Why Google Plus For Business?

This post describes “Why Google Plus for Business?” to the businesses and suggest them to widely use the Google Plus  to grow their business.

Social networking is the perfect and coolest way to communicate with other people for both personal and professional reasons. So, social networking websites are increasingly attracted by the business owners to reach the maximum clients for their product or service. Through this post, I want to incorporate the details “Google plus for business” for the business owners to run their successful business with Google plus.

Few Words About Google Plus

Google plus is the 2nd widest use the social network after Facebook and surpassing Twitter & Youtube. It was introduced in the year 2011 by Google which is available in 60 different languages with more than 350 million active users. A study says, one-quarter (26%) of the internet users are using Google plus for various purposes. Google plus beats twitter and other social networking websites as it has exceptional features and tools which could help the people for personal and business use.

Google plus circles help the people to add friends and family separately and so it could be used as a professional network by the business owners. Here are some favoring points related to Google Plus,

1. Clean and simple interface which is uncomplicated to use.

2. It has great control in data sharing with good privacy options.

3. Google Plus communities are helpful for the people to ask questions and share information.

4. It offers the ability to download the personal data and updates easily.

5. Google+ circles, Hangout, Wrap-up, and Streams are some of the great features of Google plus which is unseen in other social media website.


Google plus for business

Even though LinkedIn is an appropriate place to perform networking and to store contacts, many online businesses invest time in Google plus to gain more exposure for their company by building their networks. Also, they could organize their calendars, post messages for their clients & colleagues and shape customer relationship with it. Here are the few points which explain the people that why they should use Google Plus for business.

1. Claiming Google authorship by the online business owner with the help of his/her personal profile would help them to get good reputation.

2. Making a connection between the business website and their Google plus page with the help of Google plus badges would let the visitors follow their online business website.

3. Creating a business page in Google plus to add the updates would allow the online business to gain more clients and make good relationship with other business people.

4. Adding a professional image in the cover page and using hashtags would aid to get more exposure and influence among the people.

5. Joining in relevant communities related to their corporate would help to get more ideas to improve their online business.


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Why Google plus for business is needed?

Using Google plus for business of all sizes is profitable and let’s discuss the reasons.

Google plus plays an important role in SEO

Sharing the business updates through the Google plus account increases the search engine ranking and finally creates greater visibility in the targeted market.

Integration with Google services

As it is integrated with most of the Google services, it is possible to share and reach the maximum clients with minimum effort.

Easy and safer content sharing

With the help of Google Plus’s sparks feature, it is easy to share the contents among the circles and communities along with great privacy settings.

Google Plus communities for conversation

To present and discuss their products/services, getting new ideas and solutions for the problems, relevant Google plus communities are the best places for businesses.

Google Authorship

Getting Google authorship would increase the reputation among the people and result in increasing product sale/ordering the offered service.

Updates get indexed immediately

Using relevant keywords and hashtags while sharing the updates in Google plus helps to get indexed immediately in Google search results.


Handy tools to use Google plus for business

Some useful tools related to Google plus for business are listed below


The widget from Widgetplus and Gplusapi.appspot allows the online business to promote the G+ business page on the company website.


Circlecount, and Allmyplus and  are some of the useful websites which helps to make a research about the competitors and calculate the active timings of the Google plus business page.

Extensions for browser

Doshare, Google+ Notifications and extended share for Google+ are the useful chrome extensions linked with Google plus which can be used effectively to organize the business.

Other tools

Salesforce, Hearsaysocial,and Hootsuite are some other useful tools which can be used to run the successful business.

How to use Google Plus?


If you are doing online business, add like-minded business people and customers to your circle. Inspire them to add you back with your magnificent content about your product/service and share updates regularly. Give your +1s and comments on other business updates and try to gain more followers through various Google plus communities.

Unlike other social networking sites, you can link to other websites through your Google plus profile and thereby strengthen your online business effortlessly. If more people engage with your sharing content, they would leave their +1 and your profile links will be more powerful.

I am suggesting the online business people to optimize the Google plus title tags for better search engine result. Your Google plus business page would let you enhance your brand beyond the basic networking level on Google plus. Focus to share the quality business updates here and be selective in adding the people to your professional circle.

