Top 15 Widely Used Google Products

This post is for my readers to get some knowledge with widely used Google products.

The recent advancements in technology is tremendous and the Giant company like Google are making use of it. It is well-known because of its famous product “Google search engine”. Recently I stumbled with an awesome statement of my friend “Google it, you’ll get the answer”.

Yes, he was asking me to search it on Google to get relevant answer for my question. Google search has attained a top place in every heart of the human.

Not only that, Google has discovered several products and out of those, Gmail, YouTube and Google translate are some of the popular Google products among the users. Most of the Google products are free to use and we should thank Google for offering these attractive technology products which helps to improve our quality of life.

Currently there are more than hundreds of Google products are available for the internet users. Some of them are more impressive and it falls under the categories like search, video, blogs, mail etc. Countless clients associated with these Google products and using it effectively for their certain activities. Specific Google products are widely and regularly used by the customers and did you know what are they?

Lets’ check some famous Google products which are effectively used around the world.


Widely used Google Products by internet users

Below are the mostly used Google tools among the web users

1. Google search

I guess no introduction needed for Google search. The users are familiar with it as it is the best way to find the information on the web. I am sure that our life would be really difficult without it.

 2. Google news

Using an automatic aggregation algorithm, Google news collects headlines from various news sources and provides the right news for the users according to their personalized interests.


 Google-productsImage credit:



Every internet user accustomed with this renowned Google product. Yes, it is a free email service provided by Google and it is available in 54 languages. Not only having the mail option, the users can chat with their contacts in real-time. Regular use of millions of active users makes this product a grand success.

 4. Google maps

It is possible to search for a place and to get directions with this splendid Google product. This mapping service from Google introduced in the year 2005 and it is gaining popular among the millions of users which help to find the search destination with distance details.

 5. Google chrome

It is a browser like Internet explorer where the people can make easy and safe browsing over the internet. It was introduced in 2008 and it is the widely used web browser because of its ease of use and simplex design.

 6. You-tube

This is the best product of Google which helps the users to get access to an extensive variety of videos at one place. In simple words, it is a video search engine. You-tube is also considered as the preferred entertainment terminus in the Internet and the people can share their videos to friends and family.

 7. Google translate

The people can make use of it to translate the words, sentences and documents into their desired language. It is available in 64 different languages and it aids the users to translate anything in an instant.

 8. Google Docs

With this amazing Google product, the users can create the documents & spread sheets and even publish it in the internet. This productivity product from Google helps the users to back up their online works.

9. Android

Hope, no introduction needed for this exceptional product from Google, even the kid can tell that the Android is related to the mobile devices. Yes, it is an operating system from the Google for the smartphones, tablets and Laptops.

 10. Google earth

It is a three-dimensional image of the earth from the satellite which allows the users to include their own data to make available for others. It could be used as an educational tool for the kids to learn about the various regions of the world

 11. Google books

Text books and magazines has scanned and stored in the digital database. By following the instructions, the users can download the free ebooks from Google books. This product introduced in the year 2004 and formerly called Google print.

12. Google alerts

This worthy Google product send email from the latest web updates to the user if they want to get information on their fascinating subjects. With this notification service, the users can save their time in unnecessary searches related to their latest interesting topics.

13. Blogger

People who interested in writing can make use of this free platform to publish their articles on the web. It is available in 20 different languages and many people are generation revenue with it.

 14. Google trends

It is one of the beneficial Google products which helps the people to compare the volume of web searches with two are more terms. The users can enter up to 5 favourite topics and check how they has been searching on Google search engine.

 15. Google talk

Gtalk is an instant messaging, voice chatting and file sharing application for the internet users. Quality is very good and the people are using it to create an unlimited communication with their personal and business contacts in other countries/same country at free of cost.


Google has become the largest online company in the world and it offers valuable products for us to create our existence in an interesting routine. Hope this might be the reason that the most of the people prefer Google products than the products from Apple.

As the technology is getting advanced day by day, we are receiving these types of useful things effortlessly. So I suggest the readers to make use of these Google products for genuine purposes and magnify your knowledge with it.

Hope you’ve gained the knowledge about these widely used Google products. Are you using any of these useful products?

Share your opinions through your comment!

