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This is a post for the bloggers which suggests them to join in Bizsugar – an active blogging community to enrich their blogging profession.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you might be aware that why I am writing about Bizsugar. Yes, I am having a separate category for “blogging communities” in my blog to insist the bloggers to participate in various blogging communities. Through this post I am going to talk about a great blogging community bizsugar and why bizsugar for bloggers?

Before discussing the bizsugar in detail, let me tell you some basic blogging information for your betterment.

Why Bloggers Need Community?

If you have just started your blogging career then you might be wondered with the following statement “There is no blogging success without community”. Yes, it is true!

I know, most of the bloggers are having the capability to generate splendid content with proper keyword research. But just publishing the post to get organic traffic would throw you in danger of hit by Google animals. So, you need to find some minded people to read your blog posts and there by you will get referral traffic to your blog.

If the readers from referral traffic like your worthy posts, they would share them on their social networks and leave their social signals to them. In turn, you could do the same for other bloggers. These activities would result in establishing a good relationship with other bloggers and improves your online presence.




What are the benefits of building community on your blog?

Let’s take a quick look at some of the benefits of building community on you blog

1. More minded readers for your fabulous blog posts.

2. Best learning and problem-solving chance.

3. Good source to get more comments and guest posts.

4. Promote the blog posts and to increase readership with it.

5. Opportunity to create valuable relations and to keep the brand name.

Hope now you understood “why bloggers need community?

Let’s see the information of “Bizsugar” in detail.

What is Bizsugar?


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Bizsugar is a small business social network, launched in the year 2007 by DBH communications. Then Anita Campbell, CEO of small business trends and her team is taking over the leashes of Bizsugar. Like other social networking websites, the users have to create the profile with the website link, RSS link, photo and other social links. Once the profile is set up, the users can share the news, add minded friends, vote and comment on other posts to build a genuine relationship with other members.

Bizsugar for bloggers

Many bloggers are actively participating in Bizsugar and getting good experience with other users. With this free useful resource, the bloggers can submit their blog posts in the appropriate category, the community then votes on it. High-quality posts get more votes and advances to the main page. From there the top stories make it into the BizSugar Top 10 widget, weekly Top 10 newsletter, and Twitter feed where the bloggers can get even more visibility.

You can check the below screenshot! One of my post become more popular, hit the homepage of Bizsugar recently and am driving little traffic with it.


Benefits of using Bizsugar for the bloggers

Apart from driving traffic, it has many benefits like

1. Getting Do follow backlinks for the blog

2. Strong network connections with other bloggers.

3. Gaining visibility for the impressive blog content.

4. Grasping content ideas for the future blog posts.

5. Catching prevalent blogs to perform blog commenting.

My Magical tip:

I suggest you to submit more than just your own content to get approval from the moderators in the initial stage. Whenever you find useful information related to this small business community, share it on Bizsugar users.


Bizsugar is a dofollow blogging community which has more than 1 million users active participants and receives thousands of spam entries every day. A combination of a technological spam filtering and manual moderation is undertaking to avoid the spam sites. Smart and friendly moderators with diverse backgrounds around the world are making the huge part of the success of Bizsugar.

I advise the bloggers to submit the blog posts in appropriate categories to get approved by the moderators. I often see some bloggers just post their articles and they only vote for their friends. If they do so, it is not a community and it is meaningless too. They should share the blog posts of other bloggers; give vote and comments for their favorite posts. With these activities, the bloggers could expand their online reputation as a leader in their niche and drive more traffic to their blog.

Share your views about this active social networking site for blogging! Are you a member of Bizsugar and getting traffic to your blog with it? Tell your experience with me 🙂

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