5 Essential Questions Every Blogger Needs To Ask Themselves (14 Experts Reveal Their Answers)

Hi Bloggers,

I warmly welcome you all to this experts’ tips post. It is quite different from my normal “Expert’s tips” category post. Here I’ve gathered the responses to 5 questions from 14 active bloggers.

Before checking their amazing reactions, let me tell you the importance of asking some basic blogging questions to yourself.

Nobody would create a blog with the intention of failure! You might have started to blog for various reasons like improve your skill, connect with people, share your knowledge or make money with a blog.

Whatever be your motive, you would expect loyal readers to your blog. Am I right? To ensure that you’re creating the best blog for your readers, it would be good to ask some significant questions about yourself. 

I’ve politely requested some passionate bloggers to give answers to 5 essential questions which would help you to do an enhanced blogging. 

blogging questions

The 5  questions that bloggers should ask themselves are

1. Do you have a core reason for blogging?

2. What particular problems will you be solving?

3. Are you displaying your capabilities on your blog?

4. What type of people will benefit from your blog content?

5. How are you making your blog unique?

Now, have these questions about blogging in mind! Check out the answers of experts and understand how clear & composed they are in their blogging career. 

Replies of 14 Experts For Critical Blogging Questions

atish ranjan


 1. Atish Ranjan from Techtricksworld.com


1. My love for blogging is the core reason.

2. I cannot specify exact problems as I try to solve all kind of problems which come in my way or while helping others. However, I can help mainly in Blogging, SEO, domain+hosting setup, server change, WordPress issues, Blogger to WordPress migration and HTML/CSS.

3. Yes! My blog is a medium for me to showcase my skills and I do it whenever there is need. Recently I have learned HTML/CSS which I used to make my blog’s design better than before and even I made my theme with the responsive design as well.

4. All kind of people who are somehow related to blogging, SEO or Technology.

5. Honestly speaking, I am not doing anything special to make my blog unique rather I share whatever I like to and what my readers like to read. However, I have made some changes in my design recently to make it look better and unique from a design perspective.



 2. Adam Connell from Bloggingwizard.com


1. There are two main reasons why I blog.
First of all, I am creating a lifestyle that allows me the freedom to do what I love to do.
The other reason is that I love writing about what I’ve learned. I like to test new tactics and solve the challenges people in my niche are facing.

2. There is a variety of specific problems, but the main ones involve helping other bloggers to get more traffic and email subscribers.
But ultimately my aim is to help other bloggers create the lifestyle that they want (with the help of blogging).

3. For the most part, yes. Because I’m in the blogging niche, I use a lot of the tips that I write about in my posts. This provides a good example of how things work.

4. Anyone who runs a blog that wants to get more traffic, email subscribers and anyone who wants to position themselves as an authority within their niche.
While most of my content is aimed at bloggers who run a personal blog, anyone who manages a business blog or website can benefit.

5. Part of my focus is to identify what tactics other bloggers aren’t using which could benefit them.
I do cover other topics that have been covered before, in those situations I either look to come from a unique angle or include more details and actionable information than most other posts cover.



 3. Anil Agarwal from Bloggerspassion.com


1. I’ve been blogging for a long time now, and I’m really enjoying my blogging journey. I’m not only making enough money from my websites, but I’m also able to solve people’s problems by helping them to make money online.

I’m into blogging because I want to serve as many people as possible with my knowledge. I’ve prior marketing skills (offline) to make a passive income from websites. So blogging is not only helping me to help people, but it also giving me a chance to make money online.

If you are thinking to start a blog, I would suggest you to focus on long-term goals. So you won’t quit when your blog doesn’t grow initially. It’s common for most beginner bloggers not seeing any growth on their blogs, but I suggest you to stick to blogging and don’t give up easily.

2. I cover a variety of topics on my blog related to making money online. The topics I cover most are, making money online, SEO, web hosting, and helping beginner bloggers to create a profitable website.

I also provide free WordPress installation service, few other blogging resources to help beginners to get started.

3. I’m putting maximum efforts to make my blog more popular. I know I’m doing my best and the comments, social shares I get on each and every post will prove that.

Frequently I also spend money on outsourcing few things like content creation, SEO services and making my blog design unique. Only serious bloggers can invest money on their websites.

Also remember the fact that, you will get money only after investing. If you want everything for free, you won’t be able to make even a penny online. So if you are really serious about making money online, invest your money wisely that give you long-term benefits.

4. Mostly the beginner bloggers will benefit from BloggersPassion. I focus more on helping new bloggers to make money online. Even the people who are searching for different ways to increase their organic traffic can also find my blog posts informative.

