Benefits of blog post roundup and my guest posts

A post which explains the benefits of blog post roundup with my guest posts roundup.

Previously, I wrote a blog post with details of guest blogging and its benefits. There I summed up my posts where I appeared as a guest blogger. There are many advantages for bloggers by contributing guest posts and out of those, getting exposure and backlinks are leading reasons to guest blog. I understand the significance of guest blogging and thus doing it with my quality guest posts. 

Before summing up my guest posts, I just want to explain the benefits of rounding up of blog post. I always love to read posts from other blogs and just few days back, I came across a roundup post with its benefits. I decided to share those particulars for my readers in my simple style.


What are the benefits of blog post roundup?

Blog post roundup is a post which is a collection of blog post containing links to other blogs posts. It might be a group of favorite blog posts/guest posts of the blog owners or preferred posts on their own blog.

Here are its benefits,
1. Readers would read and receive more benefits effortlessly as it links to several articles.
2. It is a nice way to give inbound links to other blogs which would help to cultivate the relationship with that blog founder.
3. If it is shared in social networks by mentioning the other blogs, loyal followers of those blogs would leave good comment and might share that social update on their network.
4. Obliviously improved and new traffic to the blog.
5. It is an effective way to build reputation among the readers.

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I implicit these benefits and so I decided to sum up my guest posts here. Round-up post like writing about the favorite blogs/bloggers/blog posts is a sure way to drive tons of traffic to a blog and it is the genuine way to get reliable permanent readers too.


My guest posts roundup

Here am summarizing my guest posts which I had recently presented in good PR blogs.

My first guest posts roundup!

1. Top 5 Ways To Get Unstoppable Returning Visitors At Your Blog

I contributed this guest post for a guest blogging contest which was conducted in Kulwant Nagi is the founder of this blog. He is a full time blogger, who love to write about SEO, WordPress and blogging. His blog with the Pagerank 1 and I am thanking him as he was the one who favorably accepted my guest post.

Here I composed some genuine ways for the bloggers to get back their readers frequently to their blog. I got good response, queries and exposure through this guest post.


2. What Should You Do If You are Not Making Money with Blog?

This is my seventh guest post in I absolute in contributing some quality posts here to show my indebtedness to this blog owners, as they are the one who had accepted my first guest post without any hesitation. Young talented guys Atish Ranjan and Zainil are the owners of this blog. It is an excellent technology blog with regular updates of interesting stuffs. I am a frequent reader of it and thankful for the blog owners for fairly accepting my guest posts.

Here I wrote for the bloggers, what they should do if they are not making money with their blogs. The bloggers can check this post to do an enriched blogging. As my listed ways are simple and executable, I got good response from the readers for this guest post.


3. 10 Signs That Indicate You Are Going to Quit Blogging

My eight guest post under the topic “quit blogging” is on the blog It is an upcoming blog about blogging which was founded by Thejas Kamath, a 16 year old dude. This young talented blogger is one of my inspiring blogger and I’ve learned some useful WordPress and SEO stuffs through his PR 1 blog.
I marked some blogging signs for the bloggers which should not be ignored as those would let them to quit blogging. For this guest post too, I got good reaction and appreciation from the readers.


4. 8+ Effective Ways To Improve Your Writing Skills As A Blogger

I enjoyed a lot while writing my 9th guest post as it was very cool to write about Writing in An active young guy named Amal Rafeeq is the originator of this blog, who appreciated me for this guest post. He updates his blog with blogging needs, professional tips, guides, SEO methods and ways to make money online. I should thank him for accommodating my guest post in his PR1 blog.
Just I expressed about the effective implementable writing tips for the bloggers which I learned previously with my blogging career. Many visitors replied me through their comment and specified that they get benefited with my guest post.


5. Best 10 Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

This is my latest guest post on the technology blog Shameem is the organizer of this blog. He is one of my inspiring blogger who always provides his great support for me to endure my blogging profession. I really stumbled with his blogging knowledge and I express gratitude for accepting my guest post modestly for his PR 2 tech blog.

I listed some useful Google chrome extensions for the bloggers to make their life simple and comfortable to perform blogging. I am happy with the reader’s reply for this guest post and feeling good as it is a constructive post for that blog visitors.

My sincere thanks to all the above inspiring blog owners for accepting my guest post discreetly.


Both roundup post and guest posts have a lot of paybacks in it. Getting good exposure and reputation, increase in traffic and gaining authority for blogs are the common benefits of guest posts and roundup post. I combined the both here as I have real familiarity in both and recommending my readers and bloggers to perform the same to shine sound in the blogosphere.

Thanks for reading my post and share your guest blogging & post roundup experience with me 🙂

26 thoughts on “Benefits of blog post roundup and my guest posts”

  1. You have been working so persistently and intelligently Nirmala. I have read most of the above posts, and loved ’em 😉

    Guest posting remains one of the quickest ways to expand your online presence.

