What Are the Best Places To Sell Used DVDs And Make Money?

The streaming service like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Kodi Tv, Apple TV have made watching movies and TV shows easier; you don’t need to depend on DVDs to watch trending movies or shows.

Everything is effortless and available in just a single click of a mouse as long as you have a VPN service to keep Netflix and other services unblocked, you can access content from everywhere.

People have the option to watch movies as per their comfort on TV, computers, tablets and even smartphones. The DVDs are dead, and no one uses it much.

But, what to do with the massive DVD collections resting idly on the rack or bookshelf. You would have got it to enjoy movie nights with your friend, or as a birthday gift, a timeless classic collection, etc.

There is no point in keeping the unused stuff for a long period. Instead, you can sell the used DVDs and make some money. Here are the ten best possible ways to sell the used DVDs online and cash it.

10 Best Websites To Sell DVDs Online 


1. Decluttr

This is a brilliant website which allows you to sell used DVDs for real cash. Moreover, if you got used electronic gadgets, video game consoles books, this is the right website to sell them for money.

If you are planning to sell the DVDs, it is mandatory to enter the barcode, this will help you with easy selling, and the shipping is also free of cost. PayPal or direct bank deposit can be selected as the payment mode.

As soon as you sell the DVDs you receive the payment the next day. If you haven’t received the payment in the account, Decluttr sends you a paper check, which can be used to claim the money.

Decluttr has come up with a mobile app which helps in the quick scanning of barcode and selling of old DVDs.

Visit Declutter

2. Bonavendi

Bonavendi will offer the best online price for old DVDs and Blue Ray. Every time you get the best deals based on the genre of DVDs. The websites find the best pay-out for all your old DVDs, you don’t need to surf through the net and compare the rates.

The selling process is easy, it compares the buyback price from more than 20 different vendors and brings out the best deal. You can also make use of the price search engine to get the best price for your DVD collections.

In order to compare the prices, enter each barcode number and or make use of the mobile app to scan the barcodes. Once you received the quotes for DVDs, select the vendor and get paid.

Visit Bonavedi

3. eBay

How about selling your DVDs for a higher bid by auctioning them on eBay? For this, you need to provide a clear picture of DVDs, the description and bid rate.

This is the best choice to sell a bundle of DVDs. You can mention the starting bid and shipping cost. If you want to attract more audience to mention a catchy “Buy IT Now’ offer price.

Visit eBay

4. SecondSpin

This website accepts almost all the DVDs which as Region 1 or Region free. The DVDs must be in good condition with very less writing or stickers on it. It will help you to receive full payment while selling.

At SecondSpin you can get an idea about the value of DVDs rate by typing the barcode number or DVD name into their dedicated browser. Once the item is accepted the shipping is fully reimbursed. The payment can be in the form of PayPal, store credit or check, the choice is yours.

If you have a SecondSpin store nearby, you can directly visit the store and sell movies, music DVDs.

Visit SecondSpin

5. Eagle Saver

This one is for the new and unused DVDs and Blue Rays, mention to 12 digital card code number to receive a quote for each DVD you want to sell. The shipping cost is nil, and the payment is done via PayPal or checks the very next day.

The best part is Eagle Saver provides free return shipping if the buyer is not happy with the received DVD quality.

Visit Eagle Saver

6. Sell DVDs Online

The website Sell DVDs Online is one stop destination if you are planning to sell old DVDs, CDs, games all in one place. You will receive the best quotes as soon as you enter the barcode in the box.

It is must for the DVDs to be in playing condition, free from scratches or chipping. The overall shipping is free of cost, and the payment is initiated within three days, and you can receive as a paper check or PayPal transfer.

Sell DVDs Online is dedicated only for old DVDs and CDs, you cannot sell a new movie even if it in its original pack. This is done to avoid piracy.

Visit Sell DVDs Online

7. FYE

For Your Entertainment store is found in many leading shopping malls. You can also check out their official website at FYE. It works similar to other popular selling websites; you need to enter the barcode manual and get the payment once the item is received. The payment is made electronically via PayPal.

Visit FYE

8. Amazon

Amazon has come up with different lucrative offers to sell used DVDs; you can’t get paid until your DVD is purchased after you mail it to the buyer. Amazon deducts a part of the sales price as their combination. You won’t be able to make much money if the DVDs doesn’t qualify the quality guidelines.

You can also trade the DVDs to Amazon and make money. The payment is made instantly as soon as Amazon receives the DVDs. You are free from the hassle of selling and waiting for payment.

Visit Amazon

9. Facebook

If you don’t want to ship the DVDs and wait for payment you can try using Facebook buy and sell group to sell DVDs for cash locally. The listing is free, and you can get paid as soon as you meet the buyers.

Create a transparent guideline while buying and selling DVDs on the Facebook group. Check out the happing electronics buying and selling Facebook group.

Visit Facebook

10. Disc Flipper

Sell old DVDs at Disc Flipper is super easy, all you need is to scan the DVD barcode and click on “Add Disc” option. The posting services and shipping are free of cost. You get paid within two days of receiving the DVDs. Apart from DVDs, Disc Flipper accepts blue rays and gaming CDs. 

Visit Disc Flipper

11. Music Magpie

The official website of Music Magpie allows you to sell DVDs online for Cash. You need to enter it and get started. Once you scan the barcode, you will get an instant price for your used DVDs. Pack it and get the DVDs for free. The cash will be credited into your account within 2-3 business days. You can also download the free app of Music Magpie and sell used DVDs for sale online.

Visit Music Magpie

12. Momox

Sell Old DVDs for cash with Momox website. All you need is to enter the barcode of old DVDs; you will notice the price, confirm the same and receive the payment. Selling the DVDs in usable condition is mandatory. There should not be any damage to data. Sign up for the Momox newsletter and receive an instant bonus of £5.

Visit Momox

You can sell used DVDs both online and offline, opt for the best websites and make sure to compare the prices before the deal. So, it is one of the fun ways of making money! What do you say? 

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