I cover very detailed articles on my blog related to SEO, making money and web hosting services. So if you are searching for the topics I cover, you will get the BEST information on my blog.

5. Here are the three things that are making my blog unique from the rest.

Detailed content: There are more than 2 million blog posts are written every single day, so it’s very hard to get wide attention for every post you write. So I focus more on writing useful contents to help others. On BloggersPasssion, I usually post around 1000 to 1500 words articles that are detailed enough to clarify my readers questions.

Unique design: As we all know the fact that uniqueness in design is what makes you truly unique from the remaining crowd. Although many WordPress users stick to generic design, I created a custom design on my blog to make it unique and easily stand out from the crowd. Recently I upgraded my design and it is now looking more promising, you can see the design changes by visiting the blog.

My USP: My unique selling point (USP) is “Become A Problogger & Make Money” clearly indicates that helping new bloggers to make a living from websites which is quite hard to find on other blogs and which is what makes my blog stand out from the crowd.

I’m also offering a free eBook for WordPress bloggers to make money from their websites. It’s absolutely free and I won’t spam my subscribers, they will only receive top-notch newsletters that help people to make more online.

I’d be glad to get in touch with my followers. You can also ask any blogging questions by emailing me at [email protected].



 4. Kulwant Nagi from Bloggingcage.com


1. I started blogging to make money online having near to zero knowledge about the potential of it. Once I started writing more about it, I came to know about the real meaning of blogging.

Now I blog to help more and more newbies so that they can start their blogging career and make this world a better place by sharing their tips.

2. I am writing on the blog to awaken hidden entrepreneurs in a newbie.
So this a blog which will solve your blogging related problem and ignite your inner power to create something better.

3. Yes, I am putting my best to display my capabilities.
* My blog is designed by me, so I have shown the world that anyone can make a good looking theme.
* I am writing from the bottom of my heart.
* Many graphics on my blog are designed by me.

4. I am targeting newbie bloggers only.

5. This is a blog where you will not read any generic content. All the articles on my blog (either written by me or any guest author) are the output of experience.

So here you are going to real case study/experience articles.

I have started blogging cage interview series on my blog which is a unique this on its own as I am interviewing big players in the internet marketing field.

At my blog, you are going to read real reviews about the product which I am already using to boost my business. I never write any generic reviews or any review of the product which I have never tried. 


5. Jane Sheeba from Besthostinganddesign.com


1. Yes, I do. I want to be independent. I don’t want to restrict myself to a cubicle or to the orders of a boss, or to a strict timing. I don’t want to be working on achieving someone else’s dream either. My independence and flexibility should allow me to be financially stable and strong, plus I should be available to my family and in particular my kid, whenever needed 🙂

2. My business aims at helping new and aspiring bloggers with cutting-edge advice, the services they need like a consultation, hosting, website design, set up and much more (provided at besthostinganddesign.com) and a place for such bloggers to the network (dosplash.com).

3. Yes. I make sure my blog (not only the content, but the design, and every other detail) assures what I promise I am capable of and what I claim I can help my readers with.

4. New and aspiring bloggers in particular. Some content and service will also benefit established bloggers.

5. I aim to provide what my readers can’t find anywhere else – which I why I infuse a lot of personality in my blog (again not just content, but with everything else associated with my blogs). Sharing what I learned, what I went through and what I do on an everyday basis and basing my advice/tips/strategies I share on my blog upon my own experiences makes my blog unique.



 6. Reginald Chan from Reginaldchan.net


1. Not when I started out. I came across my talent of writing around 2005. I started a blog on Blogspot and realized that I really love blogging … and was good at it.
My main core reason now is to help people with my experience and sharing everything I know on my blogs. For example, my new blog SocialMediaRush.com is solely on social media tips which I had gained and experienced during my years working with several companies and agencies.

2. Currently, SocialMediaRush.com is based on social media related tips. ReginaldChan.net is my personal blog and I focus more on SEO and WordPress related.

3. Pretty much. I’m sharing around 90% of what I know on my blogs. 10% are either through services or through my eBooks (and newsletters).

4. Currently, my biggest readers are business peeps. Due to my nature of writing, I am doing more business blogging where this information is very useful for startups or small businesses. And in most cases, I get my clients directly from my blog posts. Pretty cool I would say 🙂

Besides that, bloggers could also utilize my blog contents but I noticed not everyone would. This is probably I’m very direct in my blogging and might not be what others are listening. For example, people always say SEO is hard etc. However, the truth is (in my blog posts as well), are always that SEO is easy. You just got to understand how it works.

