8 Sure-Fire Ways To Improve Your Google Plus SEO Strategy

If you wanna improve your SEO (search engine optimization) using Google plus, you’re at the right place. This post instructs some Google plus SEO strategy and some sure-fire ways to improve it.

Ranking well in search engines is essential for every business to target and get potential clients. Most of the internet marketers use social networks, share worthy information to get genuine social signals to please search engines and get succeed in their business.

Useful Google Plus features and its SEO strategy make the people use it widely for their personal and professional use.

I am a part-time blogger and Google Plus is my favorite social network. I believed that there is a strong relationship lie between the Google plus and SEO.

I am having thousands of Google Plus followers and my activities on this popular social network helps me to get good SERP (search engine page ranking) for my blog posts. Before discussing the Google Plus SEO strategy and the ways to improve it, let me tell you some current facts and stats of Google Plus.

Before discussing the Google Plus SEO strategy and the ways to improve it, let me tell you some current facts and stats of Google Plus.

Google Plus Facts and Stats of 2013



                                                              Image credit: tisindia.com

Google Plus has over 343 million active users now and about 60% are daily users. 40% of internet marketers are using Google Plus and +1 button is used more than 5 billion times per day.

Almost 67% of people have planned to increase their activities in Google Plus and 70% wants to learn more about it.

Recently Google Plus had dominated monthly visits of Facebook and twitter with no. of visits per month at 1,203 million. Amazing stats of Google plus, isn’t it?

Google Plus SEO Strategy

Google has already cleared that the no. of +1s have no impact on search rankings, but Google Plus profiles and pages do have and you could increase the chances of getting the targeted visitors from Google organic search result with it. So to get high SERP, recognize the following Google plus SEO strategy.

1. Google Plus posts are crawled & indexed quickly.

2. Each post of Google plus pass link equity and if the shared post is valuable, it sends semantic signals to search algorithm of Google.

3. If the username (+Nirmalasanthakumar) has been mentioned many times in the Google plus posts by others, it would build up a good rank for that profile page. Posts from that profile will rank better in search.

8 Ways to Improve Google Plus SEO Strategy

Google uses a variety of tools and signals to decide the quality of the website (Each page of the website) to give rank on search engines. For that, the basic Search engine optimization and getting quality links from other websites are more important.

So most of the digital marketers are using Google plus for business to get some SEO benefits. Let’s check some of the ways to improve the Google Plus SEO strategy now. 

google-plus-seoImage credit: emonde.co.uk

1. Have a complete Google Plus profile

Your Google plus profile page tells your entire business history, so it is essential to complete all the required fields like adding real name and image, website details with the description, etc. and get verified by Google. Adding Google Plus Badge on your blog/website would help you to gain credibility and followers.

2. Share High-quality content consistently

Provide solutions, interesting facts, and unknown stuff to your readers; engage them with your quality content. Also, do conversation on the shared Google plus post and this would assist you to make high-ranking on web searches.

3. Get Google Plus Authorship

Getting authorship from Google for your Google Plus profile page would make you popular in the web searches as the Google plus snippet will be shown with your profile image, name and no. of followers in your Google plus circle.

4. Use G+ button often

+1 of Google Plus is similar to Facebook like. It comes along with your Google Plus profile and it let the readers click on it to express their fascination towards the shared content. If the readers did so, it is like sharing your content on their network. If more people clicked the +1 button on your share content, it would send signals to the search engines saying that your content is more relevant.

5. Make use of featured link

The featured link of the Google Plus post is a do-follow and you could make use of it to share your website links. I used to see people sharing the link in the description filed along with the description of the content. If you do so, the link juice would not be passed to your website/blog.

6. Grow your Google plus circle

Google plus SEO strategy would be enhanced by following influential people related your field and adding link-minded people to your Google plus circle. The larger your Google Plus network, the more you influence the people’s search results who have you in their Google Plus circles. Buying Google Plus fans would result in a lower search profile, so add the relevant people manually to grow it further.

7. Include Keyword in the description

While sharing the information on Google plus posts, include appropriate keywords in the description (specifically in the first line). It would help you to drive traffic to your website/blog from the search engines. You could make use of Spark, a Google plus feature to add videos and information automatically related to the shared content by setting up of the keyword searches in it.

8. Take part in Google communities

To engage, learn and share the helpful stuff associated with your business, do take part in various Google Plus communities. The more you stay active here, the more you get the favor from search engines and this would let you advance your brand name.


