Educational Apps – Changing The Process Of Learning

The digital transformation has revolutionized the educational sector a lot in the past few years. With the amazing technology and revolutionary features, educational applications are becoming a common tool for learning.

Nowadays students prefer to learn with the help of mobile application rather than thick textbooks.

With the availability of these various educational applications, students can also get various study materials and notes like RD Sharma solutions, NCERT solutions, notes for various competitive exams, etc.

Why Use Educational Apps?

Some of the benefits of using educational applications for learning are given below!


1. Extremely Interactive

Almost all educational experts agree that mobile learning applications activate better engagement in students and also makes them more interactive. The introduction of the educational apps has led to new methods of learning.

There are fun games and quizzes available on the app that indulges the children into a healthy thought process and also help them understand the concepts from a different perspective.

2. 24/7 Availability

Unlike schools, educational apps are available to students all the time. Students will no longer have to worry about missing a class as they can learn anything from their educational app anywhere and at any time.

3. Portability

Educational apps are free from space constraints. The mobile learning applications can be carried by students wherever they go, especially during train journeys or a long flight.

With the help of these mobile learning applications, students will no longer have to stay away from learning at any time.

4. Video Lessons

One of the main advantages of educational apps is the availability of attractive video lessons. The mobile learning apps provide video lessons on numerous topics so that students can visualize each concept in a better way.

The video lessons are filled with engaging features like 3D animations and in-air projections which make students enjoy the learning process along with understanding the concepts.

You may subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube Channel to watch interactive video lessons on various science and math topics.

5. Educational Games

Games are one of the best methods to engage students in learning. It also makes student competitive and interactive. The mobile learning apps are filled with engaging educational games with the help of which students can enjoy and learn at the same time.

6. E-Books

In this generation, children are very fond of online learning and e-books. There are numerous library apps available in the app market from which students can download any book and start learning.

There are also various features and categories in the apps which help students to select the appropriate book for their exam which saves them a lot of time during their preparation.

7. Regular Updates

Along with study materials and notes, educational applications also provide latest updates on campus events, exams, competitive exam dates and syllabus, and other vital information.

Students can get the latest information like JEE Mains Exam Pattern, NEET Syllabus, CBSE Marking Scheme, etc from the educational app with just one click.

8. Stay Connected

The educational apps have special features which allow students to stay connected to their teachers all the time.

While self-studying, students come up with numerous doubts but due to the unavailability of teachers around them at that time they are not able to clear them.

And as a result, they forget the doubt the next day. But with the help of the educational apps, students can clear their doubt from their teachers or mentors at any time.

9. Test Series

The mobile application provides numerous mock tests and test series for various examination. This feature helps students prepare for their exam in a better and effective way.

The app also provides a detailed report of the student’s score and progress which helps them to analyze their mistakes so that they can perform better the next time.

10. Track Progress

This is one of the revolutionary features of educational mobile apps. Progress is one of the things that every parent wants to see.


The educational apps are designed in such a way that it analyses the weak and strong point of a student. This is very useful as they can work on their ineffective points and develop them accordingly.

These were some benefits of using a mobile learning application for learning. Do you agree with these academic advantages? 

3 thoughts on “Educational Apps – Changing The Process Of Learning”

  1. Hello mem,
    The educational apps are really changing the world. I know the Imran from India who creates the apps for students. He is really good on it. I also use apps to get the knowledge about anything.

    Thanks for sharing knowledgeable article.


  2. I love this combination of technology with education. As a teacher I am really happy that apps are making study very easy for students. Thanks for sharing this blog, very informative.

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