Growth Of Satellite Navigation System and GPS

We are living in the world of technology and in this era, we need tech devices for almost all our daily tasks. With so much advancement in Internet and Satellite services, now we don’t need to ask anyone about the directions for any place or get confused to locate a specific place. In this post, I’d like to share my knowledge of Car Navigation System, Satellite Navigation System, and GPS.

Satellite Navigation System

A system of satellites forms a Satellite Navigation System (aka Sat Nav) which is managed by a company or country which offers the data related to a specific location around the Earth in 3D form. Different satellite navigation systems exist, but the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and Regional Satellite Navigation System are the major Satellite Navigation Systems. Global Positioning System (GPS) comes under GNSS which was developed by U.S. Department Of Defense with 24 satellites.

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Sat Nav systems were first designed in the 1960s for military use but now they can help us to traverse the world without getting lost and can help us to save on fuel costs every day. This space-based system is unaffected by weather conditions. There was a time when using GPS was considered as a rocket science and they were not so easily available too. However, the time has changed a lot and now we have genuine places to buy Sat Nav and GPS tools online.

Tesco Direct is one such place that offers a wide variety of Sat Nav and GPS ranging from £50 to £300. There are more than 100 kinds of Sat Nav and GPS gadgets available in different colors and different size. Here, the exciting tech tools like GPS running watches, Heart Rate monitor, Handheld GPS, Portable GPS for car and motorcycle and almost all possible kind of GPS’s are available at affordable price.

Here, you can refine your search by choosing the desirable options from the left side of the screen and I’m sure that you’ll adore its outstanding delivery choices. Even though it contains a huge list of electrical and electronic devices for gadget lovers, I prefer to get Car Satellite Navigation System. Many people now use car navigation systems for safe and relaxed driving and hence I’d like to talk about Sat Nav for cars through this post.

Car Navigation System

Car Navigation Systems rely on GPS and thus it contains GPS Antenna & Receiver. It receives signals from Satellites and through onboard sensors, it recognizes the position & direction of the car and they will get displayed in car navigation system screen through the integrated digital maps in GPS receiver.

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Never get lost again

The major selling point of today’s car satellite navigation system is that you should never find yourself lost when driving. You should also never have to ask anyone else for directions when that reassuring voice is helping to guide you along to your chosen location. Whether you’re driving in your own city or throughout some new country abroad you can download maps and use global positioning satellites to easily find your destination

Cost-effective technology

Your car navigation system is also a fuel saving device that will ensure you become fuel efficient, do your part for the environment by using less fuel and this can also cut your fuel bills. This low-cost device can map out the quickest route from one location to another, which in effect should mean you get to your chosen destination in less time. Of course, in reality, we shouldn’t take everything that voice says as a golden rule and good driver judgment should always be used when driving.

Sat Nav Apps

Although this technology is inexpensive you may not need a permanent stand-alone system if you’re an infrequent driver. You can buy or even obtain free apps that can be downloaded to your smart-phone and these will serve the same purpose as a navigation system. These apps are less of a financial investment but will generally have fewer features than a full system and you will have to obtain one to suit your specific journey.

Purchasing Features

If you are intending to buy a car navigation system then make sure that the one you choose suits your requirements. Many systems are different and some can come with live traffic services via subscription and the ability to download up to date maps. You can also get models that provide social networking updates and games but you should consider whether these will actually be of use or not.

Final Words

There is no doubt in the fact that technology has made our life very much easy and comfortable. GPS and Sat Nav is the perfect example of improved technology as these techniques save us a lot of time and efforts to locate anything or anyplace. Where would we be without the indispensable satellite navigation system? That’s a good question because many of us rely on this little piece of sophisticated technology to find our way through unfamiliar environments on a daily basis.

Car Navigation System, the little box that guides us through the city streets and country highways took over $12 billion in research and development costs. We now pretty much take this product for granted but it is a vital piece of technology that many of us would be lost without. What is your opinion about the developments in Satellite Navigation System and GPS? Share it in the comment section.  

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