Useful Google Plus Features Better Than Facebook (Google Plus Vs Facebook)

This blog post contains some useful Google Plus features which are better than Facebook.

Social networking websites are widely used by the internet users and so its popularity has rapidly increased over the past few years. Either to promote the business or to connect with like-minded people, friends and family, social networks are mostly preferred by the people.

Some exceptional features like free to use, easy to navigate, sharing the interests in groups, create and develop online relationship etc. makes the social networking websites widespread among the users.




According to the first quarter stats of this year, Facebook is the number one social network with more than 670 million daily active users. Previously Twitter was the second top social network but recently Google Plus dominated it and acquired the second place with more than 360 million monthly active users.

Google Plus was introduced in the year 2011 and it has been attained a solid growth in short duration of period. A recent study shows that there is only 10 % growth in the number of Facebook shares while the progress of Google Plus is almost double the growth of Facebook.

You might think “What are the reasons for this wild growth of Google plus social network?”. To provide answer for this question, I am going to discuss some useful Google Plus features better than Facebook.

8 Useful Google Plus features

Below are some the best features of Google Plus better than Facebook.

1. Better Interface

The interface of Google Plus is sleek which has easy customizable news stream with an option to choose from two different layouts. As the interface is more precise, it is easy to check how many people had left their +1, commented and shared that particular content etc. along with their tiny avatar. Each update title has two sides and the update’s activities can be viewed through the drop-down menu. Inspecting all the information of the shared content on the same news feed page with the slimy interface is an exceptional Google Plus feature.

But Facebook has stacking toolbar on the left side in which the users have to navigate through the network. It has single layout and the Facebook ads share some place in the news feed. Moreover, the interface of the Facebook seems out-dated when compared to the smooth interface of Google Plus.

2. Integration with other Google services

The integrating choice of Google Plus with other Google services attracts more users to it. If the Google Plus is being used for business purposes, then it would gain more credibility as it has some SEO benefits. i.e When a company or a product uses Google plus and received +1s for its Google Plus page/shared posts, then it could hold a top position in Google search. Not only for search results, Google will build networking features and tools into all of its online services like Gmail, Google Documents, YouTube, Google news etc.

Although the Facebook is essential for business and marketing, the Facebook likes has lowest correlation to search engine results when compared to Google +1s.

3. Circles

Circles is one of the popular Google plus features which allows the users to manage their followers and share the interesting stuffs with them. As the added people get categorized with this feature, the users need not to worry in selecting the people to share the desired information.

In Facebook, the users can add friends and other users, but they need to authorize each other. Even though, the Facebook had added the options like Follow people’s public posts and Close friends, it seems burdensome and long process than Google Plus Circles.

4. Hangouts

Google Plus features include Hangouts which is the video chatting mode of Google Plus. A group of people can hangout at the same time with chat and content sharing option. The users can fun with their friends here and the video quality is very good because it is supported by Windows, Mac and Linux.

Video chatting option is enabled in Facebook, but it has been tied up with Skype and it supports one-on-one video chat only.



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5. Editing option of published content

If the users share some data on their circles and typed content has some errors, they can edit their shared post with the option “Edit this Post” which is available in the Google Plus options menu. No need to delete the complete post and spend time to type it again.

In Facebook, there is no such editing option. If the users made some mistakes in the post, they have to delete the post and write all the information again. This might be frustrating and confuse the followers.

6. Sparks

Sparks is in the list of Google Plus features which let the users to find the latest information on their fascinating subjects. i.e. If a user search for “Bill gates”, they could find the latest posts and you tube videos related to the search. There is also a share option existing at the bottom that allows the users to share the found content on their circles.

This easy to find and share content feature is not present in Facebook.

7. Adding and editing pictures

In Google Plus, the users can access the photo tab from left sidebar and new albums can be created by using “Upload photos”. After adding the pictures, it is possible to include the names & captions, rotating & reordering the pictures and tag people in the photos. Also the Google Plus uses “Picnik”, a photo editing software to change the effects of the uploaded image which offers quality images to the users.

Facebook is lagging behind the Google Plus for this image editing feature too.

8. Full control on shared posts

People use social networks to share their interesting content/business posts. Google Plus allows the users to have a complete control of shared posts as it can be individually monitored and very easy to control. Posts can be shared to a specific circle/friend, tag them by just typing their name with the prefix of ‘+’, send a notification mail to them about the shared post, disable comments for a particular post and reshares on a post are some of the control based Google Plus features to take care of shared posts.