In the year 2010, Matt cuts told that the social signals are considering by the search ranking algorithm. For any business, it would be good to gain more social signals for the information shared in social networks. According to Google, getting more +1s and Google authorship have no correlation in improving your rank on search engines, but these are organic link building strategies which increase your click through rate.

Nowadays, search engines are very smart and they are throwing out the spammers with its various algorithms. By building authority for your Google Plus profile & pages, you could have the ability to gain good ranking positions in search engines. Recently Google offered the vanity URL feature for its Google plus users and I’ve got the custom URL for my G+ profile. Connect with me on Google Plus

I am not an SEO expert. I just shared my Google Plus SEO strategy and related knowledge in this post. I suggest you build an extensive network on Google Plus for business and maximize your SEO with it. Did I miss any important/valid Google Plus SEO strategy here? Let me know your views/suggestions through the comments 🙂

77 thoughts on “8 Sure-Fire Ways To Improve Your Google Plus SEO Strategy”

  1. Nice post, even I had started engaging with Google Plus recently. It has already started giving results, thanks for other points. I would start engaging in Google communities.

    1. Glad to know that you’ve recently start using Google Plus 🙂

      Sure, take part in Google Plus communities which are related to your niche and get more +1s for your worthy content.

      Keep showing your presence here Sekhar 🙂

  2. Google plus provides adequate leverage on SMO. If using wisely it surely can do wonders in terms of SEO.

    I have to admit that my G+ profile is not complete 😛
    I have never think about it seriously. Have to work on it now 😀

    And Yes, I do agree with all the points, specially the one about communities. They are the best places to engage with targeted audience. 1+ their posts and engage with them, will surely return you with more 1+’s on your own links.

    Great info mam 🙂

    1. Hi Raja,

      Thanks for leaving your comment with a question 🙂

      Its simple, in Google plus posts, there is a “link” tab which is yellow in color. You could make use of it to share your link to get a do-follow link to your blog from Google plus.

      But I saw some people shared their posts with description and website link (all) in the description filed. The link shared in the description field of the Google plus post is “nofollow” and you couldn’t get link juice for your blog/website with it.

      Keep reading here 🙂

  3. I am not exactly a person who’s active on social networks, but recently I started sharing a few things on twitter/google+ because of the same social signals issue that Matt highlighted. Lack of social love was affecting the blog’s search rankings so I got back on Twitter.

    Google+ being a Google service, must be definitely having some weightage in those 200+ parameters that they consider for search rankings.

    1. Yeah, to protect our blog from Google animals, it is essential to get more social signals for our blog posts.

      Make use of social bookmarking websites and take part in blogging communities to get referral traffic to your blog.

      Glad to hear that you’ve started to share your blog posts on social networks to get good search engine rankings.

  4. Hi Nirmala,

    This is great indeed. Personally, Google does index post from G+ but I am pretty sure that’s an algorithm on it. For example, my Google Alert did not detect the post being crawled by Google+ in some way.

    Personally, I know many bloggers are using G+ and could easily think this is a fast way out for ranking. Actually it is not! If you are the type that post and bye bye type, you ain’t going anywhere.

    You need decent likes and reshares before you actually see traffic coming through it.

    Hope this helps!

    1. Thanks for your comment Regi, I agree with you 🙂

      Yeah, I too insisted the readers that they should share the worthy information in Google plus posts and get more +1s from like-minded and influential people.

      If they reshare the post on their network, it would be really good and the conversations on the posts has some benefits too.

      Glad to read your opinions related to Google Plus SEO strategy, keep doing the same 😛

  5. Great tips mam, This would the info that many of us searching for. Great point about the topic you covered. Thanks for the point no. 5 specially.

    1. Hi Badri sir,

      I explained the simple answer in detail for Raja’s comment. Hope you knew this already 😛

      Am pleased with your presence and comment, keep visiting here to leave your valuable suggestions sir 🙂

  6. Hi Nirmala,

    Very informative post indeed. Earlier, I’d been busy promoting content on Facebook only. Now, I’ve turned my attention towards G+.

    After reading this post, I’m convinced that my efforts won’t go in vain 🙂

    1. Yeah, newbies consider FB is the best medium to share and engage with like-minded people. It is good, but Google plus has more SEO benefits over Facebook. So I insisted the bloggers and other internet marketers to grow a splendid Google Plus network for their business to attain the SEO benefits.

