10 Best Ways To Make Money In UK

Are you a bored Britisher? Do you know what is worse than a boring brit? A brit who is both bored and broke. Are you looking for a way to make money in UK? Or A way to earn cash at home?

A way to get some pounds at your leisure? A means to earn some dough by using the world’s most powerful resource, ‘the internet’?

A means for married women to generate some income from home? A way to make money that does not require an individual to engage in physical labour or stress? Then this article is the cure to your boredom or unemployment.

This article is going to discuss 10 super awesome tactics to make money in UK through the internet. These are especially beneficial for high school students or college students who need the money and for married housewives.

Married women can exercise their independence and also contribute to financial aspects of running the family or for their personal use. This serves as a source of income for high school students or college students, as a part-time job.

Top 10 Methods Of Earning Cash In The UK 2020 

Without further ado, let me tell you some genuine methods of making cash from the UK country and it is your wish whether to work for full time or in your spare time.     


1. Take Surveys

Do you know what is probably the easiest way to make money? It is by answering surveys. There is ‘n’ number of survey agencies that pay individuals some money for participating in their research and answering their questions online.

By taking part in multiple surveys in a day, a user can generate a reasonable income. This is especially useful for people who have either too little time to spare or a lot of spare time. Anyone can make the best of a survey. One can generate up to 5 Pounds (or 6 Euros) per day (on average).

2. Blogging

Blogging is the best way for an individual to express themselves. By posting one’s unique ideas or by talking about something popular or by posting one’s unique content online, one can reach out to netizens and try to establish common ground and a strong following/viewership.

While it is relatively easy to create a blog, it is difficult to generate unique content and even tougher to generate publicity towards it. Various blogging service providers also offer marketing services for a small fee and expert advice on your work. But remember that in the end, it all amounts to one simple formula: ‘More Views=More Money’.

3. Review Music And Earn Money

Reviews are a very easy means of attracting followers. But just like in blogs, it is a gradual process. Reviewers need to be able to generate trust among their followers; only then will they regularly view your reviews and share it among other netizens. The key to success lies in: Being the first to review the music of a famous artist.

Making sure that one’s review offers a different perspective that taps into the pulse of the viewers. Adding a unique flair to one’s reviews that distinguish it from reviews by other reviewers.

4. Take Part In Competitions

Are you someone who craves the competition? Do you want to prove yourself and your skills? Do you want to become the reigning champ in what you’re good at? Then put your skills to the test by taking part in the numerous competitions that are available online.

The best thing about these competitions is that they have some attractive prizes for the winners. From poetry writing to photography, there is a wide range of competitions that one can apply for. Submit your work and wait for the judge’s decision!

5. Check Advertisements

Perhaps you have a lot of internet data lying around? Do you want to convert your excess data into real cash? Then check the advertisements and make money!

One can make money by watching advertisements on their device. This is an easy way to make money if you have a lot of time to spend and have the patience to watch ads.

6. Recycle Your Old Clothes

Are you a fashion enthusiast and love to regularly upcycle your wardrobe ?? Then recycling old clothes can be an excellent way to make some money. You can avail of a whopping £5 for recycling your old clothes at H&M.

The same voucher can be cashed when you purchase £25 (it can be instore as well as online). The best part about recycling old clothing is you can bring clothes from any brand and any condition.

Similarly, Marks & Spencer also encouraged the recycling of clothes for cash. When you handover a bag full of old clothes and textiles at an M&S store, you can avail 50 points in the Sparks loyalty card.

Additionally, you can also donate the Marks and Spencer’s clothing at Oxfam in exchange for a £5 M&S voucher. The amount can be redeemed by spending £35 on any M&S store.

7. Renting Out Things You Own

Renting out is the best possible way to make money in UK. If you own something and don’t need it on a regular basis, just rent it out for hours /days or even weeks to make quick cash. For instance, if you have a spare room you can make up to £7,500 each year.

There are many sites like Easyroommate and Spareroom where you can register your room for free of cost. Similarly, you can rent your car, driveway and even storage space. it is best to rent the stuff rather than selling it.

You can rent out anything and everything like party wear gown, vehicles, household items. To get started you can add these items on sites like RentNotBuy or Fatllama, set the price and time duration.

8. Teach English Online

Being in the UK and knowing the English language well, you have an added skill to teach the English language. In order to teach English, you don’t need to travel even a mile. You can conduct online classes via Skype, all you need is a laptop, a web camera, mic, and a soundproof room.

You don’t need any prior teaching experience to get started. To be on the safer side you can begin with a bachelor’s degree in any trending subject. If you got time and a degree in English then teaching English online is a great choice to make money in UK.

9. Sell Used Things On eBay & Facebook Marketplace

Selling stuff online will never go out of fashion. If you have something which you don’t need any more than the best possible way to cash it out is to sell on eBay. You can also use Facebook Marketplace to tap the nearby buyers.

Before getting started it is best to create a PayPal account. It is the safest way to get paid. Make sure you read the terms and conditions for eBay and PayPal’s fee before getting started, if the transaction fee is high it can eat a big amount of profit.

10. Website Testing

You can get paid by simply checking multiple websites and applications online. In order to get started, you don’t need any background Technical knowledge. You need to test the websites and apps like a common average user.

Websites like Userlytics hire freelancers and pay for this kind of website testing job. You just need to install some special plugin/software into your browser to get started. This software will record your screen, voice and sometimes text when you visit the different websites.

You need to share your feedback and impression of the website. Website testing jobs are usually first to come and first serve basis, it is usually a part-time job. It is fun and a nice option to earn extra pocket money.

Wrapping Up

Hence, anyone in the UK can easily make some money through the internet domain. These 10 ways are fool-proof strategies that are bound to generate earning. Plus, unlike other monotonous jobs, these jobs require creativity and also stimulate your creativity when you perform them. But the best about these jobs is that they help you express yourself.

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    Hereafter a long time and like always loved your post. I do miss reading your posts as I was busy with one of my new projects, but will be regular from now on.

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