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First I want to thank you all for the positive feedback you’re giving to my “experts tips” posts. Today I have a very big pleasure to present my post with the replies of Nick Eubanks, SEO expert. I approached him through his blog’s contact form by explaining about my “Experts tips” category. He replied me politely that he is accepting my request and asked me to send the questions. I stumbled with his humble reply and organized 5 questions for him to reply to my readers.

Before reading his real reactions, let me explain about him and his blog. Nick Eubanks is the VP of Digital Strategy at W.L. Snook & Associates, a digital asset holdings company in Philadelphia, PA. is his blog where he writes about Keyword research for SEO, high-quality link building, Split testing, dissecting SERP competitors and how to increase the profits from search.


Nick considers his blog as a personal laboratory to share the results of his content tests and SEO experiments. Also, he helps the people to get a better grasp on advanced SEO with it. He has been optimizing the websites for nearly a decade, helping to build and grow companies by leveraging search engine optimization. His core competencies are digital marketing strategy (specializing in keyword strategy), product design & development, audience identification and user intent analysis.

If I continued to write about him, my blog post would be very long and so I limit my talking about his valor here. Just check his articles on Searchenginewatch. Let’s have a look at the genuine replies of Nick Eubanks now.

Experts tips – Talk with Nick Eubanks

Hi Nick,

1. Which is your favorite link building strategy and why?

If I had to pick just one strategy for building links I think it would be resource development. The concept is simple and right in line with the mantra to “create great content,” but taking it a step further (in a direction that is more actionable) resource development is finding a need within your specific niche or industry; unanswered questions, common problems, common misunderstandings or misconceptions, etc. And taking the time and energy to put a well researched, wwell-writtenresource together that solves that problem or serves that specific purpose.

If there is room for improvement, this can even be done with resources that already exist, for example in the SEO industry there are countless guides to do keyword research (and to be honest, the one from Moz is still really good) but I thought I could do a better job of approaching how to do keyword research for SEO, so I created and published my approach and it turned out to be a a great approach to link building, pulling in over 370 links (and counting) from 64 linking root domains.


2. Many bloggers say “ SEO is almost dead according to the new Penguin update by Google” is it so?

SEO is constantly changing, so it depends on how you look at it. If your idea of SEO is tricking search engines into ranking your web pages then it might be dead. I think more than anything Google’s algorithm updates since 2012 are forcing SEO to require more actual marketing and less attempts to game the system.

3. On your blog ,I read “I have organically grown website to millions of visitors without spending anything” Can you briefly explain it?

Well to be perfectly accurate, the quote is “without spending $1 on advertising.” Which is true. I have grown many websites to hundreds of thousands and even millions of organic visitors without the need to ever spend money on advertising, whether through paid search, CPM buys, sponsorship’s, etc. But to say I never spent anything would be a lie. I have spent a great deal on research tools, data, talented analysts and writers, etc.

4. What are all the sources you are using to update your knowledge? (Which blogs/websites you visit regularly?)

I have recently started to significantly whittle down my daily SEO reading to really only a handful of blogs, the one’s that I know I stand to gain the most helpful and actionable information from, and I would say they are Kaiser the Sage, TLC SEO, Unbounce, The VWO blog, Bryan Eisenberg and Blind Five Year Old.

5. Did you prefer any method to make money online other than blogging?

That is an interesting question, because unless you are paid to blog, no one really makes money from “blogging” but more so the revenue channels that are created as a by-product of blogging, like advertising, affiliate revenue, sponsorships, etc. Right now I make a pittance of revenue from my blog, but that was never really the purpose. I created my blog so I had a place to share my thoughts on SEO that was focused just on SEO. The real value for me has been the growth of my friend/professional network online and the increased visibility that has come from having a couple posts get somewhat popular.

As you are a SEO expert, one final request for you!

Give SEO advice for bloggers

Yes, quantity really doesn’t matter! Making a commitment to blog once a week is one thing, that is an exercise in commitment and diligence where by your writing will improve and your audience will grow. But just writing for the sake of writing, trying to create volumes of blog posts for no reason other than to increase the number of indexed URL’s on your domain or because this will bring you greater authority and relevance in Google is simply not true. Take the time to put thought and research into your posts, and more than anything – make sure you write on topics that people actually care about – try to provide value NOT just hit high volume keywords.

Thanks Nick for spending your precious time to provide unpretentious replies for my questions. Hope it would help the internet marketers to enhance their skills in Search engine optimization.

