10 Helpful Blogging Tips For Beginners


Starting a blog and adding the word “Blogger” to your profile is not rocket science these days! I am sure you have seen several budding bloggers enter into the Blogosphere. 

Do you think all of them get success with blogging either through fame or make money?

The answer is NO!

Most of them get failed and quit in their earlier days of blogging. So what might be the reasons behind the failure of newbie bloggers?

The simple answer is “Lack of determination & patience.” They are also unaware of the essential strategies that are indeed needed to be followed.

Before getting into this evergreen career, you must know the benefits of blogging

Some of the bloggers are not following the detailed guide to what are backlinks and implement the spam tactics to build the links faster. 

So, if you wish to start a blog, then you have to learn basic blogging techniques.

Also, you should keep yourself updated with the search engine algorithms because the organic traffic is the targeted traffic that would help you get sales or conversions. 

Let’s assume that you’re a beginner in the blogging world and looking forward to creating a money-making blog. 

Since I have been surviving in the online industry for the past eight years, I would like to share ten excellent blogging tips that every newbie should know in their initial phase. 

Let’s get into the blogging tips for beginners! 

10 Best Blogging Strategies For Newbie Bloggers

I’m just providing you the guidelines for blogging, will be doing the in-depth articles for every technique in the upcoming days!

1. Choose The Right Niche

Selecting The Right Niche Is The Key To Attain Success

The choice of niche is the first and foremost blogging point for any beginner. When you start thinking to make a blog, you need to decide on which topics will you create a blog.

A niche can be Beauty, Health, Lifestyle, Business, Tech, Gaming, Work From Home and so on! You can blog about anything!

However, make sure that you will get the audience to read your content; otherwise, there is a higher chance that you will fail soon.

Most of the people use the internet to solve their problems. So if you can meet their requirements through your blog, it is more likely to establish yourself on the web. 

You can start blogging with the topic in which you have sound knowledge and interest so that you can often update your blog with helpful content that people are exactly looking for. 

Also, check the competition and demand of niche you’re going to begin. I would suggest you go for a topic that has high demand and low competition to play well in the search results.

2. Get Crisp Domain Name, Fast Hosting, & Blogging Platform

“Brandable Domain, Reliable Server and Flexible CMS always rock.”

After choosing the niche, the next step is to get the easy-to-remember, trendy domain name, super fast hosting and best platform to blog. In this stage, you will have many choices but make sure you choose the amazing ones.

The domain name is an address from which internet users can access your website or a blog. You can buy your domain name from GoDaddy, NameCheap, and Big Rock or any well-known domain registrar websites.

The domain name indicates your brand. So name it wisely. Keep your domain name short, simple to pronounce and brandable as well. 

Next comes the server to host your site on the web! There is no doubt hosting is the backbone of a website.

A plethora of hosting companies exist in the market. HostGator, InMotion Hosting, GreenGeeks, and Cloudways are well players in the server industry as they are offering a fast & secure service.

You may have a look at the Cloudways alternatives and WP Engine Alternatives as well. 

Don’t go for cheap or free hosting providers as they will not help you in any way. They never offer 99.9% Uptime, Good customer support, Security, Backup and other features. 

Spend quality time to get a list of top-notch, affordable hosting companies and pick the best one!

Next, comes a question, Where to blog? Check the different blogging platforms. 


If you want to make a consistent income from your blog, then I highly recommend you use WordPress CMS as it offers lots of customization facilities when compared to other platforms. You can find a lot of WordPress tips on the web and learn how to blog better with it! 

3. Make The Blog Attractive

Stunning Blog Design Improves Your credibility.” 

Designing an eye-catching blog is an art! You should have a visually appealing site with smooth navigation to grab the readers’ attention.

I have seen that most of the newbie bloggers make mistakes in the blog design. They get weak designs by using the free templates that load very slow and insecure as well. Thus they are struggling to make the sales or leads.

You don’t need to get expensive templates, but it is worth investing money in buying the affordable yet best themes for blogs

Also, don’t forget to get a professional logo to represent your brand. You can make the logo for free or hire someone to get the job done. 

Good blog design can get a huge reader base and please the search engines with which you could make a stable income every month. 

4. Write Useful Content

“Content Is The Kingmaker”

In-depth, helpful content matters a lot in blogging. It plays a dominant role in blog success. So, never be a copycat

Before crafting the content, you should make keyword research on the topic that you have chosen! 

How to do the keyword research for SEO – My recent guest post where I have explained the process of taking the profitable keywords. 

If you could offer the right solutions/answers for the needs of your readers, then no one could stop you from reaching the victory. 


Comprehensive content makes the readers stay longer on your site and helps you get the low bounce rate. This, in turn, improves the search engine rankings

You may have a look at the vital tools that help you to enhance your writing

5. Do On-Page & Off-Page SEO

“SEO Will Never Die”

SEO is nothing but search engine optimization. In simple words, it is a set of rules to be followed to make your blog search engine friendly and get high SERPs. 


SEO can be divided into primary two parts:

1. On-Page SEO: The activities that you can do on your blog to improve its visibility in search engines.

2. Off-Page SEO: The actions that you can perform outside of your website to enhance the visibility of your blog. 

You have to focus on both SEO strategies to stay authoritative in the eyes of search spiders. Let me tell you some On-Page and Off-Page SEO tips! 

On-Page SEO Tips

  • Optimize your title & description for every post you publish.
  • Follow the proper URL structure for your blog posts and use keywords in it.
  • Make your blog mobile friendly and optimize it for performance.
  • Write high-quality content in a detailed manner. 
  • Optimize the images and add the ALT tag to each image.
  • Find out and use the low competition keywords in your content
  • Don’t ignore the power of text formatting and do it properly in your every post.
  • Link your old cum related blog posts wherever needed. Also, link the authority sites relevant to your niche to your blog post (It is called outbound links).