50 thoughts on “Top 15 Widely Used Google Products”

  1. Big on blogger and other services Nirmala. As for Youtube and G Plus, I have been banned LOL! Not sure why but oh well, gives me more time to comment.

    Use the services Google affords you with to reap online benefits.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. really sad there. i know the feeling of being banned…

      why did g+ banned you ryan? i wanted to know so that i can prevent it happening to me.. unless they are like adsense who can reject or banned you for very small mistakes

  2. Google definitely rocks and all its apps as well. Only one thing, for the first time I hear about Google books… Have to check it immediately…

  3. Must of online folks have used almost all of these Google products …In other words we can say that Google dominates the internet world ..many of the folks who don’t know these google services will get to know its importance after going through this wonderful post.


  4. I am fan of Google. Recently I bought an Android phone and I have updated almost all the apps in my phone and I am now able to use all the Google Apps with ease. Adsense and Analytics also work great on it.

  5. Every internet user is know and aware about these products. These are really helpful. These are the products which have changed whole world. But with the list of these 15, I would like to add three more. That are: Google ad-sense, Google ad-word and Google analytic.

    1. Yeah, thanks for adding the great products. But, those are famous and well known by the internet marketers.

      Am talking about the Google products used in general.

      Thanks for your comment Kumar Chandan, keep doing it 🙂

  6. This is indeed a great research, many don’t really know much about this and all they knew about is Google search engine but with this, they will be convinced that there is more to know and learn about Google.

  7. Google is now every where and no blogger can do without blogging. ummm! still thinking of a google product to add….. yea! feedburner. google bought it a couple of years ago. Great list you’ve got here, though i’m not a fan of all of them.

    keep the post coming Nirmala 🙂

  8. These are basic apps which everybody knows
    webmaster tools, google analytics, Google adsense, Google keyword tool, these are addition which all Bloggers know
    Thanks Mam for sharing

  9. Google has many services and all of them are famous. He has something for each section of the market. If you talk about browser, email, social network, video, mobile os, now they are even coming in the car market.
    Google is really huge. Thanks Nirmala
    Keep up the good work, would love to read more from you
    Regards 🙂 🙂

  10. Hi Nirmala,
    I love that image – nice find.
    I’m a big fan of using Google’s tools. A few that you didn’t mention here I use every day like Google Drive, Google Play, Google Analytics, Google AdSense and Google Webmaster Tools.

    I must admit I never use Google News or Google Trends. I probably should though.
    Thanks for the post my dear. Have a great weekend.

    1. Am pleased with your arrival Ileane Mam and glad you liked that image.

      Thanks for mentioning some great Google products,

      Google trends is awesome mam, am sure you’ll love it.

      Keep visiting here mam to leave your views and suggestions 🙂

  11. yes off-course Google is #1 dot com company in the world that’s because of their ultimate online products they offer and i am dam sure that no one gonna beat them in coming 50-100 years because they are growing very fast.

  12. Hello Nirmala Mam
    Thanks for sharing the Info. i Used 10 out of 15 products of Google. now to use all Remaining Products.

  13. Almost all the products have been listed except Adwords tool, Webmasters and yes the popular one Google+. Anyways, the list is a comprehensive one to get an insight of the products that Google offer.


  14. Wow! So many services and it appears there will be only Google at the end of day?

    I discovered thuat I’m also using all of these G-Services. Now can’t think what will be the web without the big G?

    The vast arrays of services Google is offering is appreciable, at the same time, it is very dangerous as we are more dependent on Google. The term ‘competition’ is almost vanished for Google.

    1. Thanks for your valuable reply Suresh 🙂

      Glad you are using all the Google products which I have listed here.

      Hope it is hard to live without Google and its amazing products which help us to lead a quality life.

      Good to read your thoughts, thanks!

  15. Hi Nirmala great product listing which i have been familiar with some yet need to check out books and so on meanwhile great effort especially image looks great 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading the Google products post Shameem 🙂

      What is there in the pic? Ileane Mam also left her comment in this post saying that the picture is good. But I don’t like it.

      Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts here.

  16. Google products are very necessary in almost everything we do on the internet these days and you hardly pass any day without using a Google product.

    Google visionary has placed them on top of the internet chain and i don’t foresee a close competition any time soon.

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