5 Tips To Generate Leads In Your Network Marketing Business


One way to increase your business is to generate leads. Many companies may become dependent on the addition of their customer base, and one way to address a stream of sales is to increase the leads.

If you want to know more tips on achieving this, you are on the right page!

Sales leads are people or companies that have a massive potential in purchasing your services or goods. They are a prospect once you’ve identified some pain points that can signal interest in what you have to offer.

You can use many methods and know-how to create a lead magnet that can give you streams of new people every single day. Another is to try social media, word-of-mouth referrals, cold calling, advertising, consultations, and networking for your products and services.

Networking is a handy tool in lead generation. It has all the foundations of giving you many sales without needing to spend so much effort and time.

Anyone who is currently engaged in sales should master this opportunity to at least make a sale per day. Some of the tactics that you can do are the following:

1. Ask for Referrals

You may have previously served a customer who was more than satisfied with your products. You can ask them to refer someone because they can attest that what you have to offer is working. This is one of the integral parts of generating and attracting new leads.

Many warm referrals have proven to be more effective than cold calling or emails. Reaching out to prospects who already know what you have to offer is something that you need to do.

But many owners may not take the time to do this beyond their duties of providing post-support sales. Some don’t thank their customers after purchasing, and this is something that must be changed.

  • If you have an online platform, ask your manager to ensure that customers were satisfied with the product or the support they received. Ask for feedback on the things that they wanted to change in the process of buying.
  • Have the time for conversations with clients and thank them enough for patronizing your business. They have a higher chance of referring their friends and family if they feel valued and appreciated.

2. Work with the Whole Network for Lead Identification

You may have a personal network consisting of work friends, families, gym acquaintances, neighbors, business associates, and service professionals. In the past, you may have overlooked these people as sources of various leads, but they should be the first ones that you should ask for referrals.

The first thing that you need to remember is that these people trust you. They have already known you for years as well. While your family and officemates may have you in common, know that they don’t interact with each other.

They don’t necessarily share the same friends and relatives, so this makes them invaluable sales leads. Ask them to connect you with prospects, and some of them will be happy to introduce you to a new person.

You can begin the entire process by letting them know that you’re looking for something. Discuss to them in a specific way the industry that you’re in, revenue range, location, business size, and so on. You can request them and let them know that you would highly appreciate it if they can make a connection on your behalf.

3. Build a Personal Brand

You may want to create a website that makes you look professional. You can be known as a leader in the industry that you’re in and show yourself in a light where the offers that you’re doing will make yourself credible.

If you’re generating online leads, you need to be out there. You wouldn’t want people to have an impression that you’re some ghost that they can’t get any information of, and they are struggling to find anything about you.

It’s important to remember that people will tend to buy you first. They will look at your products and services second, especially if you are in an MLM business. You can know more about an MLM business on this page here. Establishing yourself and having a strong persona will give you more value.

Utilize your social media accounts to give more information. Show people what you’re doing behind the scenes and your daily activities. Your authenticity will attract more people even if you don’t personally know them. They can witness your journey from the start, and they’ll have the confidence to walk on a similar path.

The touchpoints that are personal and those that others can relate to will make you a successful networker. Your activities and what you do will establish trust, and they can be shown in a personal brand using a website or your social media profile.

4. Build an Email Database

You can receive continuous streams of email from various people around the world with the help of a website. This is a platform that can help you acquire high-quality leads. Try to offer a newsletter or an e-book for free so that visitors are attracted to subscribe to you.

The creation of books with valuable content can help many target audiences. You may suggest tips on how people can earn money from their homes using their laptops and phones. The offer is something that should help people want to sign up and give value to their lives.

5. Referral Programs are a Must

Develop referral programs that work for you. This will be best for companies that use a customer base in which they offer their products. You may often pitch the most useful and effective products in your business, and the others who are listening may decide that they want to be customers at this point which should not be a problem at all.

Who knows, they may decide to become suppliers and do businesses later on. Ask people to try your products even if they aren’t initially interested. If they love the effects, you can move to the discounts on the next purchases, and you can use this to offer the business once again.


Generating leads from your network marketing business is an art. When you follow the above steps in a consistent manner, you will be moving forward in the path of success. Any thoughts to share?

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  1. Whether it is personal branding or business brand, both are very important for any business. Also promoting in the right way and building better customer relationships with the right audience can help in increasing sales. Thanks for sharing.

  2. A very good article on tips to generate leads in your network marketing business. The approach is very practical and language is very simple. Honestly it adds to my previous knowledge.
    Please Continue this good work nirmala.

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