6 Best Essay Proofreader Tools To Get Error-Free Documents

How to proofread my essay and thesis papers? It is one of the widely asked questions among the students!

Hence I have taken a nice opportunity to list some ideal essay proofreader tools for getting the errorless documents to submit in your school or college. 

Let’ get into the details!

When you are researching something and want to submit the detailed document or the essay, silly mistake is the last thing which you want to see.

Mistakes are annoying, and they can easily make an individual look careless or clueless about the content. Moreover, it creates a bad professional as well as a personal image for the individual.

Thankfully you don’t need to worry much about the silly mistakes in terms of spelling as well as grammar. The internet has several helpful proofreading tools which ensure you deliver high-quality essay and thesis documents every time.

6 Best Tools For Students To Proofread Essays & Thesis Documents


1. Grammarly

If you are searching for a single reliable tool to spell check as well as check the grammar, Grammarly is a reliable option.

It proofreads the content quickly. All you need is to upload the file or copy the content and paste; it will scan each and every line and notify the grammatical and spelling issues.

Grammarly is widely used by many writers and scholars to check the grammar errors. It has both free as well as paid services for individual users.

This essay proofreader app can be embedded in your web browser for quick use. When you upload an essay, Grammarly corrects the spelling, punctuations, grammar issues and improves the overall vocabulary by sharing the contextual errors.

The best part about Grammarly is, it improves the overall writing style, vocabulary, and notifies the error. It promotes effective work which enhances the quality of the final write-up.

Moreover, Grammarly help in pointing out the improper use of the word, the placement, improves the verb to adjective usage of words.

Grammarly is the ideal tool for the school and college students to get the content proofread in minutes! 

Best Features Of Grammarly

  • The Grammarly tool notifies the common errors like common spaces, misspelled words, use of repetitive words, improper comma usages, outdates spelling errors. 
  • It notifies missing articles and usage of weak adjectives.
  • The Grammarly application works seamlessly on smartphones and is available online for proofreading the essay.
  • The tool can be integrated with Gmail and social media networks.
  • The addition of Grammarly tool to the web browser ensures quick and easy proofreading.
  • It improves the writing skills of the students.

2. PaperRater

PaperRater is another brilliant tool which is simple to use and helps to proofread the essay swiftly.

You need to copy and paste the content on the field, and once you have submitted the content, the PaperRater starts scanning to content for grammar and spelling issues. You can do the changes are per the notification.

Moreover, PaperRater provides additional features like checking for the plagiarism, usage of repetitive word and checking of spelling. All this ensures your write up is of high quality.

PaperRater helps to check grammar issues, punctuation errors, checks the spelling, moves the error by notifying, point outs awkward structuring of a sentence, detects plagiarism and shares grade predictions for the essay.

Apart from detecting the error, the PaperRater tool points out critical words which need to be modified. It also notifies the sentence of your essay or thesis. 

It is one of the best essay checker tools for the students to craft error-free documents and score high marks. 

Best Features Of PaperRater

  • The proofreading tool PaperRater offer an unlimited number of essay submission.
  • There is zero presence of annoying ads.
  • You don’t need to sign up to use PaperRater. Moreover, there is no such option like usage till the trial periods or until the offer ends.
  • This proofreading tool allows file uploading in different formats like doc, docx, txt, and RTF.
  • You can avail premium only modules to proofreading the content.
  • The overall processing is fast.

3. Ginger

It is another popular proofreading tool which is found back in the year 2007. The tool gets updates regularly which ensures detection of tiniest spelling error and grammar issues.

The function of Ginger is similar to Grammarly. The tool points and takes care of the “article error” like the usage of a, an, etc.

The tool is easy to use and install, it can be used as a chrome extension too. It is mandatory to sign up Ginger in order to get started.

The sign up is available free of cost. The Ginger tool provides you option for rephrasing the sentence; you need to copy paste the text and check for suggestions.

The built-in directory of Ginger is vast, and it notifies with right synonyms, phrases and translating options which proofreading the content. The biggest benefit of using Ginger is, it offers a brilliant option called Ginger’s text reader.

This option reads aloud the texts from the word document, PPT, outlook, and other websites. You can not only proofread the content by also hear the sounds which improve the overall quality of content.

Best Features Of Ginger

  • The tool is easy to install and to use to proofreading for essays and thesis.
  • Ginger catches syntax related issues in the content and also points out punctuation and grammatical error.
  • The premium version of Ginger comes with a translator.
  • You can use the human editor feature to get feedback on the essay and improve writing.
  • Ginger is availed for android as well as iOS devices with all features.
  • Ginger offers a lot of features even in the free version.

