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LOGO – It is a prominent representing element of every business or brand! 

I have already discussed the importance of having a professional logo for the businesses! 

And, I have also listed some websites to make free logos online

Design a logo should never be a frustration. With a lot of online logo design service available, you have the total ability to make a quality logo on your own with the help of any logo maker app

Especially, when you are just starting a new business, and don’t have the budget to spend hundreds of dollars on a custom logo.

Recently, I came to know an excellent online logo maker that helps you make professional looking logos in very simple steps from start to finish.

It is DesignEvo!

Whether you are a computer newbie or someone who has little to no knowledge and skill about graphic designs, you can use it with no hassles.

Through this post, let me explain the stunning features of this logo making tool so that you would like to make use of it.

Exciting Features Of DesignEvo Logo Maker


1. 3,000+ Free Logo Templates

DesignEvo has more than 3,000 elaborate pre-made logo templates covering various categories, such as Technology, Business, Art, Fashion, Nature, and much more.

You can browse these logo templates for design idea and inspiration, or just directly use them as a base to start your logo designing if you feel too lazy to make a logo from scratch.

Moreover, all the templates are fully customizable, so you don’t need to worry that your logo will be the same as others.

2. Rich Graphics And Fonts Resources

DesignEvo is equipped with a huge graphics library, offering millions of searchable logo icons.

Hitting some keywords to describe the kind of logo icons that you are looking for, then the smart built-in search engine will filter out a myriad of related icons right away.

All the icons are of high resolution, so you can freely enlarge them without the problem of blurring. In addition, you can edit your logo texts with over a hundred of stylish fonts and nicely designed word arts.

With a large selection of free resources, building a highly engaging marketing logo couldn’t be easier.


3. Editing Features & Logo Output

While DesignEvo focuses on making design simple, it does not mean that it will have fewer features. Literally, DesignEvo provides a set of professional-grade editing toolkits that help you easily turn your idea into real visual art.

You have full control to customize logos in any way you want- set gradient color, resize elements, adjust graphics, change fonts, move layers, add effects and a lot of more!

DesignEvo can even auto-typeset different logo layouts according to the elements of your logo design.

One of the greatest features DesignEvo has is the ability to preview your created logo across various items, such as T-shirt, business card, wall, stationery, book cover, website and several others.

Everything is made to be as straightforward and convenient as possible.

As for logo output, it supports a maximum resolution of 5000 x 5000 pixels, and you can save your logo as JPG, PGN, and vector formats like PDF and SVG.

In all, everything about DesignEvo has been made simple and straightforward, which you will have a lot of fun tweaking and be playing around with.

Other Qualities Of DesignEvo

  • User-friendly interface and hence you don’t need any design skills to make a logo
  • Unlimited logo downloads with NO watermark
  • Both JPEG and PNG version are available in the free pack (transparent background is also available).
  • You can choose the logo size between 32px to 2000px in free version
  • Preview feature is available to have a look at the designed logo in several scenarios
  • Contains an extensive library of high-resolution vector icons, shapes and text formats.
  • Supports many languages like  English, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Spanish
  • Useful tips and tutorials to use the tool (Support is available for the paid versions)


  • To download the free logo, you have to give credit by sharing their details on any of the major social networks like Facebook, Twitter or GooglePlus or directly copy the code below and paste it on your website.
  • No SAVE option to edit the designed logos later

Wrapping Up

Establishing your brand name would lead you in the success path! When it comes to branding, a striking LOGO plays a crucial role!

As the Logo is the summary and visual representation of your business, it should have a professional look to create a memorable impression in your audience mind.

If you are looking for an affordable and effective way to create a highly engaging logo for your business, then give DesignEvo a go.

You can get the job done in minutes! Before buying its premium pack, you may go with its trial version to test its features. 

Do you like the qualities of DesignEvo? I hope you would like to make a free logo with this online tool. 

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