How To Share Content On Social Media?

Are you an online publisher? Do you have a good content sharing strategy? If yes, give yourself a pat on your back!

If no, there is no point in creating compelling content.

I know that you have to come with unique ideas, draft the concepts to create content, add visuals, edit to perfection before publishing and do promotion.

When comes to promotion, you cannot ignore social media to churn out the created content as it a proven place to get a massive audience.

You might be unaware of some helpful ways on how to effectively share content on social media sites. So I came here to reveal few of my strategies that would help your materials to get maximum exposure on social networks.

But before checking the best tactics on how to share content on social media, let me tell some essential things to have in mind.

  • You should share the content according to the interest and passion of your social followers.
  • It would be good to distribute your materials in a consistent manner so that you’ll become a useful resource to your supporters.
  • You should not tag people who aren’t associated with your content. Because unnecessary tags would result in losing your social media friends.
  • It would be good to spread other’s content too.
  • Consider sharing your updates on social bookmarking sites like BizSugar, Blokube & Kingged as well. 

6 Excellent Tactics To Spread Content On Social Networks

Sharing your updates on social networks is an art. We have to build the social media communities to drive traffic to our web pages. Here are the best 6 tactics to share content on social media to broaden its reach.


1. Find The Best Time To Share

If you wish to receive more shares from your social followers and increase web traffic, then you should start sharing your content when they are present. Every social network has a different kind of users, and their activities may vary from time to time. To gain maximum exposure, you should find out the best time to share your updates.

You may use the following tools to uncover the optimal times in social media to post your updates.

Tweriod for Twitter

Facebook Insights for FaceBook

Timing+  for Google Plus

TailWind for Pinterest

Buffer and HootSuite for all social networks.

2. Create A Sharing Schedule

Once you have found out the best time to share content on social media, you need to set up an easy-to-share schedule to follow. A good social sharing calendar would let you do a well-organized content marketing and help you to keep your time on social media sites to a minimum.

Just follow a neat social sharing strategy like below

  • Post to Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn (you may share on relevant groups) 2 times a day.
  • Tweet five times a day.
  • Post to Pinterest and Instagram once in a day.

3. Optimize Your Content

After you prepared your social calendar to share your details, it would be good to understand how to customize your social content for each network.

To get lots of engagement, you should know how to optimize your social media posts. Each social media platform is unique and has an ideal post format that attracts huge eyeballs.

So, if you share the message of the same style on all social networks, then I would say that you’re limiting your ability in growing your audience.

Consider the dynamics of every network to increase the chance of social engagement. It would be good to use the high-quality images and relevant hashtags to your every social media post.

From various sources, Buffer Social consolidated the optimal length of social media updates and let me sum up the significant data from there!

Tweet – 71 to 100 characters

Facebook Post – 40 characters

Google Plus – 60 characters

LinkedIn – 25 words

YouTube – 3 minutes

Pinterest Image – 735px by 1102px

Hashtag – 6 Characters

4. Share New Content Multiple Times

You might puzzle with a question “Is it ok to share my fresh content more than once in social media”?

Yes, you can share your recent content multiple times on social media to generate strong reactions. But you should distribute it in a pleasing way.

To share your new content, it would be good to practice a simple social media share strategy like below!share-new-content-social-mediaThen, whenever you get time, update your content and share it again on social networks. 

5. Automatic Share

Time is a valuable asset of our life. We can save our time by scheduling the social media posts on the automation tools like Buffer and Hootsuite.

But I’ve recently started to use a remarkable tool, Social Pilot. I just want to summarize its features in a concise manner.

SocialPilot is an easy-to-use that allows sharing our content on multiple social media sites in few clicks. To schedule in advance, you have to link your social accounts (At this moment, you can link unlimited Twitter accounts, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, pages & groups), and RSS feed URL of your web page with this social media application.


This time-saving tool has a simple interface where you can easily manage your accounts from the dashboard. In the above image, you can see the precise dashboard with the options to create and manage posts.

Check the below screenshot where I’ve taken when scheduling a tweet. You will get two options to share with social media like “Share Now” & “Schedule Post” and you can plan your content to post on your preferred time zone (default – US).


You may also see in the picture that this incredible tool automatically shortens the long post URL to (default). It also supports URL shortening feature where you can track your status.

Additional Features of SocialPilot

1. Not only to create & manage posts, but SocialPilot also suggests the interesting stories to share on social networks.

2. It is available in the form of Chrome Extension and smartphone Apps (both Andriod & iOS).

3. It is possible to schedule your content to post in a bulk manner.

4. If you’re an app developer, you may efficiently promote your apps with this vibrant application.

5. I’m using the affordable pro plan of SocialPilot that costs $4.99/month, and I can extend this pro membership by seven days for each new referral.


Update On Social Pilot

You can schedule and share your posts on Pinterest with SocialPilot. So, start scheduling your pins now!

6. Focus on readers

I hope that you’ve taken some helpful tips on sharing social content and let me say a final thing!

Sharing your content on your inactive social media accounts isn’t promotion! It is a waste of time! So, stop thinking your social sharing activity as “Promotion” or “Selling.” Focus on the needs of your readers and ensure that they will be benefited with your content.

While sharing your content, don’t forget to explain its value to your social followers. It would nudge them to read your details and share your updates on their network as well.

Final Words

Creating excellent content is essential to attract more readers, but having an aggressive promotion method would let you get the higher return for your attempts.

Do you agree with my opinion?

If you share your written facts on Social Media in exact ways, then no one will stop you in getting more social mentions and enhancing your brand name with it. 

Would you like to suggest any other creative ways to share content on social media? How do you get the word out on social networks? Kindly leave your fantastic viewpoints in the comment section. 

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