4. Hemingway Editor

The Hemingway Editor is a brilliant proofreading tool which is perfect for all the beginners and essay writers. The tool is simple, robust and effective for all content type.

The best part is, this fantastic essay proofreader application can be used both in online and can be downloaded for the regular desktop view.

The tool scans all the sentences and detects grammar errors, passive voice issues, spelling mistakes, the presence of repetitive words, etc. The Hemingway App makes use of color coding to highlight the error in the essay.

Hemingway Editor has added functionality which allows the user to format their writeup like making the font bold or italic. You can also add heading and bullet points in the texts.

Best Features Of Hemingway Editor

  • Offers facilities like importing and exporting the content from Microsoft word file.
  • Can easily track and fix common grammar issues, adverbs, passive voice, and spelling mistakes.
  • The color-coded features highlight the problem in an efficient way.
  • Helps to detect and fix complicated words.
  • Option to directly publish the content via Medium and WordPress.
  • No need to be online in order to proofread the content.
  • Comes with formatting features of the text.
  • Offers write and edit mode as well.
  • Help to improve the writing skills.

5. ProWritingAid

The ProWritingAid tool is one of the best online proofreadings for the essays. It works as an online grammar checker and helps to detect the spelling mistakes and improves overall writing skills.

The tool offers an in-depth analysis of the essay and detects the issues in grammar and writing. The price of ProWritingAid is low as compared to other premium proofreading tool.

ProWritingAid comes with a desktop web editor which provides access to many options in order to analyze, check and detect the writing issues. You can improve the writing skills based on feedback and notifications. The real-time feature shows the possible number of errors which needs to work on.

The ProWritingAid tool used different color underlines beneath the words and phrases when you click on it, you get suggestions and corrections to work on.

The tool also offers other added features like detecting the length of sentence, pointing out overuse of words, repetitive words, etc. This proofreading tool helps to improve the writing skill.

Best Features Of ProWritingAid

  • The ProWritingAid tool not only focuses on proofreading for essays but also works as an online writing coach to improve the writing skills.
  • The tool is loaded with features and easy to get started.
  • The price of the premium version is low as compared to other tools.
  • Identifies the issue in the structure of sentences and perfect to proofreads the essay and thesis work.
  • Helps to detect the usage of repetitive sentences and words.

6. Robot Don

Robot Don is a brilliant online essay checker which helps in editing the content and improves its readability by detecting the spelling and grammar issue.

This online essay editor is one single tool which helps to check grammar and plagiarism on the same window. The tool efficiently captures and fixes the reading error and helps to improve the vocabulary.

With the help of this essay proofreader, you can efficiently delivery essay and thesis with 100 % originality. The tool searches for duplicate content on the internet and captures plagiarism if any.

In addition to it, Robot Don provides style and readability suggestions which enhances the overall quality of the final essay.

All you need is to write the text or can directly paste it to this essay corrector and get immediately the text analysis and tips to improve the final quality.

Best Features of Robot Don

  • The tool Robot Don helps to improve the overall writing skills by identifying the spelling, punctuation and grammar errors.
  • The Robot Don offers additional tips and tricks which helps to edit the essay efficiently.
  • The overall processing speed is high and an essay can be scanned in just 10-15 seconds.
  • The tool helps to improve the readability of text, identifies stuffing of word.
  • The Robot Don efficiently detects the plagiarism in the essay if any.

Wrapping Up The Top Essay Proofreader Apps

These above-mentioned tools are excellent choices for proofreading the essays. Apart from that, always make sure to read the content well before submitting or publishing.

It is a must to read the content loudly to rule out the chances of grammar and typo errors. Make sure to cut short the huge essay into small paragraphs so that you can identify the exact place of grammar mistakes. Keep the sentence short and crisp.

If you are looking for the best essay editor, then try out these above-mentioned six essay proofreader tools to improve the overall writing quality. Before investing in the premium tool, try out the free tools and make a decision accordingly.

So, if you’re a student who wants to find out the solution for your academic proofreading concerns like “How to check my essay?” or “How to Proofreader my paper”, then post might have revealed the exact tool that you would like to get.

If you’re still in trouble in crafting the quality essays, then it would be better to approach the essay writing service to get the job done! Do you have any thoughts to share? Use the comment section! 

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