How To Make Money From A Blog In 2018?

Whether you started a blog as a hobby or to get more exposure online, all blogs have the potential to make money – if you know how.


I have been blogging since 2008 and the financial freedom that I get through my blogs is really wonderful. 

I love to blog about WordPress and Technology and yes, I maintain 4 active blogs right now. 

I have monetized my blogs in different ways and they are making a decent income every month. In simple words, I could tell that I’m making a living as a blogger. 

So, in this post, I would like to share the ways of making money with the blogs!

First things first, it’s important to have a loyal audience before you start pushing anything too commercial.

Even though you’re making money from a blog, it has still got to offer value to your readers – otherwise, you’ll lose them and any source of revenue.

Let’s get into the matter and here are some suggestions to get you started!

Top 5 Ways To Earn Income From Blogging 


1. Affiliate Products

Not sure what affiliate income is? You’re not alone. It might be one of the top ways bloggers make their money, but very few start out knowing what it is.

Problogger puts it simply. It’s when you link to a product that’s for sale elsewhere (typically a large site like Amazon). If someone follows that link and buys the product, you will earn a commission.

To do this well, you’ve got to show you understand the product and why anyone would be interested in buying it. They’re looking for an honest review.

Once you have chosen the products, you should aware of the best places to add your affiliate links and earn revenue. 

2. Accept Guest Posts

Believe it or not, people will pay to write content for your site. But be wary – the quality of these posts could vary.

Only accept genuine offers and keep up the standards of your blog. Even though someone else is writing it, you will generally have the end say on any final changes before it’s posted.

Link building is still trending and the dedicated bloggers show a keen interest in getting the dofollow link from the active blogs. 

So, they will pay you for publishing their content on your blog. But make sure that you have exceptional blog metrics (like DA, PA, TF, and Alexa) so that you can charge a huge money for the clients. 

3. Start Selling Products

Many bloggers are also artists, authors or craftspeople. They can offer physical goods as well as content.

Although it can get a little bit more complicated with manufacturing, inventory, delivery, and returns, it’s worth considering if you can make or create something.

Of course, you’ll need to set up your site to accept payments. Luckily, many platforms do this for you – just remember to get the terms and conditions right now that you’re operating as an e-commerce site, not just a blog.

4. Offer paid-for content

If you’ve positioned yourself as an expert, you can offer e-books and other paid-for content. Digital offerings can be as creative as you make them and Amy Lynn Andrews, whose first e-book is still selling years later, suggests:

  • E-courses – To teach what you know
  • Online classes – Live teaching 
  • E-books – Share your knowledge 
  • Membership sites – Teach through community
  • Photos – Sell your images on the web
  • Audio or video – Make podcasts and Videos to sell
  • Apps, plugins or theme – For code-savvy persons 

Think about what would appeal to your audience and offer something different to what’s already out there.

Here I have written a detailed article on how to sell products online. Just go through it, you will get the ideas to earn bucks online. 

5.Convert Visitors Into Subscribers

Money is in the list! If you’re not doing the email marketing, start now.

This is how you can offer them products and paid-for content after they’ve left the site. It’s all part of creating a loyal audience that returns to you again and again. You want people to look forward to your emails.

If you don’t have any idea about tools available for list building, then have a look at the list of best Email marketing software to grow your email list and make sales.

SendPulse can also help you to build a great list of subscribers to send the newsletters. 

Wrapping Up

Making money from a blog is an art. It takes time, but it is more likely to start earning the consistent income within 6 months. 

Do the keyword research and get into the profitable niche. Offer quality content and build backlinks (If needed). 

When you start driving traffic to your blog, convert them into your subscribers, build trust by offering the quality content, sell the product or service they really need and finally enjoy the monetary benefits.

So, are you getting my point on make money online by blogging? I hope this post would help you a lot if you’re a budding blogging.

Do you want me to share few more earning ideas? Leave your views in the comment section, let’s connect over there 🙂 


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