5. I think I speak in my own voice. I don’t want to be an average Joe just like millions of bloggers. I want to be me, the unique guy. So, tips I share are those which I had tested and proven. Also, I make my blog unique by using premium plugins to boost engagement. Of course, engagement is way easier that way but it cost a bomb monthly.

At the same time, my blog posts are generally long. I blog around 1.5k to 3k words easy. My main goal is to provide value and I don’t see any valuable post under 600 words. Haha!


 7. Ryan Biddulph from Bloggingfromparadise.com


1. My core reason to blog is to be free and to take you with me. “You” meaning everybody who wants to blog, full time, and everybody who wants to travel. Maybe you want to travel indefinitely or for a month at a time.

If you run a prospering blog you can engineer a freeing lifestyle. I’ve experienced this and I SOOOO want other people to come along for the ride, because if I can do it, anybody can do it.

2. I help bloggers retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging. Nirmala, I’ve seen so many bloggers who’re struggling to monetize their blog.

Travel bloggers who want to crack the income code, and who care not to return home to work, to fund their travels. Part-time bloggers who are students, or who work a full-time job. These folks want to learn how to become full-time bloggers, or at least, how to monetize their blog so they can create a more freeing lifestyle….and that’s where I come in.

3. I think so 🙂 I’m expressing more of my potential, these days, because my vision for blogging from paradise is clear.

4. Any blogger who wants to create a freeing lifestyle. Whether you’re a stay at home mom who wants to boost your cash flow to take more mini-vacations, with your family, or you’re a working parent who wants to retire, to become a pro bloggers, to spend more time with your family, my experiences will help you.

I have the “employee card” to play too. I was a fired, broke security guard with 4 cents in his pocket – yes, literally – 5 years ago. I remember going to check cashing stores to cash my unemployment because my bank account was close out; overdrawn, for months.

Yet now, the guy who experienced these things, is writing these words from a cliffside house in the jungles of Fiji, nestled 50 meters over the Pacific Ocean, with a million dollar view. Any employee, or blogger, can retire from their 9-5 gig, and can become a professional blogger, if they know why they want to do so, and if they tie that why, to being free.

5. Well, Nirmala, since we met in person in Chennai, you know all about my positive energy. I was just recovering from losing 20 pounds in 2 weeks, due to giardia, and I was still pretty energetic. I let that energy shine through my blog by telling my story. My blog screams, “Ryan Biddulph, the guy who blogs from paradise”, through my posts, pages, comments, travel images, writing voices, and through all of my personal travel stories, which I link to successful blogging.

No person in human history can come close to telling my story, because it’s mine. The same rings true for you and for any blogger. We all have such a special story to tell, based on our experiences, and if we tell it, authentically, we’ll stand out from everybody, online and offline.



 8. Zac Johnson from Zacjohnson.com


1. I started making money online back in the mid-90s through my own sites and affiliate marketing. In 2007 I decided to launch my own blog at ZacJohnson.com, which would become my outlet for helping others learn how to do the same. The great thing about the blog is that it’s helped establish myself as an authority in this space and grow my business to a whole new level.

2. Through my blog I’ve been able to help a lot of people make a lot of money. While the majority of it isn’t trackable, I’ve referred at least a few million dollars in new business to affiliate networks and several of my site partners. I can only imagine the real numbers, teaching and networking possibilities that have been as a result of the site.

3. Every post on the blog has a message and new topic of method than can be learned. Since I write all of the posts myself, building out the content and teaching others how to do the same helps solidify my expertise in the world of online marketing and in business.

4. Anyone who wants to start a business of their own, whether that be part time, full time or even just starting out with a blog. I mostly write about business and online money making opportunities, but you will find a lot of articles about my experiences and personal life as well.

5.The blog is all about myself and how I’ve made money in the industry. Since it’s my name, it’s also very important for me to keep the site updated with new content that everyone will find value. I launched the blog in 2007, but I also recently took my brand a million to a whole new level by launching my new podcast titled “Rise of the Entrepreneur”, where I interview very successful people that I’ve made a close connection with over the years. Best of all, it’s completely free.



 9. Pradeep Kumar from Slashsquare.org


1. Yes, I want people to know my views. I always wanted to form a community of like-minded people, where we can share our views, get information and get the best out of us.

2. Let it be a simple screenshot guide or career motivation guide, we provide from 0 to infinity. I’m not sure whether it solves anyone’s problem but I’m sure it gets their attention, makes them to think twice or thrice before taking the final decision.

3. Trying my best to put my best on my blogs.

4. I’m running Slashsquare (an Indian Blog Network and Web Consulting Media), which has HellBound Bloggers (HBB), HostLater, MoviesDrop and DeviceBAR as now. So I think we targeting a pretty decent community who are interested in Blogging, Social Media, Internet, Web Hosting, Movies, and Gadgets.
We will also launch GameThem, Photovity, MusicUnbox, and other portals soon, connecting with more people.