      Am really glad that you’ve got answers through my post, stay tuned here to read more informative posts Shiwangi 😀

  7. Sometimes I got good traffic from Google Plus. but often it disappoints me.
    However a few of your tips I am already implementing. 🙂
    I guess I need create some more presence there 😀

    By the way thanks for this Article Nirmala

    1. Yeah, it happens sometimes Ravi, traffic depends on the content you’re sharing.

      Glad you’re implementing some of my tips already and yes, you need to be active in Google Plus to get the SEO benefits.

      Thanks for your comment Ravi, stay tuned here 🙂

  8. Hello Madam Nirmala,
    Thanks for sharing with us this lovely insight with respect to Google plus.

    I find it hard using it though thereby making me less active on it but I guess my perception about it ought to change.

    1. Thanks for your prompt comment for my every post Emmanuel, I appreciate this 🙂

      Yeah, if you’re not active on Google Plus, you would continue to feel it hard to use and miss traffic, SEO benefits etc.

      Stay active in G+ and grow your blog with it 🙂

  9. Hi Nirmala,

    Nice post on Google Plus. To tell you the truth, I’ve been very hesitant to really get started with social media. I don’t have a lot of time and I really haven’t learned how to use it effectively.

    You seem to be doing really well with it. I will be using some of your strategies and see if I can get started with Google Plus.

    Would you recommend that I first go out and join some communities first?

    Thanks for sharing this information, made me realize that I need to become more active in social media, have a great day.

    1. Oh god, You are really missing the social media traffic I guess. To protect your bog from Google animals, it is essential to get social signals for your blog posts.

      Google Plus is an awesome social network to connect with like-minded people. I suggest you to make use of it effectively to drive traffic and get high SERP with it.

      There are lot of Google Plus communities available to every niche, do simple search and find the active communities to join.

      Thanks for your comment Susan 🙂

    1. Hi Ray,

      Welcome to my blog.

      Getting Google authorship is imperative for the bloggers as it builds your authority through which you could increase your CTR from search engines.

      It is simple and easy. Just you need to connect the Google Plus profile with your blog.

      There are lot of tutorials existing, Google it n do.

      Keep coming here to read some essential blogging stuffs 🙂

  10. Hey Nirmala,

    Google Plus is a great way to improve site SEO but normally i use it to drive some traffic. I agree with Reginald, if you want to improve SEO you need shares and +1s, it’s not only about sharing links and going away.

    Google Plus Communities can help you to build good relationships. There are many good communities related to blogging and social media which have helped me to increase the number my circles.


    1. Thanks for sharing your Google Plus views Siraj and Regi is exact 🙂

      Yeah, I too used to take part in few communities and as you told, it helps me to build good relationship with other bloggers.

      Stay tuned here!

  11. Really liked the post and shared. I use to Google Plus Communities to drive traffic to my blog. If we use Google Plus link in our blogs then it can pass rank juice to Google Plus Profile while in turn when we share post to our Site.

  12. Hello Nirmala ma’am,
    I’m active on Google+ these days but not very active like you. I think participating a lot in Google+ would increase my rankings.
    Thanks for this informative post and I’ll surely follow your tips.

  13. Nice post Nirmala,

    Google plus is very important tool for SEO because it directly relates with the Google. If you have to create a great band and want to rank better then you have to build your Google plus page strong with a valuable content and more sharing.

    Thank you for great Tips and strategies.

  14. Google communities are really powerful, lots of members and all the members are professional that the reason why i like to promote my blog through google plus, anyways thanks for the other tips nirmala i’m just looking forward on it..Thanks..

  15. Hi Nirmala,

    Your point #5 drew my attention. I was never careful about how I share links in Google+. I was entering the URLs normally and never used that link tool.

    Now, can you confirm that Dofollow links from Google+ really have value and contribute to ranking?

    1. Hi Suresh,

      Sorry for replying late, fed up with some other works 🙁

      Yeah, if u want link juice from Google plus to your blog, you should use the featured link (Yellow color) while sharing your blog post.

      Yes, Google plus post is considered as a different page by Google.Just sharing the post in Google plus would not help you to have good ranking. But if you get more +1’s, comments and reshare of your worthy post, it have value and hold a god SERP 🙂

  16. Hello Nirmala
    This Is great article, G+ should be used by everyone, after Watching Your article i have to say that i Missed many Points while Using G+. but i will Try all Points Shared Here, Thanks For Sharing 🙂

  17. Hello,

    Well to be honest with your i haven’t given much more importance to Google Plus till now, But seems like i’ve missed so many things.I will surely consider following your tips.

