6 YouTube Video Downloader for Android

Offline videos can come in handy in various situations especially where you get ‘no data left’ message or *No network* symbol. In such a scenario, you realize the importance of downloading in the streaming-world.

Moreover, the fact that YouTube is doubling down on ads makes downloaded videos a better choice.

In short, downloading videos, especially from ad-monetized platforms such as YouTube, is better and easier. Now, of course, you can download YouTube videos as “YouTube offline”, but it has two significant drawbacks:

  1. They are non-shareable.
  2. Not every video can be downloaded.

Therefore, one has to look for an alternative. And to save that precious time here are six choices to download the YouTube video offline.

Best Video Downloading Apps For Android 


1. Videoder

Videoder is arguably the most popular and highly-recommended app to download YouTube videos. Its minimalistic user interface, despite a few ads here and there, makes it for one of the better & free downloaders.

Plus, one can download multiple videos at up to 4k resolution simultaneously. So, without a doubt, it’s a perfect app to download shareable YouTube or other social media videos. You can also get the latest version of Videoder APK for Android. 

Top Features

  • Effortless YouTube videos downloading and YouTube Playlists creation.
  • Facebook videos, Instagram photos & videos.
  • Option to download multiple videos simultaneously.
  • Convert YouTube videos into audio file preferably (Mp3).
  • Intuitive user interface.

Download Videoder

2. TubeMate

It’s another YouTube downloader that falls in the popular category. Like Videoder, it does its job perfectly well. This app is not lightweight like Videoder, and it has its own merits.

In TubeMate, one can browse through YouTube videos; that means one won’t need to visit YouTube app/site and copy links to download. Simply search in-app and download the desired video then and there.

Apart from YouTube, users can also download videos from Facebook, Vimeo, Daily motion, and many other sites. It converts videos into Mp3 files too. In short, TubeMate is an excellent alternative to download YouTube videos.

Top Features

  • No need to visit YouTube to download a video.
  • Easy in-app search.
  • Convert downloaded video into short Mp3.
  • Multiple downloads in the background.
  • Fast download mode.

Download TubeMate

3. VidMate

If finding alternatives to YouTube offline is in question, VidMate is an app that cannot be ignored. This app is similar to compared the TubeMate.

The user experience is nice and the Vidmate showcases the trending & popular videos in-app. Vidmate is not a feature pack nor a minimalistic YouTube downloader, but reliability is the USP of this app.

Also, one can stream and download in this app in the background. Moreover, stopping the download and resuming in the future won’t re-start the process, it is the biggest drawback. But this app supports downloading from other apps such as Facebook, Vimeo, etc.

Top Features

  • Download videos in HD quality.
  • Fast downloading.
  • Option to watch live TV in high quality.
  • Friendly user interface.
  • Effortless and easy navigation.

Download VidMate

4. KeepVid

In many contexts, KeepVid is a better alternative as compared to other video downloaders. The best part about KeepVid is its versatility. This app can download videos from more than 25 platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.

It has a simple interface, which offers a better browsing experience. Also, the downloading speeds are much better compared to a few of the other downloaders. Some might argue it’s the best video downloader, but again, it entirely depends on one’s choice.

Top Features

  • A versatile app that can download videos from 25 +platform.
  • Simple and friendly interface.
  • Faster downloading speed.
  • High resolution and video quality.
  • Convert video into Mp3, M4A, and other formats.

Download KeepVid

5. SnapTube

SnapTube has possibly the most elegant home screen compared to other apps. On the homepage, you can see popular video sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, Soundcloud, YouTube, etc., everything is beautifully organized.

Just click on the logo of the YouTube, browse for the video you want to download and click download. And there you have it: a shareable, offline YouTube video with up to 4K resolution.

Top Features

  • It is a safe and secure app.
  • Elegant home screen.
  • Download video up to 4K resolution.
  • Well organized app.

Download SnapTube

6. NewPipe

The listed five are the wildly popular YouTube downloaders, but if one can’t still make his/her mind on which one to use, NewPipe is another option. And the best part is it’s open-source. Meaning, it’s developed by enthusiastic developers and is fully customizable.

NewPipe is a fully equipped app despite being a lightweight substitute. Moreover, if interested, one can customize it as per her/his likings.

However, that won’t be necessary, because the app, as it is, is feature-packed and self-explanatory. The shortest way to describe this app is, it’s the best YouTube(with offline capabilities up to 4k) outside the official YouTube.

Top Features

  • The app is fully customizable.
  • Light-weighted app.
  • Can download video up to 4K.
  • Easy to download and save the video.

Download NewPipe

Final Words

YouTube is a great & free video streaming platform. Individuals spend hours and hours of their time on this platform⁠— watching movies, music videos, or educational content.

However, when running low on data and outside of the network/WiFi zone, this app is almost useless. But, if the videos are pre-downloaded, the content can be shared and viewed whenever one desires, and for that, third-party apps are necessary.

The above mentioned six third-party apps are best for instant video downloads. You can select the one based on your preference and need.

Whichever app you are using to download the YouTube video make sure you, download from the app from the only official site and don’t give permissions to everything they ask.

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  1. Wow, it’s a really useful blog for every android mobile user. All the App you have mentioned is really good but I’m using VidMate as it is really user-friendly app. And yes you are right, VidMate supports downloading from Facebook, Vimeo and from other apps too.

  2. I am using vidmate it’s one the best app. Now I read your article and I Know the new apps for youtube videos download thanks for sharing this helpful post.

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