Experts tips – Simple Conversation With Malathy Badri from Webgadder

Hi Dear Readers,

Thanks for your support and comments for my previous simple discussion with Mr.Atish Ranjan. Here is my second simple conversation with Malathy Badri, internet marketing consultant who has agreed to provide her expert opinion. She is a pro-blogger and runs a blogging Academy in Chennai. She trains aspiring bloggers in the art of blogging and blog promotion.

Many individuals have been trained under her guidance and have paved their way to earn money online through freelance writing, forum posting and affiliate marketing.

Currently, she is maintaining several blogs on both WordPress and Blogger platform. “Pass it on; share“ is her life slogan. 

I want to honor her through this post as I have always looked upon her for timely suggestions to develop my blogging career. She was the first one who recommended me to switch over to WordPress domain to do an enhanced blogging with my talents.

Let’s read her answers to my questions.

Experts tips

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Experts tips – Simple conversation with Malathy Badri

Hi Malathy,

1. Name some bloggers that inspire you much – Susan Genelius – Pradeepkumar – Annabel Candy

Probloggingsuccess – Jane Sheeba

Binarynote – Rakesh Kumar

2. What do you think about Social networks? How should it be used by online businesses?

I just read and blogged about the (un)importance of social media signals due to the Google’s Penguin 2.0 update The craze to get Facebook ‘Likes’ and Twitter followers would die out.

3. Name some blogs/websites that you’ve read regularly to expand your knowledge

All the above that I mentioned plus several more. I have subscribed to about 99 blog feeds. I mention a few here. – Angie Nelson – Amanda Kennedy (formerly Fazani) – Daniel Scocco

4. Your exceptional executable tips for the newbie online money makers

There is money to be made online. It is for all who believe in it and who possess the necessary skills. Without investing a single paise or cent, without referring anyone, you can earn a full-time income through Internet.

5. Can you suggest the name of some/few genuine online jobs with which the people can make real money at home?

Web auditing comes to my mind immediately. Of course, you have to suggest the ways to overcome the lacuna revealed in the auditing. You can make more money if you could implement the suggested measures.

Link building is a good income source though one should be fully aware of the changes brought by the mighty Google and take action accordingly. After all, Google’s ranking metrics still involve natural inbound links from authority sites. Google has to depend on some sort of voting system to index.

Content curation would pay in the long run.

Blogging pays good, provided you learn the nuances of creating content that gives a solution to the visitor who lands on your blog through the search engine.

Ghost blogging and blog sitting are in good demand though not many are aware of the opportunities.

Keyword research is a high paying industry.

Blog commenting can be an extra income source provided one curate a list of blogs by niche.

Ad copywriting is an attractive source that pays big.

Thank you very much Malathy for spending your quality time to provide your tips for my readers.

@ Readers

I hope that have got some information linked with online jobs through this quick conversation.

Stay tuned to meet more internet marketing and blogging experts. 

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