How Can Students Put Their Notes For Sale And Earn Money?

Are you a student who take many notes? Do you know that you could benefit from the notes that you have made? 

Yes! The students can make money through the internet by selling the notes. Specifically, the college students could earn extra cash by providing their helpful study guides to others.

Through this blog post, let me tell you how students can make money online by selling notes!

Notes are a great way to remember the significant amount of information! Do you agree?

An investment in creating the critical notes ensures a helping hand beside you that can guarantee the quick recall of a topic before a class test, revision session, a semester examination or anytime you need to.

Science has often stressed upon the importance of writing for better memory. The conventional life hack says, “Writing it once equals reading it seven times!”

I am pretty sure that you must be having your set of notes, and you’ve also gathered a set of note-taking techniques in the past years through practice so that you can convert any complicated piece of information to a digestible material!

Selling Notes Online

There are students who do not have the time or skills to create their set of notes and the only way out there for them is to outsource them.

If you are a good and precise note-maker, you can share your academic guides with the students who are ready to buy through the internet. 

Believe it or not, there is a huge demand for your study material these days, and you can make a decent by selling notes online!

I feel that there is no harm in sharing your helpful notes for money. And besides, web technology has improved a lot and thus, keeping the old records for sale is easier than ever. 

To sell notes online, you may need to provide your school name, class, subject, etc. Also, you may upload either your handwritten notes or digitally typed notes to the appropriate category.

The earning potential of selling records would depend on the demand for your subject and how much the students like your notes and find it helpful. 

There exist some websites that are specifically meant for the students to sell your study summaries and now, let me consolidate some legit sites where you can sell your notes.

10 Sites to Sell Notes Online 

Check the below 10 Notes Marketplace for students to buy and sell notes online!


These sites are not in any specific order. Each website has its unique set of features, and you’re advised to prefer the one which suits you the most.

1. StudySoup

StudySoup is one of the most promising notes selling websites launched on the web in the year 2014. The homepage is full of testimonials of students making over a thousand dollars per month. Currently, it is available for US students only. 

Getting started with StudySoup is easy. You simply need to create a free account, and you’re ready to go. However, to start selling StudySoup, you need to be from a university mentioned in their list of schools. 

2. OneClass

If you are a student from United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, you can start earning from OneClass. It range seems to be more diverse than the StudySoup. There are a lot of universities covered around theUnited States and Canada.

Thus, if your school doesn’t list at StudySoup, you don’t have to lose hope! OneClass boasts of millions of notes by around 800,000 university students. Besides, there’s a question-answer section as well. Awesome, isn’t it?

The interesting part of OneClass is that it pays you with gift cards from places such as Amazon, Starbucks and more. It might seem a great deal if you wanted to use your money that way, but it’s a grave disadvantage if you need straightaway cash from your work.

3. OxbridgeNotes

OxbridgeNotes is yet another good portal with a buyer base of 250,000 people. Also, it can be your note-selling partner if you’re from any of these six countries – Australia, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States. 

If you got good notes, you can upload here and receive cash on a monthly basis. They will not reveal your name to the buyers, and you may leave from the site whenever you want. They need Notes, Essay Plans, Mind Maps, Typed Up Notes from the outstanding students who got good grades in their academics.

However, you can’t just register for a free account and get started directly. You need to fill a form, and if they like your details, they will invite you to join as a note seller. 

4. Notesgen

Notesgen is an online educational marketplace created in the year 2015. If you’re an Indian student, you can make use of this notes selling website and earn money from your valuable tutorials.

Yes! just upload your self-prepared academic notes in Notesgen, set price for others to purchase and get paid for every sale. Notesgen has a well-designed mobile app (both Android and iOS) to access the purchased content from anywhere, anytime.

The best part of Notesgen is that it doesn’t let the buyers download the notes directly. Instead, it lets them view the notes in their mobile app or file viewer software. 

5. Stuvia

If you want to turn notes into cash, then Stuvia is the exact place! It accepts the study materials and summaries from the countries like South Africa, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. It is an incredible marketplace to sell notes online.

It’s very simple to use. Study guides from students are ordered here by ratings, the greater the ratings of your notes, the higher are the chances of them appearing in a potential buyer’s page. You’re being rewarded if people like your work and vice versa.

To grab some good ratings which ultimately would lead to chunks of money, Stuvia recommends you to sell your notes initially for free. You can alter the price later on!

They also notify the potential buyers about the helpful study documents before their exams and thus you would get benefited by their active promotion. 

6. NoteSale

NoteSale is a UK based website for students to sell notes through the internet. I really like its neat, clean yet appealing interface. It acts as a good intermediary between the notes sellers & buyers.

Create a free account and get started. Uploading a note just takes 2 minutes. Once your notes are downloaded, the payment will be made instantly. 

7. NoteUtopia

NoteUtopia is a perfect student community where you can put up your notes for sale and make extra cash. Selling class notes is simple in NoteUtopia like other websites. You just need to upload your study documents, fix the price and cash out.

However, you have to market yourself here and follow some promotional strategies suggested by the website (

Therefore, if you have had poor luck with other portals, you can get your “sell my note” message here.

8. StudentVIP

If you’re a student from Australia, who would like to trade your study materials, then StudentVIP is the best place to sell notes online. It is one of the biggest websites for students and has a good reputation by providing the high-quality services for the students. 

There are many more features for the students on this site, but they do have a dedicated section for selling the study notes. Not only the education notes, but you could sell other types of notes like business notes, health notes, creative notes and much more in  StudentVIP.

So if you have carefully crafted, in-depth notes, you can just upload them and earn money. All your study materials will be moderated before publishing. You may also utilize Notexchage, Australian based website to sell your study guides.

9. OmegaNotes

You can sell any useful notes like study guides, cheat sheets, and diagrams on OmegaNotes. If your notes are purchased, you will get paid immediately. It is an user-friendly website with which you could make more money with the better notes that you have.

Just create a free account in this college notes marketplace, and upload the academic summaries in the form of PDF or picture format. I would say that it is one of the best places to get paid for your educational notes.

10. NexusNotes

NexusNotes is the last portal in our list for “sell my notes” category. It is available for the students from United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. NexusNotes has an appealing interface, and it is easy to upload your valuable notes.

Each and every note published there is manually approved by their team. The price for every note set is fixed – $35. NexusNotes keeps 50% of this and gives the rest to you. They have an option which lets you donate your money to charity if you want to.

Final Words On

Sharing Knowledge Pays For Students

The students who miss the class or want to improve their academic performance always seek the good-quality helpful notes on the internet.

If you are a student who meticulously crafted your college notes and puzzle over the question “Where to sell my note?”, you may visit the above websites to earn money from the internet.

I hope that it is a good news for the note-makers as the students could earn money on the web by sharing their notes with others.

 So, what are you waiting for? Sell notes online and start receiving an automatic income stream. 

What do you think about this way of online earning for students from the work they have already done? Share your valuable views in the comment section. 

Disclaimer: I don’t have any experience in selling the study materials on the net. I have just searched and consolidated the legit details for the students who would like to make income online at their spare time.   

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