    Thanks for the share.

  18. This is a complete guide and one i find very useful for any blogger out there who wants to get some google’s favor. Google+ is a great platform for SEO and one i will encourage every blogger to use.

    Thanks for sharing the tips.

  19. Hello Nirmala,

    Well you always come with new ideas which definitely help us to raise our blog traffic and SEO. Well this post is very informative and i too uses same strategy. keep on sharing.


  20. Thanks madam for giving us such good google plus seo strategy tips and really they work for me. Now days we need to target google+ also.

    So the above mentioned google strrategics are helpful and thanks for pointing out importance.

  21. I am still way behind when it comes to Google+ activity. I was just focusing and spending my time on Facebook these days. Looks like I am underestimating G+activities especially considering SEO benefits.

    Thanks for sharing an awesome post Nirmala

  22. Hii Nirmala mam,

    I have seen that Google does give weightage to content shared on Google +. My posts that got more +1s and reshares on Google + are also attracting more organic visitors from Google due to better rankings.

    But that doesn’t mean that you should overdo it. I got my Google + account suspended because of that. You must be careful while sharing your content with your followers on Google Plus.

    Google plus communities really help newbies in getting more +1s, reshares and traffic to their blog. So, if you have just started using Google +, you must join some good Google + communities related to your niche.

    Great tips Nirmala. I really enjoyed reading it. These tips will definitely help bloggers in their quest of building a successful blog.

    Ankur Upadhyay

  23. It would be quite obvious that google would go in favor to G+ profile.
    You have shared 8 useful tips to increase SEO to our Blog.
    Thanks for sharing it…:)

    1. Yes, Google Plus is essential for the bloggers to share some informative content for the followers and you could get lot of SEO benefits with it.

      Thanks for your visit and comment Aditya, I truly appreciate your prompt arrival 🙂

  24. Well explained Nirmala. Yeah i agree with your points, Google+ s one of the best among social networking sites. Most of the bloggers are often using twitter and facebook to promote their blog.

    Here you gave a good diversion for blogger to utilize Google+. The reason you explained here for using G+ is really awesome. I wanna use this hereafter. Thanks for sharing this useful post. Keep on doing like this.

    Sharing real ideas and experience to others is the better responsibility for better blogger like you. You have done a great job. Thanks nirmala.

    1. Thanks for your kind words and appreciation Rajaa Anandhan 🙂

      Yeah, using Google plus for blogging has lot of SEO related benefits and so I suggested the same here.

      Am glad with your arrival, keep doing it 🙂

  25. We’re now seeing greater growth on our Google+ page than we see on Facebook and Twitter. I see that mainly due to the fact that pages on Facebook have a much tougher job competing for space on a users timeline, but as well as that we think Google+ offers users an opportunity to see the content they like without being annoyed/pestered/bored by the inane ramblings of their friends.

    Whether this changes over time and people start to use G+ more in the way that they do Facebook is hard to tell, but we’ve seen phenomenal growth on our page – from zero last October to nearly half a million today. We’ve assigned it the biggest priority in our social schedule, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

    Effect on rankings?

    Hard to say, but our rankings are up in the last 2 months, which incidentally is when we’ve seen a huge growth in our G+ numbers. We did also received a lift from Penguin 2.1 so more analysis is needed yet.

  26. Hi Nirmala,

    Thanks for spreading the word. Google+ may be the underdog of the big-3 social networks, but I agree that it has more ranking clout. G+ circle counts now appear in the SERPs. Google+ is connected with authorship. And I’ve discovered that traffic coming from Google+ is of a higher caliber. Visitors are more likely to view multiple posts and pages and also convert.

    Wishing you a very prosperous and memorable 2014,


  27. Hi,

    How are you today? Google Plus is a great place to share your valuable contents. Its index rate is very high. By nature of Google, they like to serve the contents that have high shares on Google Plus.

    People don’t have any chance to ignore this social media site. You can use it for many purpose. And yesterday, i launched my second website. Nirmala i invite you to visit my website and share your valuable toughts.


  28. Wow Nirmala, you wrote very good post, since i have question i want to take custom link on google plus profile but i did’t see any option in google plus setting? could you please help me out?

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