Which Is The Best WordPress Theme For AdSense To Boost The CTR?

So, you want to know, which is the best WordPress theme for Adsense, Right?

Well! I have been in the web world as a blogger since 2008! It’s almost 10 years 🙂

My Google Adsense got approved in the year 2009, and I have monetized my blogs with Google Ads! 

I came across several Adsense theme related questions from the WordPress users who have monetized their site with advertisements. 

A few of them are,

Which is the high CTR WordPress theme to increase the Ad revenue?

What is the best Google Adsense optimized WordPress theme?

Where to get the Ad-friendly WordPress theme?

Could you suggest the excellent Ad-Optimized theme for WordPress?

And much more! 

I have escalated these serious queries to my friend who is a WordPress theme designer, and he has taken some good efforts in designing an Adsense friendly WordPress theme with which you could place the advertisements at the logical places and improve the CTR. 

Luckily, he has launched the newly designed WordPress Adsense theme in the well-known Marketplace for the themes, ThemeForest

So, if you are interested in making the most from your website regarding earning money, then this blog post is for you! 

Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing are the best options to make money by blogging. But it is essential to practice the right strategies to optimize the click-through rates.

A best Ad optimized WordPress theme helps you grow ad earning without losing the audience.

When it comes to AdSense, a lot of us would have done many experiments; the most common idea is to change the ad placement.

If you are still unable to make a decent revenue from the advertisement place on your website, then you don’t need to worry.

You may try our WordPress theme for advertising – Admania

Admania From ThemeForest


Admania is the best WordPress theme for Adsense which is highly recommended for all the website who want to raise their AdSense and affiliate income. This theme will increase the CTR with brilliantly designed six awesome layouts.

This AdSense ready templet allows you to place the ads at the place where the conversion rate is high and where the audience can click on the link without having a negative user experience.

Moreover, Admania theme takes care of the speed optimization hence you don’t need to worry about the site loading speed.

Well Designed WordPress Layouts

Here are the 6 Exciting Layouts of Admania theme of WordPress that assures high CTR and audience attention on your website.


  • Layout 1: This layout works well when you want to place the ads on the sidebars or between the homepage posting.
  • Layout 2: It improves the final presentability by inserting the ads at strategic positions.
  • Layout 3: Under this Layout, the ads are inserted in the homepage posts in a normal fashion. All credit goes to the fabulous design.
  • Layout 4: This layout comes with a runtime slider section where you can notice well-designed ad banners. These ads have great CTR potentials.
  • Layout 5: This layout allows the ad insertion at regular locations without affecting the entire user experience.
  • Layout 6: With this excellent design of this best Adsense WordPress theme, you can add the Ad banners at both the sides, sticky Ad at the sidebar and a giant leaderboard at the Header. 

Features Of Admania AdSense WordPress Theme

1. Simplicity

When it comes to ease of use, Admania takes the cake. The theme has got everything which helps to boost the click-through rate without affecting the user experience.

The ad setting option is simple, and you need to spend a few minutes to customize it as per your site. To make the task simpler, the theme comes with ON/OFF button.

2. Optimized Speed

It is must for the website to have good loading speed as it has a positive effect on the overall site ranking on Google. This is the reason; all designers are primarily focusing on creating the best themes and plugins without affecting the loading speed. 

Admania is a speed optimized WordPress theme; it has earned high scores in the speed tests conducted on Pingdom and GTMetrix.

Slider and the additional features cannot disturb the website loading speed hence your readers will have seamless browsing experience at the end of the day. Eventually, you will notice a positive click-through rate and less bounce rate on your website.

3. Multiple Ad Placement Options

This is the best part of Admania theme for WordPress; it provides you with numerous options to place your advertisement.

The choice is yours; you can place advertisements on the header, after the features section, above the footer, at the end of the content, middle of the content, next to menu bar or as per performing a detailed strategy where you expect more CTR.

4. Customization

If you still want to customize the WordPress theme, Admania provides you with a brilliant choice in the form of Widgets. You can easily customize everything in the form of a Widget at desired locations.

The brilliantly designed WordPress theme allows you to customize the edges like Sidebar, Footer, Posts, Homepage so that you can increase the click-through rates.


Just drag and drop the widgets which you want to customize. These widgets will give a unique identity to your website and also has a positive effect on the user experience.

5. Individual Ad Posting Options

Admania provides full access to ads on every blog post; the location can be decided as per the ad performance. The common ad settings are placing ads before content, inner top, Nth pare, bottom.

Apart from this, for better clicks, you can place the ads after option box and bottom sticky. You need to paste the ad HTML code and get going.

6. Live Ad Editor

This option allows you to modify the ads directly on the Front End; you don’t need to juggle between the WordPress dashboard and Front End. This makes Admania as an ad-friendly theme for WordPress with live ad editing feature.

7. Includes Distinct Ad Inserting Formats

To make the most of click-through rates, Admania theme for WordPress has come up with three different ad placing formats, i.e., HTML Ad code, image ad link, Google responsive ad code.

8. Easy Removal Of Ad

The policies of Google AdSense is strict, to save your account from ban it is advisable to avoid displaying the ads on the specific post. Admania allows you to remove the Ads on the particular posts and pages!


9. Sticky And Floating Ad

To boost the user engagement, Admania theme for WordPress has come up with the sticky ad. It is a popup located at the right bottom, which won’t frustrate the user while they are exploring or reading the content.

The sticky Ad will be visible at the bottom right corner near the scrolling bar.

10. 1-Click Auto Update

The development team regularly updates the theme with new features; this makes the website Woocommerce ready. The theme comes with one click auto update, which helps the users to avail all the latest theme instantly.

Additional Features of Admania WordPress Adsense Theme 

The Admania theme of WordPress is the right choice for ad optimization. The design offers other prominent features like social media integration, customizable widgets, mobile responsiveness, color customization, and great SEO speed all under a single theme.

Apart from the excellent features, the Admania theme for WordPress has more to offer to all the users.

It comes with

  • inbuilt Schema markup code which helps to boost the search engine results for your websites.
  • Ad Rotating feature to dynamically change the Ad when the page gets refreshed
  • Ad Block Detector to site content for the readers by disabling the Adblocker software

Wrapping Up The Features of Admania Adsense Theme

Admania is one of the most exceptional WordPress themes for Adsense which comes with robust coding and excellent user-friendly settings.

It could be the best design to boost the AdSense and affiliate income which is efficiently done by increasing the click-through rate and proper placement of the ad.

The number of downloads (1K+ Theme Sales) reveals the quality of the theme and its 5-star reviews tells the user satisfaction. So, no doubt that the Admania is the best WordPress theme for Adsense to increase your Ad revenue in minimum efforts. 

So, what is your viewpoint about this Ad-friendly WordPress theme? Would you like to get it? Share your priceless thoughts in the comment section! 

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  5. Hi Nirmala, I am fiddling through Admina for a couple of days. I wonder why the Admina Theme Option can not be done through the simple customization menu, so that every change I made is seen instantly in the site in real sense. Also, the setting options I change and save in Admina Theme Option does not take place into the site. Can I get any help?

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    WordPress plugin theme to boost the ctr. The blog was very good and a lot of information you have given. i will install Admina theme in my WordPress blog.

  7. Thanks for this informative content. I keep getting rejecting from the Adsense network. Maybe my site is relatively new, I really dont know. I will try changing my theme hoping that this works. Much appreciation if it does!

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