    Keep it up!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


    1. Hope you made my day with your comment Ryan :), Many thanks for appreciating my work.

      Am having many inspiring bloggers around me to endure my blogging activities and this is the reason for my persistence. Am happy about it!

      Thanks for your inspiring comment and share, keep doing it for me forever 😛

  2. Helo,came across your post on facebook,saw the topic ,and i was like,what the hell is the meaning of this topic,decided to visit the link and what i saw was something i never knew existed…ROUNDUP POST,thanks for sharing,its realy useful

  3. Hello Nirmala,
    Wow!!! You have done some many guest posts. You are definitely working hard on your blog.

    Guest blogging is indeed a great way of getting a large audience and presence. I’d say, keep it up and the sky would be the starting point 🙂

    1. Yeah, guest blogging improves online presence and aids to get new readers.

      I started this blog in Jan end this year and so far I presented 10 guest posts in good PR blogs.

      Wanna write more and thanks for your encouraging comment Baba 🙂

  4. Hi Nirmala, I am new into this blogging world and learned a lot of things from your post. i will definitely try these things and will let you know. thank you

  5. Bishnu Subedi Nishan

    Hello Nirmala,

    I found this very good idea.

    I am new for your blog, that’s why i was unknown about your guest posts, but now i am in 🙂 sure i’ll manage time to read your articles !

    Appreciated Post ! Have a happy time ahead !

    1. Am really happy that you found my post useful.

      Yeah, blog post round up is a is a tricky way to show the old posts and guest posts for the new readers at one place. Hope my trick is working 😉

      Thanks for commenting here Bishnu 🙂

  6. hi there nirmala. this is an inspiring post for me since it provide a great motivation to start guest blogging. the truth is i have not done any guest blogging yet but yesterday after reading your post, i decided to apply for guest blogging in a couple of websites. the first rejected my proposed article but i am waiting for the second one.. i will be applying for more sites 🙂

    1. To gain reputation and new traffic, guest blogging is imperative for the bloggers.

      Glad to hear that you’re gonna start write guest posts soon Marilyn, its really good!

      Keep trying with quality posts, happy blogging 🙂

  7. Hi Nirmala,

    This is absolutely true, readers would love to find the links to worthy posts effortlessly and you are really good at it to say a huge Thank You!

    Good to find that I’ve read all of these posts and left comment on most of them already. Will be waiting for your next week list.

    1. Thanks for accepting my views Suresh 🙂

      Am delighted that you’ve read my guest post and left your valuable comment for the readers.

      Sure, I planned to contribute quality posts for various blogs. So, I’ll present my next guest posts roundup post

      BTW, did you check that a link was given to a wonderful post from Bivori for my readers? 😉

  8. I can see you have really been doing well with guest posting and i can tell you its the right way to go and just like you said writing a roundup of your posts or guest posts as the case may be has quite a good number of benefits.

    I am thinking of starting what i will call weekly roundup of my blog posts to give a new visitor a quick insight to my previous week’s blog posts. This is indeed an amazing idea, thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for appreciating my work Nwosu, am feeling good with your regular commenting with care.

      Yeah, I know the benefits of guest blogging. It is an easy way to get more exposure and new readers.

      Glad to hear, that you’re planning to start weekly roundup post, sure you’ll attain its advantages 🙂

  9. Hi Ma’am,
    Guest Blogging really helps in creating our own identity in online world. their many other to show our presence. but Guest blogging has main importance. Yes I’ve read each and every post of you ma’am which you have mentioned in this post 🙂

    1. Its really appreciated that you’ve already familiar with the benefits of guest blogging.

      Try to present blog post roundup in your blog to gain its advantages.

      Thanks for reading my guest posts and happy with your hard work Srikanth 🙂

  10. Hey Nirmala,

    Its great to have your contribution on my blog and thanks for bringing up my blog in your roundup list and expect your contribution in future too 🙂

  11. Ambika Choudhary Mahajan

    Oh wow, that is such a wonderful idea, Nirmala.
    I am coming up with one such roundup tomorrow for sure- not much effort and an ingenious way of getting fresh visitors to old posts.
    See how and how much we learn from visiting each others’ blogs.
    Thanks a ton, buddy!!

    1. Yeah, roundup blogpost has lot of benefits like guest post.

      Am glad that you’re gonna implement this on your blog. Am sure you’ll drive lot of traffic with it as people love to read more information from one place.

      Thanks for leaving good comment Ambika, this is really an encouraging one.

  12. Hey Nirmala,

    What a great post and one that is definitely new to me. I’m glad I found it. 🙂

    Round up post? So cool ma’am.

    I have at a certain time come across this kinda stuff from Adrienne’s blog. I mean her “Thursday posts” where she shares interesting post from various bloggers but this is quite different and I would make sure I implement it also and my blog. Would tell you the turnaround when I start it.

    Thanks for this great share ma’am. Please my regards to the family.


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