Experts tips – Useful discussion with Dan Sumner from Onlineincomeadvisor

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Thanks for your great support for my first two short discussions. This made me to find another great internet marketer, Dan Sumner. He has been in online marketing field since 2005. He started his online business with EBay by selling ebooks. After some days he quit his EBay business and started to work for his internet marketing friend John Thornhill. He continued his online business and stayed with his friend for 4 years. As his own business was slowing down, he made a break to go out on his own.

He started his blog and providing some online marketing tips and tricks for the people. He currently has the multiple online businesses and he is a big believer in helping. He wrote โ€œebook cycleโ€ which shows the readers on how to create an ebook. If you want to get access, just let him know, heโ€™ll upgrade you for free. Also if you are interested in Internet Marketing and want to get started with it, he has a great page setup to get you started on the right foot.ย 

I contacted him over Facebook, he immediately accepts my request without any hesitation and provided his genuine answers. Here are the few constructive questions from me and his relevant answers for my readers ๐Ÿ™‚

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Experts tips – Useful discussion with Dan Sumner


Hi Dan,

1. From your blog, I came to know that you earned money by selling books on ebay in the initial period. Tell shortly about it so that the newbies can learn from it.

I first started selling eBook on eBay by creating .exe eBooks which were text based, providing information on selected subjects e.g. how too guides. These proved very popular at the time. The process worked like this:
I would upload my eBooks with turbo lister (around 60 โ€“ 100 per week), then wait for the auctions to end. I normally sold around 60% which were delivered digitally on auto pilot. Once the eBook was delivered the buyer would open the .exe file which would open to a duplicate eBook, but an online version. This allowed me to monetize the online version with Google Adsense program and affiliate links from various affiliate brokers such as I was earning a very good online income from the as it was a new idea, also Google paid out quite high back then. Sometimes over $5 per click in ad revenue. This model however has ended due to the digital download ban. All eBooks must now be placed on physical media such as CD or DVD which takes this business model offline which is not for me. Although it can still be done in a similar fashion.

2. Say few lines about internet marketing
I ventured into internet marketing in 2009 after a long time working with my good friend John Thornhill. I love the freedom internet marketing brings and have always been greatly fascinated by how you can make an income with your computer and the tools it provides. Creating digital products which helps people achieve something is an awesome job!

3. Tell about your working style (how, how many hours, when)

I work around my life and my family. I usually complete my emails first then get to work on whatever projects I have on-going at the time. Depending on my working day, it can last from 2 hours up to 12 depending on the projects I have running. I am busy at the moment due to running 4 projects at once. I have 2 website builder projects, my PLR business and a video creation product which I am working on. So you could say I have a lot going on!


4. I read from your blog that currently you have the multiple online businesses. Can you give its details?

I have quite a few online courses free and paid which you can see advertised on my blog. I also have partnerships in Free Monthly, Multi Profit (currently updating), PLR, Instant Product, Consulting, and I am also involved in online coaching. I have plans later this year for more online training courses and more product courses.

5. Which is your preferred traffic generation method and why?
My preferred or best and most successful traffic generation method for purely huge mailing list build potential is product creation and affiliate promotion. By creating a great product and building relationships with other online marketers in your own niche, you can increase revenue, traffic and subscribers a lot faster.


Additional question for my readers!

Tell little lines for the individuals who want to earn money online.

Earning an online income is the same as earning an offline income. You need to work at it! Pick a niche and start learning that business, become the expert, network with others, learn from the people above you and donโ€™t give up. The first steps are the hardest. Also, remember to build a list of subscribers from the beginning.

Thank you very much for your detailed answers Dan! I learned and tripped a lot from your exceptional replies. Hope newbie internet marketers would get benefits from your precise answers.


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