5.I’m not really sure how to answer this, I’m trying my best to make it easy for people to understand, maybe that could be sometimes unique these days. 😉



 10. Rakesh Kumar from Binarynote.com


1. The core reason for my blogging is – money. As you are well aware that I am right now much more involved in WordPress development and some of my themes are doing well.
My type of blogging is known as content marketing and I am happy to say that I am little bit successful in that, my traffic is much more targeted and it keep in to write /develop something new.

2. If I would answer this question in a single Word, then it is WordPress and how to use WordPress to make money online.
Not sure!
What I am claiming then just browse the term quotation on any particular topic and check out the alexa ranking and the price of traffic these sites are able to fetch from search engines ( use seaquake firefox plugin for the same)

I am providing solutions to make such websites using WordPress within next 10 minutes.

3. I think my blog is only displaying 10% of my total capabilities right now, By Profession, I am a teacher and I am not able to show what I can teach to my fellow readers. They know only about my WordPress programming skills nothing else. Perhaps they are not aware that I have working knowledge of more than 15 programming languages and exposed to more than 5 RDBMSs including MySql.

Right now, I am planning to start a new section in my blog that will host the tutorials on all the major programming languages like C++,Java etc.

4. Well , this question is little bit tricky for me. I think people who are struggling to make money online and running WordPress based blog should read my posts on regular basis.

My WordPress tips and tricks section only discuss the problem that are either not answered anywhere or have some strange solutions. Equally beneficial for the people who hates plugins for every second problem and want to hack their system for optimum output.

5. My blog is trying to solve my user’s requirement. ? Most of my articles are based on their queries or to help in their quest to make money using my niche WordPress themes ( Asked by my readers to develop such themes in WordPress ).

Thus, if you or any of your reader(s) have any working problem related to WordPress/hosting/affiliate marketing, they are most welcome at binarynote.com



 11. Harleena Singh from Aha-now.com


1. To help others. Yes, that’s my core reason for blogging. I did not start blogging for money. In fact, I started with to create my freelance writing portfolio, but the intention was to share my knowledge and experience with others so they can benefit from it.

I want to earn revenue from my blog but I consider that as a fruit rather than my primary objective. I want to provide useful and helpful content through blogging. I also feel that if the core reason for blogging is not helping, then you do not achieve much success.

2. I believe I can only try to help a person to find solutions to his or her problems. Whether it is related to life, relationships, or professional aspects like blogging. I can act as a guide, and it is up to the individual whether he or she can make it all happen to solve the problem.

Regarding blogging, I can help the newbie blogger to find the right path, right methods, and to develop the right strategy of blogging to help them achieve their aim. Most newbie bloggers have the problem that they are confused and have the wrong concepts. I guess that is where they need help. For example, you can see my latest post about why bloggers should not worry about the dropping of Alexa rank and what they can do about it.

3. My capability is to inspire, guide, teach, and counsel. And I reflect that on my blog through inspiring content, tutorials, interactions, engagement, and various community features. I have the tools of forum and activity center to reach out to my community members and make the blog capable enough to achieve its objectives. You can read my latest post on the amazing community features and giveaway on Aha!NOW!

4. People from all walks-of-life, non-bloggers and bloggers alike, will benefit from my blog content because Aha!NOW is a multi-niche blog and serves all the needs of a person. It is a life blog that caters to the personal, social, and professional development of an individual, including blogging, with an aim to bring happiness in life.

My blog visitors get help regarding their problems in life, relationship, family, or health and these are the aspects of life that concerns everybody.

5. Aha!NOW is known for its engagement and interactions, besides its useful content. I’m taking it a step further and developing a community that uses the various community features and forum as tools to connect with each other in a better way and make the discussions continue among them in public and private manner, taking them beyond the posts and comments and making them more meaningful.

I’ve even provided features for bloggers where they can share their blogs and blog posts with the other community members and visitors of the blog. 



 12. Neil Patel from Neilpatel.com


1. I blog because I truly enjoy it. I love helping other people and sharing the lessons I’ve learned. In addition to people I also learn from my readers. When they comment, I get to hear their opinion and in many cases they open my eyes to new things.

2. I love teaching people how to generate more traffic. Almost all of my blog posts revolve around Internet marketing and traffic generation.

3. I am displaying some of them on my blog. I have a ton of marketing strategies that are not on my blog yet, but I will be publishing them over time.