If you are doing or gonna start an online business, it would be better to understand the importance of using Google plus for business and implement it effectively. 

If you integrated Google plus for business then do share your experience with me through your comment.

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  1. Hi, Nirmala mam I took a long break and now I am back!

    Really good post!

    I like your blog I am coming again and again to learn more.

    Thanks for giving such a wonderful information every blog posts and keep the great work 🙂

    1. Hey Nirmala,

      As we know Google+ is a google product, so surely this will help in boosting search engine ranking. As well as Google+ community are far more better than facebook. I had joined so many communities which help me in driving a lot of traffic. I get more than 20% blog traffic from Google+

      Thanks for sharing

  2. I have worked G Plus more recently Nirmala for these exact reasons.

    Easy, clean, quick uploading of images and posts; also hey, G Plus is Google’s little brother and gets SERIOUS search engine juice.

    Hashtag it up, share and prosper.


  3. As usual, This one is well decorated and cool rendered. I get every thing with perfection, full of facts and informative. It provide proper reason to use G+ for business. Good work, Keep doing mam. Thank You. 🙂

    1. Thanks for your inspiring comment Kumar Chandan 🙂

      Yes, I always like to present some useful piece of information to my lovely readers.

      Glad your found this post useful, keep coming here!

  4. Google Plus is best for exploring your online business, as people all over the world are using Google Plus for their business purposes 🙂 great post thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. I started using G+ recently and it is really wonderful. 🙂
    It has several advantages over other social networks.

    Great article, thanks!

  6. Hello Nirmala ma’am

    Great share.!

    I know you are very active member of Google+. ;). thanks for sharing google+ Business advantages. 🙂

    stay updated and stay rocking 😉 😛


    1. Am really happy with your prompt visit for my posts Mosam 🙂

      Just thinking to reward the top commenter, hope you’ll win that 😉

      Yeah, I love using G+ as it brings good traffic to my blog.

      Stay tuned here 🙂

  7. Hello Nirmala mam,
    I recently started to be active in Google+ and I should say it really benefited my blog in terms of traffic. And Google+ communities is a great place to find new people and to share blog posts. I should say, Google+ really helps in boosting online as well as offline businesses.

    btw, Nice article mam. And keep posting 😀

  8. Ya since Google Plus is a Google Product it have many advantages in Internet Business…Sharing something on the Google Plus is one of the most preferred ways to get indexed by Google Quickly and Now days Authorship also became very important for online marketers and bloggers…Thanks for sharing your thoughts…:)

    1. Hi Vivek,

      It is nice to read your point of views linked with Google Plus 🙂

      As you told, getting Google authorship would increase the reputation among the users.

      Try to show your presence here to share your point of views.

  9. Google is making a silent comment of the importance of Google+ even for business, but one can notice that over the last year Google has aligned more favor to Google+ with some of the actions they have taken and this has gone to show how important they consider their social media platform. Webmasters and other businesses are now required to identify with Google both via authorship and other products that are necessary if you are to survive online. Google+ is definitely important just as this article stated. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Its really good to hear your Google Plus Opinions Nwosu 🙂

      Yeah, as you told, it is important for all online business to depend to Google Plus to thrive in it.

      Keep sharing your thoughts here 🙂

  10. Hello Nirmala,

    Google Plus has become one of the most sort after social networks for online marketers, specially because of the SEO value that it has. I wish it could become that much popular as a networking site for the casual users too.
    The tools that you have mentioned, I have never heard of them, except for Do Share which I use with Hootsuite.

    1. Thanks for leaving a good comment by sharing your Google Plus views Sourav 🙂

      As the Google Plus has SEO benefits, most of the online business are using it effectively.

      Sure, as it is possible to add people in separate circle for personally and professionally , it would become a popular social tool for the casual visitors too.

      Glad you found my specified Google plus tools useful 🙂

  11. Hello Nirmala,
    You said right that, G+ is playing a vital role in SEO.
    If we get good +1 on our post then it is good for SEO. we will get better ranking in search engine and if we get good rank in google and can get huge traffic from google. We can make good business by G+.
    Nice and well written informative article
    Thanks Nirmala

    1. Thanks for sharing your point of views related to Google Plus Rajesh 🙂

      I am suggesting that every online business should use this social tool effectively to get more benefits in the form of traffic and reputation.

