target audience and understand their specifics like where do they live? How educated are they? What is their requirement? etc.

Readability Is Not Good

If your readers can’t read or grasp your blog content quickly, then how is it possible to convert them into loyal readers? It is quite difficult, isn’t it? Writing content that is scannable is more important to make your blog a user-friendly one and it would be better to avoid too many advertisements/popups as it would distract your readers’ concentration.

Having readable content will not only keep your dedicated visitors glued to you but will also lead to low bounce rate and increase blog traffic. You can check your blog’s readability with read-able.com

Choose font size wisely and use the good contrast between background and text. Don’t use any noisy background images and break up the long paragraphs. Adding subheadings to give your readers’ eyes a break and bolding some of your keywords would help them to get the information they’re searching for.

Simply, I‘d say that if you know how to describe your field of expertise to your readers, then it is likely you will have a long-term blogger-reader relationship with them.

Blog Takes More Time To Load

If your blog readers are quite impatient with increasing blog loading time, they might move on to another blog instead. So you should remember that every second you shave off your blogs’ loading time would tend to boost your reader’s confidence and thus they’ll be loyal to your blog.

Slow loading blog not only frustrate and deter your readers, but it would also distress the search engine to a greater extent.

Hence, I use JPEG Optimizer to compress my images and avoid displaying flash on my blog. Moreover, I don’t have too many ads/badges on my blog and expending Broker link checker plugin to find & remove the broken links.

Also, I use a cache plugin and clearing the clutter like spam & meaningless comments, post revisions, etc. These actions help my blog to load fast.

Usage Of Low-Quality Or Irrelevant Images

Using high-quality images that are relevant to your blog post can provide a great deal of information to your readers, enhance their experience and finally they would turn loyal to your blog.

If your readers have short attention span, then they might not read your entire blog post and will be looking only for vital data. So it would be good to break up the blog posts by including attractive pictures to make them return to your blog again & again.

I take the appropriate images from Freedigitalphotos.net or Flickr.com and edit them using Pixlr to get precise match to my content.

Picture placement & size that fits to your blog design are also important since content with relevant images have been found to have had higher engagement with your blog readers.

Consistency Has Not Sustained

To get loyal readers, you need to be a consistent blogger by updating your blog with a fresh innovative content. If you do so, you’ll become a reliable person in front of your audience and they would show keen interest to recognize your regularity.

With your steadfast quality, they would easily turn as loyal blog reader to your content; otherwise they’ll get annoyed and find another blog to read. Consistency in blogging doesn’t mean that you need to blog daily, but it is of following a regular schedule of your choice.

Being a part-time blogger, I am able to publish only 2 posts per week, but I’ve started to keep-up this consistency by succeeding an easy-to-follow schedule. Also, I’d apply passion and self-discipline quality to become consistent in my writing and it helps to gain credibility among the readers.

Having some post ideas in draft, accepting guest post, interviewing experts, rounding up the top posts, constructive list posts are some of the upright ideas to maintain a good symmetry in blogging.

Doing Poor Social Promotion

You might ask me what is the relation between social promotion and loyal blog readers? To answer your question I must say ‘Yes’, both are correlated! Utilizing social media marketing to promote your blog would display your hard work among the readers and help you to gain good reputation.

Ultimately, it increases the count of eyes on your blog posts, build trust and thus devoted readers would get attracted to your blog. If you get more social signals for your content, then it would fascinate your readers to get significant details from it and hence they would stay longer on your blog.

Add your social profiles & striking sharing widgets to your blog and follow your commenters & subscribers on famous social networks. Thank them for providing their social cues and gather feedback to improve your blog.

These undertakings would help you to build a good relationship with your readers and thus they never hesitate to show their loyalty to every post of yours.

Covering Multiple Topics In One Blog Post

You should understand the difference between in-depth posts and lengthy articles. Some bloggers thought that the lengthy blog post would help them to get more readers and hence they try to cover so much of information under one blog post.

As a result, the post would become very longer and seems to be pretentious which makes it difficult for the reader to read. Likewise, lengthier blog posts are easily forgotten and tougher to embrace the readers. Then, how will you get loyal readers to your blog? Definitely, it turns off readers of your blog.

Habitually, I used to select a key topic to write and break the blog post with proper sub-titles, introduction and conclusion. I do write the familiar topics with essential information (approx. with 1200 words) and wouldn’t confuse my readers by comprising with many main matters.

So, instead of covering multiple topics under one blog and making it long, it would be better to write comprehensive blog posts to get loyal readers.


Gaining loyal audience for your blog posts will take time. But it is indispensable to follow some executable assistances like having valuable information, maintaining consistency, ensuring scanned content, targeting your audience, doing social promotion, using exceptional images and creating simple content on single topic. These are some great reasons which would provoke your readers to come back to your blog repeatedly.

If you’re having trouble in growing your loyal reader base, I hope my guidance would resolve your difficulties in getting regular readers. Stay focused and just follow my above listed strategies to get loyal readers to your blog posts.

What is your opinion on receiving dedicated visitors to your blog? Do you have any other tactic to acquire trustworthy readers for your content?

How can you build a strong following to your blog posts? Feel free to discuss your thoughts on how to get loyal readers to our blogs. 

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