Off-Page SEO Tips

Following the white-hat link building tactics is the perfect off-page SEO. 

Yes! if you choose the competitive niche, you have to build the backlinks through genuine ways like

  • Contribute Guest posts and write blog comments
  • Get links from Social networks and Blogging communities
  • Build relations with the influencers through the Blogger Outreach process.
  • Make use of Forums and Discussion boards to grab the links
  • Try Infographic submission
  • Leverage document sharing sites like Slideshare

6. Stay Active On Social Media

“Social Networks Would Boost Your Authority”

Social Media is considered as the second preferable traffic source for bloggers after organic traffic. You can gain a massive amount of traffic from your social media accounts if you are promoting your content in the right way.

Once you buy the domain name, I recommend you to register your social handles right away. Just go and make page/profile on major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and so on.

Add the right social followers who are interested in supporting the blog by reading and sharing your blog posts.  

Social Media marketing is considered as next SEO in 2019, and you can’t ignore the power of social media in blogging. Therefore, it is good to learn how to share content on social media; don’t spam your accounts.

7. Use Best Blogging Tools

“Right Resources Can Grow Your Blog Fast”

Making use of the best blogging resources is important for budding bloggers like you!

Let me show you some of the tools which you need to use in the opening stage of your blogging:

  1. Google Analytics: To track your website visitor’s and their activities
  2. Grammarly: To proofread your blog content
  3. Ahrefs: To perform competitor’s analysis and backlinks analysis
  4. Buffer: For social media automation
  5. Long Tail Pro – To discover the profitable keywords related to your niche

If you can’t afford the above tools in your starting time, you can go for their free versions. Most of them have free versions that you can use.

8. Build Relations

“Your Network Is Your Net Worth”

The above quote suits the best when we talk about blogging. Building good relations with co-bloggers and influencers is essential!

Most of the fresh bloggers miss doing it. Like link building,  relationship building and outreach would give a hand in tweaking your site. Just search for a place to find good blogs and build a relationship with fellow bloggers. 

You may do blogging commenting, guest blogging, sharing their content on your network, linking to their excellent piece of content and take part in blogging communities to connect with like-minded bloggers.

9. Email Marketing

Email Subscription – Direct & Personal Communication With Readers

Email marketing is compelling, and it is also called “List Building.” It would work like a charm when it comes to conversion.

Building an email list is a wise blogging move; you will learn it with time. Most of the beginners don’t gather the readers’ contact for an extended period and yes, it is a big mistake. 

You should build your email list from the 1st day of blogging by adding the email subscription optin or popup at logical places. 

Collecting the email of your readers by providing some freebies like PDF or e-book is also a better move! You may make use of the paid email marketing software that is worth spending a dime.

10. Earn From Blog

“It Is Possible To Earn Real Money From Blogging”

Making money from a blog is a dream of every blogger.

How to monetize a blog? Let me tell you the genuine ways of making money through a blog. 

1. Ad Networks: You can go for Ad Networks like Google AdSense, Infolinks, or any other legit network to make revenue from your blog.
2. Affiliate Marketing: You may join the affiliate networks that are relevant to your niche and earn cash by promoting some good products/services
3. Sponsored Posts: Advertisers are looking for active blogs to offer the paid posts. You can write a detailed review of any niche relevant product. 

You may also read the strategies of creating a money making blog.   

Wrapping Up

It’s time to wind up my pieces of blogging advice 🙂 

I love Blogging! My writing and marketing skills have been improved much with it. MyMagicFundas is my very first blog, and now, I handle four amazing blogs on various niches like WordPress, Hosting, Technology, and Beauty.

Getting the exact niche, hosting, design, tools, and plugins decide 50% of blogging success. And the remaining progress comes by doing keyword research, writing detailed content, building quality backlinks and promoting the blog articles at the appropriate place. 

All the above blogging strategies would nudge your blog to get HUGE traffic from search engines. However, you should understand that the “Rome Cannot Be Built In A Day” and yes the same applies to blogging as well. It takes some time to get the results. 

Now, let me know your thoughts on these basic blogging tips for beginners. Is the content helpful? Do you misconceptions about blogging? You may shoot your questions in the comment section; I would be keenly interested in giving a reply. 

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  1. Hello, Nirmala maam,
    Thanks for adding such a great post for the community. Yes, newbie bloggers do face issues when it comes to being persistent in blogging and following the right blogging advice.

    I think this guide will somewhat act as a beacon for them and help them start their blog in a more efficient way.

    I cannot stress the importance of email marketing for bloggers. I had been hearing it is a must since I was a newbie 4-5 years back an I ignored it like anything. Result, after 5 years of successful blogging I am yet to leverage it to its full potential.

    Thanks for the kind mention too, maam.


  2. Thx Nirmala for intro to blogging. I am still confused and have some questions, but I’m sure they will be answered in time. You already answered some. Your wording was easy to understand because you took the time to write from the reader’s perspective. Your a good writer.


  3. Thanks for sharing this informative post i have also starting blogging i am beginner in this
    field and your post really will help of me

  4. Super tips Nirmala! The fast hosting note is a must for new bloggers. Pay up to play up. Stop wanting cheap. Begin thinking prospering, being a pro, investing in your brand image.

  5. very helpful article. thank you nirmala. yes it is better to do niche research before starting a blog. niche blogs perform very well. next we have to choose the brandable domain name and fast loading hosting. it is better to start the blog on wordpress.

  6. Great guidelines for new blogger.

    Specific niche, Great blog name, Beautiful design is what that 10x ahead you anyother new blogger.

    thanks for.sharing great info

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