5 Devilish Ways To Create A Unique Blog Post

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Did you ever hear the proverb “putting old wine in a new bottle”?

It is an old saying and quite popular in every field. Mostly it is used in negative sense. If someone offers an old formula to solve a problem he is alleged of putting old wine in a new bottle.

If an inefficient ruler issues a new program with old ideas to serve the community, he is also labeled with the same allegation.

Hence in every field it is used when a person tries to dupe others by simply renovating an old thought to impress others. But it can be very positively used in blogging to create a unique blog post.

How Marketers Refresh An Old Idea?

You would be surprised to know that in the field of marketing it is also used positively.

In every type of marketing field be it product marketing, corporate or internet marketing or something like that the smartest marketers put the old wine in new bottle to bring new life in their marketing campaign.

They don’t dupe the people. They actually try to convert the disinterest of people into their interest. They want people be impressed by their new marketing campaign which actually is not new but renewed for the sake of creating an impression of new.

How Bloggers Renew An Old Thought?

What is the biggest problem of each blogger? He needs to keep creating text posts, videos, images, products, courses and tutorials. To sell them he needs to be unique. So he needs to bring a new idea for creating each type of product.

Everyone Can’t Be A Creative Genius

But the question is, Can a person create a quite unique thing beyond a limit?

Practically once in a month or twice he can create a wonderfully unique blog post which flabbergasts his readers and market leaders. But all the time he can’t send ripples.

Look at other bloggers both pro and struggling bloggers. Their every post is also not the unique post. Nor products of all of them are matchless.

They are common beings and not the creative genius who are exceptions in every society. So it is clear one can’t create a unique blog post every time.

Basic Blogging Knowledge Is Limited

The second reason is that a lot has already been created in Blogosphere. The total discipline of blogging covers the following four major topics.

  • Blog development including a selection of niche, buying of a domain, hosting, template and finally establishing a blog.
  • Creating contents after doing keyword research and following the rules of on-page SEO
  • Promoting contents with off-page SEO, social media optimization, blogging communities and email marketing
  • Monetizing your blog to earn money with it if it is one of your blog’s objectives

There are a limited number of ideas to describe the four points and give suggestions to do them. Just rephrasing and reproduction of the same idea is going on mostly in Blogosphere. Learned people know this fact while beginners get so happy once they see a post written on a stereotyped topic.

What Are 5 Ways To Create A Unique Blog Post?

So you can create a unique blog post by skillfully renewing an old idea by following the five ways given below.

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1. Expand The Old Idea

Expanding the old idea to make it new is quite common and you can also apply it to create a unique blog post.

Just look at the topic: “How to increase traffic on your blog?

Hundreds and hundreds of posts have already been created on this topic.

You can a little expand this idea by making it time-specific or niche-specific. For example “how to increase traffic on your blog in 2015” or “how to increase traffic on your blog of green niche” will expand the already several-times applied idea.

2. Make the Old Idea Aggressive

This method is also very common to create a unique blog post. You can avail it by making it more aggressive. How to double the traffic on your blog? This can be made aggressive with different ways:

  • How to bring 200% rise in traffic on your blog?
  • How to triple the traffic on your blog in 30 days?
  • How to double the traffic on your blog in no time?

But do remember you should make the idea aggressive but free from exaggeration.

3. Question The Old Idea

This increases curiosity in readers. They want to know the basis of your questioning an idea. If you are rightly questioning it, you need to prove it with powerful arguments or otherwise you just conclude the debate by upholding the old idea and take back your question. You can do this as:

  • Who says you can hardly earn money with your blog?
  • Why to write quality posts if you can get traffic with weaker posts?
  • Why blogging is not for everybody?

4. Negate The Old Idea

To negate an established idea you need to be a little authority. You must be fully aware of all the aspects of an idea which you are going to negate. You need to give case studies and practical examples to prove your negation. Its examples are:

  • You don’t need huge traffic to earn money with your blog
  • 5 tips to earn money with ordinary contents at your blog
  • SEO is dead so just enjoy and write whatever you want to

5. Flip The Old Idea

This is also a very useful trick to create a unique blog post. Here you need to just shuffle the idea and present it as if it is a new one. You need not to prove anything and just narrate it as it is done usually. Its examples are:

So these are the five tricks to put new thoughts into an old idea to create a unique blog post. You just need a little creativity to apply them and then reap its benefits.

Now Your Turn

If you are already applying these tricks, do share your experience with us to let this blog community explore more ideas. Also what other tricks you apply to put old wine in a new bottle. I would love to hear your views.

I hope you will also reshare this post with your friends to make them follow these devilish ways to create a unique blog post.

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