Top 9 Places To Share Affiliate Links For Highest Conversion

More money even when you doze off! The affiliate market is the very much implementation of this logic of passive income.

The internet has become the biggest marketplace for the time being that sells and promotes a variety of products of any kind with affiliate marketing, earn your commission for the product that your reader purchases.

If you’re a beginner to this monetization strategy which has many pros than cons compared to all other methods to make money online, then this post is for you! 

Yes, I’m going to reveal some of the excellent places to share affiliate links for making huge conversions. 

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Monetization has become pretty quick and straightforward with the introduction of Affiliate Marketing, which is a profitable way of earning selling products online with least efforts and product manufacturer gets more sale at the same time.

The product or service cost which is sold to the customer through the affiliate is kept same as when they are bought directly from the seller, so that customer doesn’t get enough benefits of the marketing.

The Affiliate Members can earn commissions upon selling services or subscriptions or one-time purchases of products over the online market.

Some products or services pay you the recurring commission where you will get paid as long as your referrals make the bill for the stuff that they have bought. 

Who Can Become An Affiliate?

Anyone can become an affiliate marketer; they just need to register and verify on the retail and e-commerce websites like Amazon Inc.

Once you are approved for their affiliate program, you’ll be provided with unique affiliate ID and a URL. You can share the URL with your website visitors or subscribers through ads or banners or textual links.

When the customer clicks on the link and buys the particular product, subjected commission amount will be credited to your affiliate account. Once your commission reaches the payout threshold, your money will be processed for the payment.

If you are a blogger with the right number of followers or readers, then you can make money through  Affiliate Marketing technique promoting products of various companies.

Where To Place The Affiliate Links To Get Huge Revenue? 

Now let’s discuss some of the best places to share Affiliate Links for Highest Revenue Conversion.


1. In-Text Links: The Most Common Way Of Affiliate Marketing

The most used and highest CTR producing way of placing the Affiliate Links is putting them between the texts of your context specifying the product to buy with benefits or discounts.

The links are placed along the text highlighting with underline or contrast color, or both will help the readers to redirect to the products site and purchase it.

On the other hand, these contextual links can also improve your SEO by making it more relevant and useful.

Keeping the links in the context is pretty much similar to connecting different online resource for better understanding of the product in detail.

2. Banner Ads: Attract The Visitors With Flaunting Graphics


The banner ads are displayed in the most recognizing areas of the website to catch the direct attention of the visitors and to make them click on it.

They are linked with the affiliate link, so that clicking on it redirects the visitor to the products page and you can earn the commission for the items they purchase.

The affiliate banner ads work in most case to convert the visitors to customers of the products once the product and the content of the blog post are similar to what they are searching for.

Too much of the banner ads make the page cluttered, and the visitors may feel the site spammy. It is good not place the banner ads in every post instead it could be put in the sidebar to view every time.

3. Product Review: Simple And High Revenue Conversion

Does the product review with affiliate link works?

If you are in such a dilemma just go through the branded websites that review products of any kind, they all use the similar technique for Affiliate Earning.

Affiliate Links placed in the product reviews do the quick conversion of affiliate review since the visitors are more tend to buy the products reading the review.

4. Author Bio: Brand Yourself And Let Others Follow Your Likes


If you think you’re an icon for others, then your fans will follow your styles.

Many of the iconic bloggers list their favorite tools and products they use in their blogging journey to make others know what they are using. People follow them to gain such a reach or range to be like them.

This technique of affiliate marketing can be advantageous for the iconic people to gain more affiliate income.

5. Email Lists: Turn Your Email Notifications To Affiliate Marketing Strategy

It works more than a hell!

The email marketing is accessible and useful because that it is cheap and produces highly targeted audience forever until they unsubscribe from the list.

It is incredible that the Emails with affiliate links gains the commission of the subscribers of your site trusting your recommendations.

Design a flaunting email template for your websites and attract the users to buy the products that you endorse and improve your affiliate sales.

