Which Is The Best WordPress Reset Plugin?

If you are a developer, then you are well aware of the hard work involved in testing and debugging the module. The situation can be worst if you accidentally lose the precious data.

All the hard work is gone in vain!! How about having a brilliant plugin which can prevent the loss of data by smartly resetting the settings and re-testing the code??

Yes, WP Reset is a smart plugin which ensures there is zero loss of any critical data. The best part is it is fast, safe and easy to use. WP Reset completely provides efficient testing and debugging.

All the activities performed by you on the site is well recorded, resetting is an act to clean out all the previous records available in the database. Sometimes, it is better to begin from zero rather than working in the pointless direction. 

Need Of WP Reset Plugin?

Undoubtedly WordPress is the most preferred Content Management System because it is open source and the user interface is straightforward.

A developer can do the customization based on their preferences, and sometimes the result can be positive and other time it can be harmful. There are also chances that you need to rollback and start everything from the beginning.

WP Reset is a brilliant tool which comes extremely handy when you are developing themes, plugins or creating any WordPress site. It is a saviour which ensures you don’t want to start everything again from scratch.

WP Reset helps to reset the database without doing any strict modification in any of the files. You can get back to the default installation quickly.

It flushes out all the previous content and customization done on the theme, plugin, and even WordPress site. Hence there is no chance that you will lose any data accidentally.

Best Features Of WP Reset WordPress Plugin

WP Reset is the best choice for all the developers who are maintaining many WordPress themes and plugins.

Manually resetting all the database of WordPress is practically too time-consuming and challenging as well. The WP Recent plugin flushes out the entire data from the website so that you can have a fresh start.

1. Single Click

Using WP Reset is simple and fast if you are looking to reset the WordPress site or theme or plugin tap on the “reset”. Everything will take just a few seconds, and the database is clear.

2. Compatibility

WP is completely CLI compatible if you are a more into typing instead of clicking WP Reset works well for you. Everything is done quickly and neatly.

3. In House Support

In case of any help or query, you can instantly approach the in house team who have developed the plugin. The best part is, the support team is highly responsive and offers solution free of cost.

4. Selective Reset

WP Reset provides you with an option to selectively reset particular theme, plugin, module.

5. Snapshot Of Database

If you have created specific data or table which you need for testing, you can restore the particular snapshot.

6. Zero Manual Efforts

Once you have reset the theme or plugin, you don’t need to reactivate them manually. WP Reset efficiently configures everything as per the environment.

7. Visual Representation

You are not sure what plugin or theme causes trouble; you can find it out by single click and going through the visual database representation.

8. Vast Collection of Plugins and Themes

WP Reset enables you to create explicit plugins and themes, and you can install the same once your WordPress side is reset. Moreover, you can also create a plugin totally from scratch.

9. Supports Webhooks

All the tools can be accessed effortlessly via a 3rd party with the help of Webhooks.

10. Alter the WP Version

WP Reset allows you to downgrade and upgrade the current WordPress site in just a single click. Once the test is done, you can switch back to the previous version hassle free.

11. WordPress Network

WP Reset offers complete compatibility to the WP Network, and it can be used to reset specific tools or the entire site via network admin.

12. Nuclear Reset Option

If you are not sure about the changes made, you can hit the nuclear reset button just for individual database entries and tables.

How To Reset Using WP Reset Extension For WordPress? 

Using the WP Reset is extremely easy; just follow the below-mentioned step to get started.

Step 1: To begin tap on the plugin option and click on “Add New“.

Step 2: Now in the search bar look for the “WP Reset” and tap on the Enter key.

Step 3: You can notice that the WP Reset plugin is available as the first option. Click on the “Install Now” option.

Step 4: Once the WP Reset is installed on the system, activate it and choose the WP Reset option, it is available under the Tools menu.

Step 5: Tap on the checkboxes as per the reset requirement, once reset is done you cannot go back. There is no option to take the backup of your website, theme, and plugin once it is reset. To prevent accidental loss, WP Reset does the double confirmation.


With the help of WP Reset you can roll back your website to a new site in just a few seconds. If you are looking forward to resetting your WordPress website in a few minutes, WP Reset is the best choice. It is a hassle-free WordPress reset plugin that saves a lot of time. The best part is, it is free of cost.

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