@ Readers

I suggest you all to visit his blog as it is a wealth of venerate SEO information. Share your thoughts about this post and leave your SEO doubts here, will try to get answers from Nick Eubanks 🙂

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  1. hey Nirmala,
    am visiting your blog for the first time, you have nice content will surely visit again!

    @Nck, excellent answers, content marketing is really the way up. Good to see you have built so many links from having great content and resource.

    People will link as long as they get value from your resource, one just needs to take time and build great guides.

    Uttoran Sen,

    1. Hi Uttoran Sen.

      Welcome to my blog and thanks for your comment.

      Yeah, nick is excellent in building links and having exceptional content in his blog.

      Its my great pleasure to have his exact answers in my “experts tips” category.

      Keep visiting here to leave your valuable comments 🙂

  2. Hey Nirmala
    very impressive and inspiring Interview
    such type of interview will definitely helpful for those who are newbie in this field.You are actually doing great job by providing such great and useful information. We all are learning a lot from this blog.
    Thank You very much

  3. Awesome article, Thanks for sharing your conversation with Nick.
    It was great that you asked the basic questions every blogger wants to know and answers are perfect. 🙂

  4. Super helpful SEO tips from Nick, Nirmala!

    I like his approach; patiently create helpful resources based on the needs of your target audience.

    Makes perfect sense when you think through the strategy, right?


  5. Nick’s strategy of building resources is undoubtedly the best practice for serious bloggers with pure passion for sharing or making money by blogging. I am 100% sure not all the bloggers walk on this path.

    I have been doing exactly this ever since I worked for Mahalo, the human built search engine.

    I appreciate Nirmala’s pick of Nick. He seems to have learnt the art of blogging thoroughly through experience.

    1. Happy with your visit Malathy 🙂

      Oh, its really great that you’re doing the same strategy as Nick.

      I sent a request to a group of internet marketers, no one was replied except Nick.

      He is a talented guy with patience and humbly replied to my every mail to bring this post live.

      Thanks for leaving a good comment here, will follow his path as you told.

  6. Wow ! Am gonna visit his blog and find out the websites he have worked on ! This interview is something to be learnt from ..thanks for sharing it with us .

  7. Rudraksh Pathak

    Hey Nirmala wonderful and interesting article.
    Thanks for introducing him I was not familiar with him.
    Great article.

  8. Hey Nirmala.
    Great article.
    I never done any interview for blogger, In future I think I would try this. I didn’t knw him thanks for introducing him to us 🙂
    Keep up the good work and keep posting nice articles .
    Have a great week ahead 🙂

    1. Hi Ashi,

      Welcome here and thanks for your comment.

      Interviewing influential bloggers would improve your traffic and reputation. so try to do it.

      Sure, will continue my good work forever, keep coming here to leave your thoughts.

  9. Wowee…..!!!! Superb one indeed..!!
    Sorry I forgot to say hello to you ma’am. 😛 Well, I can’t resist myself from applying the simple agendas by NICK. His story of his success seems to be very dramatical but its very impressive and inspiring simultaneously. And the last words which he ended up with was just the perfect moral of what makes him stand out from others.

    Thank you so much ma’am for sharing such a great piece of article.


    1. Its ok Charmie, Am really glad that you got impressed with the answers of Nick.

      Yeah, he is an outstanding blogger and really an expert in the internet marketing field.

      Keep visiting here to read more tips from different experts.

  10. hi NIrmala. thank you for sharing inspiring and informative post from this interview. this is a must read to us bloggers since it offers some tidbits how bloggers like Nick became successful in blogging arena

  11. Hi Nirmala and Nic,

    It’s truly a great opportunity to read about real SEO by somebody worthy in industry.

    The bottom line of today’s SEO turns out to be useful and high quality content. Happy readers & happy bots. I guess, I understood your gist?

  12. Wow! This is really a great series. It’s true that Google has done a lots of internal changed to the algorithm to make it more acurate than ever before. So, the daily soaps and techniques that were working year ago many not really work now.

    Great set of questions and thorough answers. Loved reading it.

    1. Thanks for reading this “experts tips’ category post Jannmejai 🙂

      Yeah, he is an inspiring blogger and learned a lot from his real replies.

      Stay tuned here to get some more tips from various experts.

  13. Hey Thanks Nirmala for your informative discussion on these blogging questions.
    I like the end part of the article that was Nick Eubanks blogging tips, it really impressing and have real blogging tip for each blogger especially for newbies like me.
    Thanks again

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