Trinka – Is This New Grammar Checker Tool Worth A Try?


I heard a lot about Trinka since its launch in 2020. It is an AI-powered tool designed to assist scholastic, logical, specialized, and business writing. Trinka was enticing enough for me to give it a try and I have been using it for more than 4 months. I believe I am ready to share my experience with this new-age, AI writing assistant tool.

How Does Trinka Work?

Along with the essential syntax checks, it captures and rectifies complex language errors, sentence structure, word choice, and technical spellings.

Trinka is trained to distinguish the different writing styles among various subjects and provides corrections unique to the subject or the field of study.

Also, Trinka in real-time understands each word that is typed in the context of the writing and subject.

Does Trinka Charge To Use Its Features?

Most writing tools offer only the basic features for free and the users are requested to subscribe for a premium version to use the best features at a cost that at times are over-priced whereas, Trinka has made all its features available free of cost!

Trinka is beneficial for Researchers, Professors, Academicians, Students, Schools and Universities, Bloggers, Content advertisers and publicists, Authors, Prepress houses, Publishers, anyone who writes in English regularly, and people with English as a subsequent language.

What Distinguishes Trinka From Other Best Writing Tools?

#1. Accurate Grammar Corrections for Formal and Technical Writing

Trinka delivers 92% accuracy – the highest ever compared to any other AI writing assistant tool.

#2. Advanced Language Error Corrections

Trinka leads the way in correcting difficult language errors such as technical spellings, word choice, sentence structure, & much more.

#3. Subject-Specific Corrections

Trinka has been intelligently trained with manuscripts of all subjects. It easily understands the differences in writing styles among subjects and provides accurate, subject-specific corrections.

#4. Word Count Reduction

Trinka is the only tool I have come across that identifies lengthy phrasing and offers alternatives to create crisp and concise content.

#5. Objective Language Enhancement

Trinka helps the writers rule out impartial writing by identifying and correcting biased language.

#6. Specific Language Enhancement

Trinka enhances the writing quality to match globally accepted standards by accurately identifying vague phrasing and correcting the draft for specificity.

What Are Trinka’s Exclusive Features?

1. Auto File Edit

This feature is a time saver. Upload your document and Trinka will auto-edit it within minutes. You also get a language quality score, customized grammar, and word choice corrections according to popular academic style guides. You can download the edited file and track all the changes.

2. Consistency Check

Trinka checks for all inconsistencies and lets you revise them to ensure your document meets the journal’s style guide. It will correct inconsistencies even in large documents quickly and help you save time.

3. Distribution Readiness Check

Trinka conducts 20+ checks, ranging from Journal Selection to Ethical Compliance so you can evaluate your manuscript’s readiness for journal submission. Trinka also helps you decide the right journal for your research by recommending journals that match your research ideas and maximizes your publication chances.

What Other Features Should You Look Out For?

  • Advanced Grammar Checker: Corrects 3000+ complex language structure errors that other writing tools do not.
  • Sentence Structure: Structures your sentences effectively unique to your subject, making your writing clear, clean, and concise.
  • US/UK Style: You can pick US or UK English to make your writing fit for the journal and the global audience.
  • Advanced Spelling: Prompts the relevant spelling and helps you pick the right word specific to your subject for error-free writing.
  • Style Guide Preferences: Suggests style guide preferences such as AMA and APA.
  • Technical Phrasing: Suggests relevant words unique to your field of study that your audience can relate to.
  • Academic Tone: Gives your writing an expert tone that will appeal to your audience.

How Can You Use Trinka?

After free signup,

  • Trinka Cloud or On-Premise: You can sign-up and start using Trinka securely on Cloud or On-Premise for free directly from the website.
  • Browser Plug-in: You can download the plug-in for your browser – Chrome, Firefox, & Safari and get corrections for your writing in real-time as you write across multiple websites.
  • MS Word Plug-in: Trinka plug-in for MS Word is available for writers who prefer to write on Word documents.
  • Trinka for Enterprise: Trinka Enterprise gives access to multiple user accounts of your organization or university, irrespective of size.

Is Trinka Simple-To-Use?

Yes. Visit the website and click on “Sign up for Free.” Then, fill up basic details such as your Name, Email ID, & Password, and hit “Register.” That is it! You can start using Trinka and explore all its features for free!

Trinka Review – The Verdict 4.5

I had my doubts when I first started using Trinka but 4 months into using this writing assistant tool, I am convinced about its capabilities and find all its features highly beneficial.

The cutting-edge technology, design, user interface, etc., is incredible. The tool is user-friendly. Trinka effortlessly makes accurate corrections, offers learning tips and precise explanation of the changes made, and it prompts relevant suggestions to make your writing better.

Trinka is perfect for all of my writing requirements. I will surely advise the writers to give Trinka a shot. It’s worth a try.

4 thoughts on “Trinka – Is This New Grammar Checker Tool Worth A Try?”

  1. Hi,
    This is an amazing article and yeah grammar checker tool is very useful for everyone also you explained it very well.
    Thank you for sharing such informative content.

  2. Wow! You’ve covered a new grammar tool which I never knew about. I have already reviewed the best grammar tools on my blog, but that time I didn’t know anything about Trinka. I’ll give Trinka a try in the future and I hope their premium plan will also include a plagiarism checker. Let us hope that Trinka gets good reviews and competes with Grammarly soon. I will compare Grammarly and Trinka in the future. I think you might also do the same.

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