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We all know pictures speak louder than words, a Logo can speak up a lot when it comes to any business, brand or even app.

It is always best to design a catchy and crazy logo for your android. It instantly catches audience attention; a fantastic logo for business can add more value.

Designing a logo is definitely a key task; it is a replica of information, brand and the values you want to share with your target audience. It also showcases the strength and key features to potential customers.

Getting the logo for Android is not rocket science, there are many excellent apps which allows you to develop logo as per your need and preferences.

So, in this post, let’s have a look at the best Logo Maker Apps For Android, so that you may choose the ideal one as per your requirements! 

How To Get The Logo For Android?

Getting a logo for Android is very easy; just select the best app and wear the creative cape. You don’t need any drawing skills or spend a long time to design a perfect creation for the business and brand.

Everything is fast and easy; you just need to download the app and get started.

Benefits Of Logo Maker App For Android

The best logo maker for Android apps offers the ideal solution to businesses, brands, and even startups. It is a low-risk alternative and a budget-friendly option too.

1. Fast

A logo maker app gives all freedom to you, design an apt logo which replicates your business objective. You can see the results almost instantly and have all the option to do a little tweaking.

2. Low Cost

The cost of logo maker app is relatively low; in fact, some apps are available free of cost too. You can create a DIY logo for your business in a smaller budget rather hiring a graphic designer who can charge a bomb for the same task.

3. No Technical Knowledge Needed

There are many default templates and ideas which be used to design a perfect logo for your business and start-up. You don’t need to be an experienced person or a technologically sound person to design a logo using the Logo maker apps.

4. Modern And Free Style Designing

With the help of modern apps, you get access to the N number of high-quality fonts, symbols, and filters. Moreover, with the logo maker apps, you can design and impressive looking modern logo for both businesses as well as commercial purpose.

5 Excellent Logo Making Android Apps 

Here is the list of best Logo Maker Apps for Android, check out the exciting features and download the best for your business.


1. Logo Maker Plus 

The Logo Maker Plus app provides you access to 1000+ downloadable templates to create the logo. Pick your favorite and customize it as per the business and brand’s vision. You get to choose from more than 200+ fonts and colors.

This logo creator app also comes with an option to add unique symbols and change the background to offer a personalized touch. 3D depth can be provided to all your logos with Logo Maker Plus.

The size is too small, just 20M and the best part is Logo Maker Plus is compatible with all Android smartphones.

Features Of Logo Maker Plus

  • Easy to use, can make the original logo fast.
  • Customized filters to give a classy and unique look.
  • Get right texture and design for the business via 1000+default templates.

Download Logo Maker Plus

2. Logo Maker & Logo Creator

A logo is not just a design; it is the identity for your business. The Logo Maker & Logo Creator app is easy to use and comes with an excellent user interface. It has seen millions of download already; the quality is highly evident from the total number of download.

With the help of Logo Maker & Logo Creator, you can create a catchy logo for your brand and business in no time. You get an option to select from 3000+ icons, shapes and lots of symbols.

This Logo design app has the option to save and reuse the designed logo again. The logo is saved in high-quality JPEG format; you don’t need to worry about the distortion of the image. Logo Maker & Logo Creator comes handy for Android users. 

Features Of Logo Maker & Logo Creator

  • The size of the app is too small, just 18 M. The app gets uploaded frequent and has zero chances for bugs.
  • The Logo Maker & Logo Creator is available for a small price.
  • Easy search function to identify different symbols; it makes the design logo easier.
  • Can use circular text and wavy text to design advances level of Logo.
  • The designed Logo can be converted into PNG and even JPG.

Download Logo Maker & Logo Creator

3. LogoScopic – Logo Maker

Searching for a high-end app to design the logo for your business? LogoScopic – Logo Maker is a perfect choice. It is a powerful app which helps you to design and develop a catchy creative logo for your business.

You don’t need any prior experience to get started; everything is simple. The default templates make the overall design super easy. The size of LogoScopic is 47 M, and it is compatible with all the android device of 4.0.3 and up version. 

Features Of LogoScopic – Logo Maker

  • Get access to more than 850+ templates which can be customized as well as edited as per the vision of business and brand.
  • The app allows some advanced options like recoloring, editing and a lot more.
  • Customize the caption of the logo with more than 100+ font options.
  • LogoScopic – Logo Maker provides an option to export the logo and print it as well.

Download Logoscopic – Logo Maker

4. Logo Generator & Logo Maker

As the name suggests, this is one of the best logo apps for android which is ideal for designing a logo. The tool is highly impressive and has some cool feature which makes it the most reliable choice to design a logo for your business.

Logo Generator & Logo Maker has more than 200+ fonts, 2000+ symbols which can make a unique logo. Just spend a little time and make the best logo for the business and brands.

The logo can help people to get an idea about your business and create a unique identity for themselves. The Logo Generator is similar to a professional logo studio where you can create a powerful branding solution to your business.

You don’t need to be a designer to create a customized and creative logo; even a non-technical person can design a logo in a very short span of time.

Features Of Logo Generator & Logo Maker

  • Enjoy more than 200+ templets which can be edited and customized.
  • Get access to professional editing and recording tools with Logo Generator & Logo Maker.
  • Use professional level tools and features to design classy and professional logos at ease.
  • Once the logo is designed, it is easy to explore in various digital format without affecting the quality.

Download Logo Generator & Logo Maker

5. Logo Maker By DesignMantic

It is one of the best logo maker apps for Android that has an intuitive user interface. Just signup by creating an id in Logo Maker by DesignMantic.

Use the default templates and tool available to design an impressive business logo. Once done, then save is a high-resolution image format.

Logo Maker by DesignMantic has the option to save the designed logo in JPEG and PNG format. You can also save it as PDF format as per the business and brand needs.

The app allows you to design multiple temples, just pay for the one which you want to use. This tool provides free designing of the logo, pay only when you like the logo and want to use.

Features Of Logo Maker By DesignMantic

  • Download the app, create, customize, add symbols and creatives to design the logo.
  • Once done download the logo in PFG, JEP or PNG format.
  • Pay only when you want to use the logo.
  • The app has seen more than 1000000+ installation.
  • The tool also gets updated frequently to rule out the chances of bugs.

Download Logo Maker By DesignMantic

Wrapping Up

With these above-mentioned logo makers, you can design proficient looking logos in no time. It works perfectly for both businesses as well as individuals who are interested in developing innovative, customized and impressive looking logo in a small span of time.

These popular logo makers for Android comes handy and are must for small scale business as well as start-ups. In short, these best logo maker apps are easy to use and are a pocket-friendly choice for everyone.

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