4. Anyone who is looking to grow their website traffic. If you are a business owner, marketer, or just looking to learn about marketing Quick Sprout is a great read for you.

5. I just try writing exceptionally good content. That’s my only strategy.



13. Yaro Starak from Entrepreneurs-Journey.com


1. My core motivation as an entrepreneur has always been “freedom”. The freedom that comes from financial security and freedom to spend my time how I want to. I blog to share all the ideas that lead to this kind of lifestyle freedom.

If I can help others break free from jobs they don’t like and to create online businesses they love, and enjoy similar freedoms as I do, then I’m achieving my goals 🙂

2. I cover a lot of different subjects, ranging from choosing a blog topic to building a structured sales funnel to sell digital products. I have guides on everything from traffic, to product creation, email marketing, content creation and strategy, as it relates to a blogging and information marketing business.

3. While I do tell stories from my own success demonstrating what I can do, I like to showcase other people’s success more. If I’ve helped someone to create an amazing blog business then I want people to hear that story. Many of my podcast interviews feature these people, who make money with blogs about subjects like cars, acne treatment, book publishing, ADHD help and BMX bikes.

4. Any person who wants to know the blueprint – the steps to take – to create a business that uses a blog and email list to sell digital products and services.

5. My blog is unique because my story is unique, my writing style is unique, the people I help are unique, and I have proven success stories helping people in all kinds of different subjects. I also have a very transparent philosophy, I explain what is working and what is not and I’ve been doing so on my blog since 2005.



 14. Ankit Singla from Bloggertipstricks.com


1. When I started blogging 5 years back, Money was my core reason. I was in need of earning money for some personal reasons. As years crossed, I become more passionate about blogging. 
I still remember how much I struggled with my initial days of blogging and had made little cash out of it. But as we know, experiences teach us well and thus I’ve started to nourish my blogging skills. Now, as a dedicated blogger.

2. When I stepped into blogging, no one was there to guide me. I did a lot of hard work to get essential information from various sources. From my blog, I’m trying to help learners who want to start blogging as a career. So, I have been providing various blogging tips and tricks which worked for me on my blog.

3. A blogger must be capable to write for readers, generate useful content, present it well, promote aggressively and help others. I hope I’m doing well in these areas.

4. People who are interested to learn to blog! Be of any age, or of any niche. If they want to learn basic blogging strategies then I would say my blog is the right place to satisfy their needs. 

5. There are lots of blogs under blogging niche which offers excellent content. But providing great content isn’t enough. It must be understandable for everyone, especially for novice people and thus focusing to create content with good readability. 

I’m familiar with the difficulties of learning the blogging concepts and I don’t want my readers to face the problems in understanding the materials. So, I’m trying to give simple and helpful contents for them. Even though my blog posts are of not high quality but yes they are beneficial to my visitors and they would like to read them.

I’m very thankful to these dedicated bloggers for providing their helpful responses for some crucial blogging questions for fellow bloggers. 

@ Bloggers

I hope that you’ve engaged well with the reactions of these innovative bloggers and recognized their fervor in blogging.

Answering these questions will not assure your blogging success, but it will nudge yourself on the success track. So, don’t create the blog blindly to earn with it. Apart from making money with your blog, you have a great opportunity to help people with your quality content. What do you say?

I wish to ask these 5 questions to every blogger and if they have crystal clear answers for my indispensable blogging questions, then I would say that they are moving towards the blogging success and have got a well-deserved place to live in the Blogosphere.

Now, it’s your turn to answer for my blogging questions! I wanna hear your awe-inspiring replies 🙂

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    I’m sure every one of us has something to take away in this post. While I read the responses of other bloggers I’m truly inspired to do more 🙂

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    1. Yes Jane, it is very interesting to know the blogging experiences of these experts and how clear they’re with their goals.

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    1. Hi Kelli,

      What a pleasant surprise! Do you too get into the blogging? Anyway, you’re welcome to my blog 🙂

      There are hell lot of stuffs need to be learned from successful bloggers and yes, the experts answers are inspiring. My “Experts tips” posts helps me to understand many blogging essentials and thus I do get replies for useful questions from various successful bloggers.

      Ryan had reacted well with his comprehensive responses and I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for finding time to visit my blog, you’re always welcome to leave your opinions 🙂

  8. Hi Nirmala,

    It’s a great list of blogger’s with awesome tips and experience. This will be surely an inspiration for newbie and struggling bloggers to fit them in to the blogging world. Everyone started a blog for different reason, but as a result they decided to help other bloggers, it’s really nice.

    Here you filtered out the juice of experience of legendary bloggers. This will be helpful to all.

    Thanks for sharing such an interactive and useful article. Keep updating.

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