6. Tutorials And EBooks: Let Your Guides Suggest The Products That Readers Should Use

If you are a coach, then earn all the way when you’re sleeping!!

Usually, people are onto freebies can be taken advantage of your free products asking them to purchase your tools and things that make you productive.

Building your products can later turn out to yield high profits and makes a milestone to your passive income production.

By creating useful and valuable content with an understandable language, you can even sell the product for a price in the markets like Amazon, etc.

7. Social Media: Share It With Your Friends And Followers

This is totally insane!

If you’d believe me affiliate market campaigns work very well in the social media handles of your profile or pages.

Social Media can make a bunch of customers with least effort; you can also go beyond a level of reach unexpectedly.

Facebook, Google Plus, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Quora are most prominent social media platforms for everyone to make use of affiliate marketing strategy.

Facebook provides many features to improve your business like Pages and Groups, make use of these and create a community of people who are interested in the niche of your blog.

8. Paid Ads: Facebook Ads & Google Ads

For now, Facebook Ads and Google Ads don’t have any restrictions on promoting your affiliate links via their Advertisements.

Run Ads for your affiliate products, make customers out of it and earn income by following all the rules by these providers.

The Facebook and Google have the highest audience in the web so that investing in their advertisements will not be a bad idea.

9. Online Forums: Connect With Needy People & Recommend Your Products

I don’t like forums, but yes I found the right way to use it.

Online Forums are usually a gathering of the needy people who are in search of reliable products for their cause. You can gain popularity among the members once you make yourself active and invincible with knowledge in the niche.

Post your affiliate links in the forums once after you are recognized as a regular contributor by the visitors and make revenue from there.

Consulting people, in person, can also make them visit your page and buy things with your affiliate link can also work to make some real cash.

Wrapping Up

These are the easiest and best places to share affiliate links to make revenue quickly over the internet. 

The affiliate marketing doesn’t require investment and gets maximum return on your investment of the working time.

Do note that using these affiliate links always try not to spam the content or website hence keeping the interest of the viewers to indulge with your links.

I would say, the affiliate marketing is a hell of the strategy to monetize your blog to make some significant penny yourself through online, and I hope this post will help to earn.

Do you have any thoughts to share? 

6 thoughts on “Top 9 Places To Share Affiliate Links For Highest Conversion”

  1. Hi Nirmala,

    Great points! I really love the idea of adding affiliate links on the author boi. Because it’s something that visitors read.

    I am also experimenting with banner ads on the blog posts at RoadToBlogging. I’ve noticed that Harsh has been using it for a while. So it might be generating sales.

    However, loved the post. Keep up the good works.

    Istiak Rayhan

  2. Hey Nirmala,

    Thanks for describing the ways of sharing Affiliate Links to general higher conversion.

    All are good but I would like to give fuel to Tutorials And EBooks concept.

    Reason: Nowadays, a teenage can search the tutorials and ebook to solve his queries. And the tutorials are widely visited by several users as it’s a process to learn and solve something. Till date, I have been working with paid ads only but now will explore my work to other affiliate marketing.

    Well Done, Keep it up.

  3. One thing I’ve found to be effective is to include affiliate links to an online bookseller in my blog posts. They don’t have to be actual reviews of these books (although that does get the best results). They can just be posts about a certain subject, with related books linked in the text. Sure enough, some people click on those links and some sales, and therefore commissions, result.

  4. Hi Nirmala
    After such a long time restart my blogging and read this article on “affiliate links”. as per my opinion product reviews are one of the best method to mint affiliate products this is the main reason people love to write reviews as per research people love to read reviews before taking final call. So reviews convert very fast but they should be to the point and should also try to solve most of the question a common customer ask about that product.

    What is your opinion?

  5. Hi Nirmala,

    Great points! I really love the idea of adding affiliate links on the author boi. Because it’s something that visitors read.
    Till date, I have been working with paid ads only but now will explore my work to other affiliate marketing.

    Well Done, Keep it up.

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