DOCMERIT – A Wonderful Platform To Sell Your Study Notes

Are you a student who has put a lot of effort into drafting the class-notes and study guides? Do you know that you can sell your study notes online?

Well, I have already written about the students are earning money by selling notes online, and there I have listed some genuine websites that accept the academic guides for money.

Yes! Study materials with good quality are in high demand! It is a nice opportunity for you to help someone who really needs it.

So, you are going to make money and get side income without doing any extra work. Obviously, you already drafted the content with good excellence, used them, and now, going to sell them for the needy ones through a trustworthy platform.

I should admit that selling notes online is not a quick-rich scheme. However, it definitely supports you in achieving financial freedom.

Let’s come to the topic!

While surfing the web, I got a chance to visit a legit note selling website that lets you make most of your studies. Their site design and detailed information impressed me to write this review.

So, let me tell you the complete details about this wonderful medium to earn money by uploading notes!

You might be wondering with the questions

  • How can I make money from notes?
  • What can I do with old study notes?
  • How much can I sell my notes for?
  • Which is the best website to sell notes in India?
  • How to upload notes and make money?

Well, here is the ideal solution for all your queries! Its Docmerit!

Docmerit – A Quick Intro

Docmerit is the note sharing medium founded in 2019 by a group of students to exchange study materials with each other and get better grades. It has more than 100 thousand documents that are accessible to everyone across the globe.

At the time of writing this Docmerit review, it contains more than 40 thousand students who got access to the quality educational documents uploaded by other students looking to earn cash through their nicely-baked content.

As this efficient study guides platform covers more than 15 thousand universities globally, it has been backed by CourseMerits (An online marketplace for homework help & tutoring) and thousands of students from different colleges and universities.

Exciting Features Of Docmerit Notes Selling Site

Now, let’s have a look at the exceptional features of Docmerit.

1. Highest Payout Ratio

This excellent note selling website offers the industry’s highest payout ratio; yes, you can earn up to 85% per sale. Top sellers are making thousands of dollars every month.

2. Sell All-Academic Documents

Docmerit allows you to sell educational materials like study notes, tutorials, lecture notes, essays, and theses. But, ensure that you own the copyright of your documents.

3. Fix Your Price

In this notes cash-making medium, you can set your selling price and promote your documents to increase the reach of your notes among the students and boost the sales. The minimum amount is $1.5. The more notes you sell, the more you earn.

4. Selling Tips

The website itself suggests some effective tips to study notes online like meaningful summary, informative advertising, bundle your documents, and more useful guidelines to increase sales. You may also read their blog articles to create logical content and make cash with it.

5. Highly Flexible

You can upload the documents in any language. You can also easily delete the document when you don’t want to sell a specific note that was uploaded by mistake.

6. Content For All Subjects

On this fantastic note-selling website, it is possible to discover the resources for all subjects like Accounting, Art, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Music, Law, Physics, and many more topics. Moreover, university-based content quiz, final exam answers, and individual assignments are also available under summaries and bundles type.

How Does It Work For The Sellers?

Docmerit offers a free signup process, and you can create your own personal study store within minutes. After signup, you can upload your academic guides. Now, fix the price and reach the target audience through promotion.

When the students buy your submitted docs, you will get paid directly to your account through PayPal. You have the chance to get multiple sales for the uploaded materials.

Wrapping Up

Selling studying notes online is an interesting way of making money for the students, giving them extra cash to spend on the other academic essentials without depending on their parents.

So, if you are a student who focuses more on taking notes every single day, then you may make use of this amazing money-making opportunity and get some additional bucks through your hard work.

However, you should have one thing in mind. The website through which you sell the notes should be authentic and prompt in sending the payment.

Therefore, I have introduced Docmerit for you, which is a trustworthy platform to give your study materials for other students and get paid for that. It is one of the best note-selling websites that directly credits the money to your account when students purchase your documents.

I hope you have come to know a good site where you will get paid to upload your notes. So, would you like to sell your neatly crafted notes here? What is your viewpoint about this study guide platform? Leave your priceless thoughts in the comment section, let’s discuss.

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  1. Hello Nirmala,

    I hope you remember me, I am Sugandha Agarwal, and was into blogging 7 years back with blog Techosky. But now I am back in online world and its good to be back…

    These days because of COVID it is a very difficult time for everyone and in this pandemic time Docmerit is a very useful tool for students who are looking for notes and want to learn and grow. I hope this tool will help whoever wants to earn some amount of money also.

    Thanks for writing and letting us know about the tool.

  2. Sounds amazing, in fact, you have made things a lot easier for students who want to earn some extra bucks with their study notes. Keep sharing such useful resources.

  3. I really appreciated this idea, so the students have the benefit of pocket money or the one that will cover part of their expenses

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