Sharing of post with link is enabled in Facebook, but the users could experience less flexibility and cannot have the full control over shared information.

Not only these, Auto hash tagging, Cloud integration and Redesigned stream are some of the recently added Google Plus features which seems better than Facebook.

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Everyone need to understand that the useful Google Plus features was introduced for the people to have better social networking involvement and not aimed to kill Facebook. Due to the inclusion of innovative Google Plus features, more people get engrossed and diversify their work with it. With the help of the Google Plus profile, the users can have a cool interaction and make use of all Google products in a comfortable way.

The internet has opened up the means of communication across the world in the form of Social networking websites. Even though the Facebook is a successful networking platform, excellent Google plus features is setting a big competition to Facebook in great sense.

I just listed some useful Google Plus features better than Facebook. This opinion varies from person to person depending upon their needs. So, what do you think about these amazing Google Plus features which are better than Facebook and other social networks? Share your valuable views with me.

41 thoughts on “Useful Google Plus Features Better Than Facebook (Google Plus Vs Facebook)”

  1. Hi, Nirmala mam,
    Google is becoming viral now. Yes, it is the second largest social network after Facebook. It is showing great growth result and perhaps, it may surplus Facebook very soon. It is also helpful in SEO. 🙂

    Yes, interface of the G+ is really cool and user friendly. It easy to navigate and handle. Best thing of Google+ is, it come with the package of Google’s services. That’s great. 🙂

    It is better known for its circle and Google hang out. These
    two features are trade mark of the Google.
    Editing option of the shared contents, editing of images, control over shared contents are enthusiastic.

    It is one step ahead in each and every feature than Facebook.
    But one thing, I would like mention , Google plus is really very slow. And at this point Google+ is lagging behind with Facebook. It test the patience of the user which is not good.
    Though nice post. 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing your views here Kumar Chandan 🙂

      Yeah, Google Plus is going viral and it is expected to beat Facebook in 2016.

      It is loading slower and hope Google would take some actions to overcome this issue. let’s see.

      I appreciate your prompt visit, keep doing it 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading my post Chetan Jadhav 🙂

      Integration with other Google service by Google Plus is really advantageous feature which are not seen in other social networks and I suggest the people to make use of it.

      Keep coming here 🙂

  2. that is good but its interface is too heavily designed. some times it broke. otherwise it will best for bloggers ……nice post

    1. Thanks for sharing your opinion Mumammad 🙂

      Every social network has its own pros and cons. We should utilize the good features for our business. Even though the interface of Google Plus is designed heavily, I feel it is an attractive and useful one.

      Keep visiting here to leave your thoughts!

  3. That’s really a good comparison. And you took a step ahead comparing with facebook the largest social networking site and goggle+. Frankly bloggers and web master need google+ followers. I feel that facebook doesn’t give much traffic. It is just for popularity.

    1. Welcome to my blog Tarun and thanks for reading my post 🙂

      Yeah, as the Facebook is no.1 social networking website and the Google Plus is next to it, I compared both.

      Most of the digital marketers now prefer Google Plus to promote their business as it has SEO benefits.

      Stay tuned here to read some magical posts 🙂

  4. I too like Google Plus. But I hate it for it’s lack of speed and another annoying thing is that it loads the next set of posts sometimes automatically and whatever I was reading earlier gets lost in the mayhem!

  5. Hi,

    Nice post about the comparison of Facebook and Google+.

    Being a blogger, I would always support Google+ which will help us in Google Ranking more than the social signal from Facebook.

  6. Hi Nirmala,

    It seems like when you start to learn about one social networking platform there is another one that you need to look at.

    Thanks for sharing these tips, I really have not gotten involved with Google plus as much as I should. I can see there are are a lot of great things to learn and have heard so many people talking about Google hangouts and circles.

    I have also heard people talking about Twitter and how much traffic it brings to their site.

    From your experience, which one do you think helps you drive more traffic to your site?

    Thanks for sharing this information, I hope you have a great weekend.

    1. Welcome to my blog Susan 🙂

      It is imperative that the bloggers and other digital marketers should make use of the features of Google Plus to grow their online business.

      For me, Google Plus is bringing good amount of traffic that Facebook.

