How To Track The Email Performance With Free Email Tracker?


Whether you use emails for business or personal purposes, tracking the sent emails can give you great insight, and you can proceed with the follow-up process.

So, if you are wondering with the questions, like

  • How can I track email opens and clicks?
  • How to know if an email in my Gmail was read?
  • How do I know if someone has opened my email?
  • How to find out whether the email was delivered or not?
  • How can I track my Gmail?

and many others, then this piece of content is for you!

I would suggest you read the post till the end so that you will come to know which email tracker to choose.

Why Is Email Tracking Important?

By tracking emails, you will get the power to make and manage the relationship with the email contacts.

If you send the business emails, then the email tracking practice will let you know the behavior and interest of the subscribers. It boosts productivity by filtering out inactive customers.

As soon as the email is opened by the targeted business audience, you may follow-up with the additional context, or you can immediately call them and give the essential information. Therefore, email tracking would boost business sales.

Sometimes, you might want to track whether the personal emails are getting opened or not so that you can make a better bonding with your family and friends.

If any of the relatives do not open the emails, then you may stop sending the text as he or she is not interested in listening to your words.

Now, you might think, how to track the emails on Gmail?

I have a perfect solution for you, and it is the best free email tracking software from Snovio.

What’s so special about this mail tracking app? Let’s have a look at its exciting features right now!

Snovio Email Tracker: A Brief Intro

In general, Snovio is an all-in-one platform which has many useful tools like Drip Campaigns, Email Verifier, Email Finder, Tech Checker, and, yes, Email Tracker of the sent emails.

With the help of the Email Tracker from Snovio, you can track when the leads open the emails and click the links.

At the time of writing this blog post, this Gmail tracker is being used by more than 12k of people around the world. The extension is highly appreciated and rated by the users, 4.9 stars in the Chrome Web Store.

Now, let’s see some of the fantastic features of this best email tracker for Gmail!

Exciting Features Of Snovio Gmail Tracker

  • Free: This tool is 100% FREE and available for unlimited email tracking and unlimited Gmail accounts.
  • Professional: Even though Snovio Email Tracker for Gmail is a no-cost tool, its notifications are professionally designed.
  • No Annoying Signature: Most of the free email tracker apps don’t allow you to send messages without the tool signature and it may create a bad impression among the recipients. This is not about Snovio tracking tool: it is logo- and signature-free.
  • Real-Time Notifications: When the sent message is read, or the link gets clicked, you get the desktop live push notification (which, by the way, can be disabled).

  • Full Email History: You can see the full history of the sent emails to the contacts like this:
    – Opens (in purple color) – displays the number of times the email was opened
    – Clicks (in green color) notifies the number of link clicks.


  • Remind Me Feature: You can set up the reminder emails for the unopened emails and hence the follow-up task would be easier.
  • Schedule The Emails: If you’re busy, you can schedule the emails, and the Snovio Email Tracker will take care of the task by sending the email to the contacts at the specified time you have fixed (note: the emails will be in the Drafts folder until the emails are sent).
  • Disable Tracking For Specific Email: You can disable the tracking feature for the definite email by clicking the Bell button in the Gmail options.

Unlimited Email Tracker Chrome Extension

So, how to track the outgoing emails in Gmail?

Let’s see the procedure in detail!

Step 1: Add the extension and customize it.

First, you have to install Snovio Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store and activate it.


When the tracker is activated, click the Chrome extension icon and define the settings to your preferences: choose the email addresses for which the tracker is to be enabled (if you have a few of them), (dis)able link clicks tracking, define the notifications settings.


From now, the tracker is ready for usage, and you can pass over to the email composing itself.

Step 2: Set the features.

Three main features can be found at the bottom of the email builder in Gmail. They are the Send later, Remind Me, and Disable tracking.

If you know that you won’t have enough time in the future to compose and send emails, but you can spend time on this now, then it’s OK.

Click the Letter button and schedule the email sending. You can either send the emails in a definite amount of hours or choose the day and time.

As it was written above, you can set the reminder if the email was not opened, received no clicks or replies within the set period of time. Or you can choose the option “In any case.” Yes, you can set the date and time as shown in the below image.


The last feature is Disable tracking. Here, everything is simple. If you do not want to get information on this sent email, click the Bell icon.

Step 3: Track email performance.

You can either go to the Sent folder and see the number of opens and clicks. If you need more detailed information, click the email, and on the right-side panel of the email, you can see the opens and clicks history with date and time.


Final Thoughts

As a freelance writer, I’m using the email tracking app to make sure that my clients receive the written content and, as a blogger, I get to know that the co-bloggers get my outreach emails and guest post pitches. Moreover, I can identify the bloggers who are all interested in building a community.

I hope you will like the exceptional features of this free email tracker for Gmail with no signature. And yes, the unlimited Email Tracker is the best alternative to Mailtrack, Mixmax, and Yesware since it is completely free and doesn’t nudge you to get the paid version.

Do you like this free email tracking for Gmail? Which email open tracking tool do you use? Share your priceless thoughts about Snovio Email Tracker in the comments section!

7 thoughts on “How To Track The Email Performance With Free Email Tracker?”

  1. I did not know I can track these emails like this. As a startup, I have few email ids and I am maintaining all these Email Ids. So it was difficult to track things.
    Now I can see whether my clients read the emails or not, even for training requests I got.

    Thanks for the valuable information.

  2. Email marketing is indeed a powerful lead gen technique. It helps you effortlessly initiate a campaign and mark a positive incline in your sales by promoting your products & services. But tracking your email via Snovio Chrome extension is one of the best Chrome extension especially if you have a huge email list. It becomes very crucial to monitor your lead and timely follow up to avoid any further delays.

  3. Hi, this tool has worked for me in many ways. Thanks for sharing such useful information. Please do keep sharing such more.

  4. As a person who communicates via email for work often this is a must have tool! It help me to know when my email has been received and when I may need to communicate. Thanks for sharing such useful info.

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