      You are most welcome 🙂

  12. Hi Nirmala,

    I agree with all of your points but doubt if Google+ will have any added SEO benefit over other networks. We are telling it everywhere and the reason behind must be because Google is offering this service. But in my opinion, Google knows it very well how the links in Google+ will be exploited and I don’t think they’ll incline to offer unfair advantage. There shouldn’t be any difference than any other networks, because, after all Google search engine must produce the most relevant results for user queries rather than how many links are there in Google+

    1. Yeah, agree with your views Suresh

      While seeing the blog post in searches, it is linked with Google Plus profile as the authorship is claimed with it.

      So in default, it is related to SEO.

      I hope that Google Plus have SEO benefits and helps to get good SERP

  13. Ankit Kumar Singla

    Google Plus really plays a wider role in SEO. I’m trying to share my all posts after publishing on G+ and really get effective results from there.
    Must reading article 🙂

  14. Google + is getting on fire it’s a cool social network
    but for me Facebook and Twitter are the best 😀

    powerful tips here thought thanks for sharing
    have a cool day! 😀

    1. Yeah, Google Plus is getting popular among the business nowadays as it have exceptional features which are not present in other social networks.

      If you practice to use it regularly and getting good traffic with it, then you would say, Google Plus is the best 🙂

  15. Google + really awesome source for business purposes which i have already recommended this for my friends they are getting Good leads too between nice research you have done on this topic Nirmala

    1. Thanks for your frequent visit with care Shameem 🙂

      Its good to read your views linked with Google plus and glad you’re recommending it for your friends.

      its good to get your appreciation, keep inspiring me 😛

  16. Hi Nirmala,

    If someone ask me give 3 ranks to three social media services. Then I would give Google Plus 3rd rank. So it means After Facebook and Twitter, Google Plus is most engaging social media site.

    1. Its nice to see you point of view with Google Plus Mubashir 😉

      Twitter has recently beaten by Google plus as G+ has excellent features like G+ circles, Hangouts and active communities which are unseen in twitter.

      Anyway, thanks for coming and commenting. keep doing it 🙂

  17. Nishant Srivastava

    Hi Nirmala,

    I am using Google Plus from a long time, and Business page on Google plus is quite similar as Facebook Fan page, but it has some other benefits also, like it helps you in ranking, it gives you different unique search results for your website keyword.
    overall its a must thing for every business!

    1. Am happy with your visit Nishant 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your real experience and benefits with Google Plus.

      Yeah, agree with you that it is needed for all type of business

      Keep visiting here to share your valuable thoughts 🙂

  18. I’m not using Google+ properly for some days (maybe because of laziness 😉 ). Will use Google+ from now after seeing it’s benefits from this post 😀 Thanks for the share Nirmala ma’am.

    1. Thanks for commenting Sriram.

      Very sad to hear that you’re not using Google Plus in recent days and am sure you’re missing some traffic.

      Practice using it regularly to reap its benefits.

  19. Google + has millions of user. Whoever has a google account they automatically turned into the G+ user. well I have a page for my website on Google + and I am happy with the output.
    Almost everybig brand is now on google + and they are targeting users.
    Thanks for the nice update keep up the good work ) 🙂

    1. Welcome to my blog Ashi 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your valuable opinions about Google Plus and agree with it.

      Glad you are getting benefits with Google Plus for your website.

      Thanks for your visit, keep doing it 🙂

  20. thank you for sharing Nirmala about the value of Google Plus in business. i hope i can find communities of freelance writers there so that i can find more high paying gigs for my freelance writing business and to include in my List of 50+ high paying gigs for freelance writers

  21. Ambika Choudhary Mahajan

    I totally agree about the increasing importance of G+. I dont know why I cant seem to use it properly.
    I must start using G+ to the best effect to get better results.
    Thanks for the lovely write up, Nirmala.

  22. Welcome to my blog Abhinav,

    Thanks for appreciating my work and glad you liked my blog posts.

    Yeah, presenting the posts with clarity is my positive but taking more time for that is my negative. Anyway am writing for my readers 🙂

    Keep visiting here 🙂

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