      Thanks for your comment, keep showing your presence here 🙂

  7. Hello Nirmala,

    I like google plus better than facebook pages. I have started a google community. What I like about google plus is you get notifications when someone responds or shares your post.

    I think people should use what works for them. If facebook pages work then use those if google plus works then use that. That way one will not feel burdened. For me, google plus and google communities works best for me so, that’s what I use.

    Thanks for sharing your insights with us!

  8. nirmalaji, it is my first visit on this blog and readed this entired article. well i am landing on your blog from my friend’s blog comment. really after reading this post, i totally support you that google plus is one of the fastest growing social networking site. it has a strog support that it is integareted with the google & when we talking about google nothing need to say more about it every one knows its imp. google plus will be market leader in near future. thanks for this detail information. ^-^

    1. Welcome to my blog Umesh, glad with your presence 🙂

      Yeah, Google Plus has awesome features and it is a big advantage for the internet marketers to get good SERP.

      Also, it is expected that the Google plus will beat Facebook soon.

      Thanks for sharing your Google Plus views here. Stay tuned!

  9. I can’t disagree on this post , all the points that you’ve mentioned on Google Chrome are 100% true . Google+ may overtake Facebook in the coming years or even months . Thanks for sharing the information .


  10. Hi Nirmala,

    Well written! Didn’t know about sparks. Oh well, more time to explore for me.

    Google+ is great especially with Hangout. I recently did an interview over it and it was splendid (minus my slow internet).

    Honestly, still not yet get used to G+ since I been using FB for some years now. Nonetheless, it is always fun to learn more.

    Thanks for this!

    1. It was really shocked to hear that you are not using Google Plus Regi 🙂

      I think you are missing great traffic, quality posts, share n all.

      I suggest you to make use of it and expand your friends with Google plus Circles.

      Thanks for your comment Regi, keep visiting here to leave your valuable thoughts for my readers 😛

  11. Hi Nirmala,

    I am the first time visitor and I am very pleased to know that I just read an excellent article. Thank you for sharing these features.

    The comparison you’ve provided is very clear and concise and I can say that I find them all very true. Not just that, I’ve also felt that I get more interaction on my own website through Google+ much better than that from facebook. It is an interesting fact though.

    Thanks again for your great work!

    1. Welcome to my blog and thanks for your appreciation Gauraw 🙂

      Yeah, Google plus is my favorite social network as am driving good traffic from it.

      Stay tuned here to leave your valuable suggestions for my future posts 😛

  12. Hello Nirmala,

    Google+ is an awesome social networking site and you have mentioned the very basics and useful features of Google+, which will attract more users towards it. And, yes Facebook is also trying to follow Google+ sometimes as it is providing the list facilities, which is little bit similar to circles, and has recently brought in the feature to edit the earlier posts. The thing, which I love most about Google+ is hangout 😀 Thank you for a nice article and letting us know some more about Google+

  13. Hello Nirmala Mam
    I am not intrested in Google+ to share contents.but after reading your info i m really after i am going to use g+
    thanks for sharing this info
    wish you success

  14. Hi Nirmala Mam,

    I enjoyed reading Facebook and Google+ war in your article. But there no any rival for Google+


  15. Hi Nirmala,

    Looks you are already in love with Google+ 😀

    I agree with you that Google came up with more flexible and intuitive interface and a pile of great features. However, what ties me with Facebook is that most of my connections are already in Facebook and as long as they all move to Google+ I’ll have to keep on using Facebook.

    Anyway, I feel the shift is gradual and I’m starting to use Google+ more often that I used to. Hope it’ll be more common in coming days.

  16. My favorite is the image editor tool in Google+, something Facebook clearly lacks, i have used this tool to edit so many images right inside my Google+ account. And the ability to connect easily to the other Google services makes Google+ even awesome.

    At first Google+ interface wasn’t too great but their developers went back and designed a better interface that has put them into serious competition with the biggest social media giants Facebook. The way Google is going about their social media especially with authorship, they may one day over take Facebook.

  17. Hi Nirmala.

    I agree. G Plus is superior to FB. Other han Com DX and one other tribe I like FB time these days for these reasons.

    Thanks for the helpful share!


  18. Hi,

    Good article. Lots of info here about Google+ that I didn’t know.
    Take for instance the fact that you can hangout and chat at the same time. Also, the fact that you are able to edit images in Google+.

    Thanks for sharing all the info about Google+ and Facebook.

    Geri Richmond

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